Offblast! Stellaris Patch Coming, And Various Fixes

Stellaris [official site] is now out, you might have guessed from Adam’s giggles echoing over Manchester. The space strategy game is pret-ty good, he will tell you, though not without a few problems. Unfortunately, that extends to the technical side too. With the game now in the hands of many more people, more problems are coming to light. If you’re affected , Paradox have possible solutions and tips that might help a bit. A patch is coming for hitching problems too.

If you’re having problems starting the game, Paradox recommend verifying your Steam game cache – the video game equivalent of two aspirin with a glass of water. If it’s wonky and you’re running in fullscreen mode, trying windowed mode might help. They also explain what to do if you can’t reach the game’s settings menu. Try those first if you’re having wishy-washy problems.

One firm confirmed bug is performance problems popping up as rounds move towards the end-game. “We did find some issues that caused the performance hitches in mid-late game and we have some fixes currently undergoing QA,” Paradox community manager ‘Escher’ explains. Escher added that the patch will “be out as soon as it can be and it makes sense. Could be tomorrow even. Sorry, I have to be vague here, it shouldn’t be long though!”

While I’m here, hey, look, it’s the launch trailer:


  1. Rizlar says:

    Only bug I’ve experienced so far was researching an anomaly twice cos I cancelled it then restarted it while paused or something, giving me double the reward. No complaints here!

  2. slerbal says:

    It’s been remarkably bug free for me, but I hope those suffering bugs have their issues fixed forthwith as it is a really good game from what I’ve experienced so far.

  3. Father Dagon says:

    If that title isn’t a reference to ZLAD!, it should be. link to

    • Jason Moyer says:

      The first thing I thought of when I read the headline was “Prepare for downcount”.

      • Hunchback says:

        Inside tank of fuel is not fuel… but love!
        Above us there’s nothing above but the stars… above!

        ZLAD is as good as Eminem at rhymes :D

  4. krismagi says:

    Now played the game for 4 hours. No problems loading or in the gameplay. Given the depth of the game, this is the first 24 hours on general release, I cannot believe that anyone would already be in the late game, even the mid game. Its a good game, intuitive, easy to play with loads of interest. When modded, it will be a great game.

  5. pistachio says:

    I like the game so far. If a little dry, so I got bored after two hours. Game is lacking artwork whenever you find interesting stuff. Too much too ask to have a picture show the anomaly instead of the same generic picture that has nothing to do with the description? Bit like Alpha Centauri would have had more character if they had put more effort into the 2d art. Less spreadsheety, so to speak.

    • brucethemoose says:

      That’s why I’m waiting for mods (and maybe a DLC pack) to flesh the game out a bit more before I take the initial plunge.

    • Maxheadroom says:

      Cant decide if this will be my bag or not. Bought Crusader Kings in a sale and yonks ago and its on my list of “games to lose myself in when I have some free time” (along with the last like 5 Total War games).

      IGN gave it a pitiful 63% while IGN Italia gave it 93%
      Meaning for a while IGN had both the best and worst scores on metacritic for it which doesnt help me make an informed buying choice at all :)

  6. Sangrael says:

    I’m up to 15 hours played so far across two games. Both games were derailed by a game breaking bug sadly, so I guess I’m done until they do some patching. The first one fizzled out after 6 hours when I became unable to do anything after a white peace on a defensive war. The last was ruined by a mission gone wrong that had all of my colonies slowly invaded by titanic beasts that had 20-30 times my armies stats, and once they took over they increased the fortifications by 50% of the max amount making them invincible. So I just have a bunch of colonies floating around I can’t do anything with, since it won’t allow me to bombard the fortifications as they’re “my” planets.

    • Universal Quitter says:

      Sounds like one of the end-game crises, though not being able to bombard the things seems to me to almost certainly be a bug.

  7. Severn2j says:

    I’m around six hours into my first game and luckily I’ve had no issues so far, although I have noticed my Steam Achievements aren’t unlocking. Not really a big deal though, it doesn’t affect the gameplay, so I’m okay with that..

    • Sakkura says:

      Are you playing ironman mode? Paradox games require ironman mode to grant achievements.

  8. Khoryos says:

    I’ve been having some distinctly offputting performance issues right from the start of the game – it’s like it’s running on ticks, I’ll get a second of ship moving, then pause, then another, then pause.
    My machine’s a beast, so I’ve no idea why it’s happening.

    • The Ultimate Clone of The Ultimate Warrior says:

      I’m having the same performance issues with ticks straight at the start. It’s putting me off playing the game.

      • Jonfon says:

        I saw someone post on the stellaris forums that they had an issue with the sound on their Amd card which was causing this for them. They disabled the audio on the Amd card and just used the audio from the motherboard and it solved it for them. Obviously no idea if that could be the cause in your case.

  9. Amake says:

    With only 25% of the supposed minimum VRAM, I seem to be able to run the game easily, without even anything like the lag or graphics glitches I get from Civilization 5 on its lowest settings.

    So that may be another selling point.

    • Sakkura says:

      It may result in slowdowns later in the game, with bigger fleets.

  10. Gothnak says:

    I’m definitely going to buy this… in a year.

    I got CK2 pretty early on and then saw all the add ons come out and the game get better and better and if i had waited a year i could have got the whole lot for what i paid on day 1. I’m already getting Warhammer: Total War this month (after missing out Rome) so that will sate my tactical requirements for now. Had to preorder as Chaos has always been my favourite race…

  11. Apologised says:

    Aside from poor performance on the Galaxy Map screen, which I was expecting since my processor isn’t quite up to the Minimum Specs, the game seems to run fine on the lowest res and settings.

    The only glitch I’ve found is that the AI will sometimes attack and siege planets but not bring any troops with them.

    • ijw473 says:

      Might not be a glitch. I do that – you basically stall the whole planet, destroy buildings and pop (sometimes, depends on bombardment type).