Rainbow Six Siege Operation Dust Line Details Streamed

A few details about Operation Dust Line, Rainbow Six Siege‘s next update, dribbled out last week along with an an 18 second trailer. Last night there was a developer livestream with a lot more information about the new operators, map and rebalances coming to Ubisoft’s asymmetric terro-shooter.

The livestream can be watched here, but if you don’t have the patience then Reddit, as always, have a neat summary.

To summarise the summary, there are some small changes to existing operators that should make a large difference. For example, Buck now carries frag grenades; Frost no longer has nitro cells; IQ now detects shapes of objects instead of only their location; and Tachanka’s turret now deploys faster. If you don’t play the game, these changes will mean nothing to you, but then I don’t know why you’d be reading this post.

The livestream also showed new details of the two new operators, Valkyrie and Blackbeard. The former carries four sticky cameras while the latter’s shield-with-gun-attached allows them to aim down sights at the same time. Until we have an official list of patch notes, the Reddit thread has everything there is to know.

Operation Dust Line will be released on May 11th for those who have subscribed to the game’s season pass, but becomes freely accessible to all a week afterwards. Or at least, accessible via Siege’s regular progression system.


  1. ZippyLemon says:

    I love this website. I love the writers on this website. I love the fact that you’ve run articles written by your readers, and I love the way the supporter program works.

    I don’t love that it sometimes feels like a platform for the RPS staff to root for the success of the games they personally like with a disproportionate amount of “coverage” (Siege and Total Warhammer most of all). Am I wrong?

    • Cross says:

      You’re not wrong, not at all. I do disagree with you, however. RPS has always been open about its wishes for the progress of the industry. Paying close attention to the games that embody those changes and wishes is perfectly allright to my mind.

      • ZippyLemon says:

        Hm. I agree there, but what’s been upsetting me about the coverage of Siege and TW in particular is that it seems every press release is rehashed on RPS in a bid to keep them in the spotlight. I love me some in depth critique of what good games do well. This ain’t that, and that’s fine – to an extent. I’m losing interest slightly in RPS as a place to find good games journalism though.

    • iainl says:

      Siege, like the recent deluge of stuff about the new Hitman, seems to be coming from an honest position of those actually playing the things finding them to be pretty all-round brilliant.

      Both have, unfortunately, been lumbered with monetisation ideas that are either confusing (in the case of Hitman) or straight-out offputting (Siege), and so aren’t getting the audience that their fun times might deserve.

      Siege, in particular, is a pretty tough sell when to be at its best requires you to find a bunch of friends all interested in playing together as a team at the same time, and then all paying quite a lot of money each to do so. I can’t help feeling that something closer to the Valve Hat model would have got a lot more people trying it out.

      Team-based multiplayer games live or die by their ability to build an audience for you to play with and against, as the people behind Evolve’s spectacular death, let alone the way these failures seem to have led to Microsoft shuttering Lionhead when they realised what a bloodbath Fable Legends was looking to be.

      • Cross says:

        On your last note there, it is obvious that the industry is catching up to the terribleness of splitting your community with DLC. Rainbow Six Siege and Battlefield 1 are all handing out their DLC maps for free, and apparently sticking to cosmetics for the paid stuff, in a sense like Hat Simulator 2008.

      • Ksempac says:

        You read like someone with a beef against R6:Siege, because everything you say is false.

        I’ve been playing R6 for a month, and have only paid for the base game. No DLC required.

        The only useful thing that DLC provides in Siege are 2 (soon to be 4) operators that can also be unlocked with in-game money.

        Considering that there 20 operators in the base game, and that 75h in, i can only play half of them decently, I don’t miss out anything by not having the 2 dlc ones, and i’m close to unlocking them anyway.

        Finally, even if the game is better with friends like any multiplayer game is, solo queuing is perfectly valid and I’ve probably spent 2/3 of my time playing solo.

        Ps: for anyone interested, for the next two days, the game is 40 euros on the Humble Store

    • int says:

      If yon article is about a game you’re not interested in, my advice would be to skip articles relating to said game. I don’t see any sound reason to complain when I see articles covering games I don’t care for.

      • ZippyLemon says:

        It’s not that I feel any particular way about Siege. I enjoyed reading the enthusiasm in the early RPS coverage. It’s just that I see a lot of Siege articles. I’m quite a mild person, and the bias starts to grate on me. I’m just wondering if I’m being unreasonable.

        I will also gleefully point out that by your logic you shouldn’t have bothered replying to my comment.

        • int says:

          I liked Siege well enough in the beta so I’m commenting here.

          And I like you so that’s also a reason for commenting here.

  2. UniuM says:

    I played siege for the first 40h almost non stop. It could be more if not starting to getting into terrible matchmaking and the ocasional cheater. I even have clips proven said dids.
    Ubisoft have claimed that they are dealing with cheating and suspicious behaviour and i’m here like: Are they?

    Then they force their skins like halloween candy, and its a matter of taste, but its so generic, i don’t even know how people fall for them.

    Siege is another example of a great idea of a game, beeing destroid my ubisoft.