GTA Online Updates To Add Stunts And Contraband

Of course it’s called Cunning Stunts. Grand Theft Auto 5 wouldn’t be a Grand Theft Auto game without the po-faced plot and crass punnery, but I’m pleased that GTA Online is bit-by-bit acknowledging the other side of itself: mainly, that its silliness and not crimes that its players most want to perpetrate within its spaces. So it is that a future GTA Online update will bring with it a new set of stunt-track making props, which will let you create things like that pictured above, among much else.

The update is detailed over at the GTA blog. Cunning Stunts adds “a slew of new stunt-ready vehicles and gear – and the inspired Creator scene will be getting a vast new set of props, for an evolution of stunting, racing and trials-style creations.” I found GTA Online’s races quite dull in the base game, but I’d be intrigued to return if it meant driving in a sky-pipe.

It’s not the only update detailed, however. There’s also “further adventures in finance and felony”, which carries on from the last update and lets you expand your criminal organisation into the sale of contraband. This basically means you can buy warehouses, run missions to collect jewels, drugs and medical supplies, and then store and sell those goods for a tidy profit. Money to buy expensive jackets with. There’s more tweaks and fixes mentioned in the post, but those are the big hitters.

I liked GTA Online, but mostly for the fun I made in it myself. Trying to do multiplayer heists with strangers was an exercise in frustration, though they seemed excellent on the few occasions when I was able to posse up with pals, and the rest of the online activities felt like time-wasting. I wonder if I might feel differently if I was to return after the updates its received recently.


  1. Stevostin says:

    “its silliness and not crimes that its players most want to perpetrate within its spaces”

    My bet:
    80% of total playtime is spend on silliness.
    80% of players came for, and only did, crimes. (story)

    My bet II:
    Rockstar knows all of that perfectly well and acts accordingly since the beginning.

  2. Llewyn says:

    I’m sure it will all be done in the best possible taste.

  3. Axyl says:

    No no, we want more crimes too please. Heists, specifically.

  4. popej says:

    I haven’t played for some time now. Could anyone provide a brief summary of what’s changed in single-player (I’m guessing nothing?) and multiplayer?


    • Troubletcat says:

      The single-player goes unchanged.

      Multi-player has new weapons, clothes, vehicles, missions, and some other stuff but is still BASICALLY the same formula.

      So basically the heists are (still) great and everything else (still) isn’t worth the time taken to play it. At least that’s the feeling among my group. But I guess others feel differently, since they keep bringing out more stuff for it, eh?

      • gu3rilla77 says:

        pretty much sums it up… nothing to add here…

        • Plake says:

          except that all cars and weapons , that were released online, are also available offline…

  5. gu3rilla77 says:

    pretty much sums it up… nothing to add here…

  6. Amstrad says:

    It’s worth noting: There were already quite a few stunt based races that players had cooked up using the available props and they were of varying levels of fun. This update will just make it easier for those types of races to be built.