Watch Clint Hocking Revisit Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory

Ubisoft’s Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory is one of the very finest stealth games, our Adam will tell you. Should you agree, or simply be curious about that bold declaration, you might want to watch its creative director Clint Hocking revisiting the game 11 years after release. He’s got together with Chaos Theory level designer Mathieu Berube to play through its Bank level and chat about the game, and the two very kindly recorded it for us all to see. Observe:

I enjoy this recent trend of developers revisiting games they made years ago, games which went on to become seen as classics. It’s the way they (and I don’t mean Hocking and Berube specifically, although…) can stumble trying to remember how the game even works then suddenly jump deep into technical details about individual parts. If this sort of thing is your bag, I really enjoyed John Romero’s look at Doom too. Heck, Double Fine have organised two series of looks back.

Hocking bounced around a lot after Chaos Theory. He left Ubisoft Montreal after directing the phenomenal Far Cry 2, joining then leaving LucasArts, then Valve, then Amazon Game Studios, before returning to Ubisoft – this time their Toronto studio. He also wrote an essay about immersive sims for us, which I can’t say I remember at all. Ace. There’s my evening reading. After this, my evening watching.


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    Earl-Grey says:

    I, for one, agree with the good sir Adam.

  2. shagen454 says:

    I always forget about this game when thinking about my favorite titles ever. I played through Chaos Theory so many times over the years. It’s really amazing that it still stands strong a full 11 years later.

    • Unclepauly says:

      Playing the game with hbao+ and supersampling it actually looks better than alot of games that come out now. I can’t believe what they pulled off on the hardware they had at the time.

  3. IonTichy says:

    Love this game! Especially because of the Soundtrack by Amon Tobin which only added to the tense atmosphere.

  4. manio22 says:

    Working on a new unnanounced project, they are playing Splinter Cell….hmm…nope can’t connect the dots. What will be , i wonder?

  5. SMGreer says:

    God…one thing I’d forgotten was so fun with these games was the banter between Fisher and everyone else. A huge bit of personality Blacklist was missing.

  6. Unclepauly says:

    While it may not be the best stealth game ever made(top five for sure though), it’s my favorite stealth game ever made. I play through it once a year just to get the warm fuzzies.

    • TheSplund says:

      Whilst some might criticise another’s top 5 etc, I’m curious to hear what they might be as I’m always happy to pick up an old title that I missed

  7. KesMonkey says:

    I absolutely loved Chaos Theory. I played through it 5 times. Although not a popular opinion, I think Blacklist is a better game in every respect except for the music and the lack of Ironside.

    It’s a pity that so many SC fans missed out on what is easily the best game in the series due to their objection to the replacement of Ironside.

    • Troubletcat says:

      Blacklist is good, but I don’t agree that it’s better than Chaos Theory. It didn’t feel as open and malleable to me, and it had quite a few forced action sequences that I found annoying rather than tense.

      It also really bothered me that Sam apparently drank from the fountain of youth and transformed into Commander Shepherd (complete with his own Normandy!)

      But I definitely agree that it’s underrated. The gameplay is pretty solid.

  8. DORKSMAN says:

    the conker’s bad fur guys did a pretty great director’s commentary on youtube, including live sing-a-long to the great mighty poo.

  9. cakeisalie says:

    Great game. The series peaked with Chaos Theory and then started going down hill. Especially when they replaced Michael Ironside as Fisher.

    • CaidKean says:

      I’m not sure I agree. I genuinely think sixth-generation Double Agent just might be a tiny bit better than Chaos Theory.

      I still think it’s a great shame that they didn’t port the sixth-generation one to PC as well.

      • Troubletcat says:

        Double Agent IS on PC. All 6 entries in the main series are. Although Pandora Tomorrow is somewhat harder to get a hold of these days (not available on Steam or GoG).

        • Troubletcat says:

          Misunderstood the comment. Right you are of course that the version of Double Agent for the 6th gen consoles is not on PC.

  10. Bullfrog says:

    I love this game but I’ve never seen the end,every time I got there the game crashed on entering the last room.

  11. KenTWOu says:

    Last time I played Chaos Theory I tried to get 4 alarms as fast as possible on every mission (excluding the 1st one and Seoul where it’s not possible). Navigating through the well-known levels full of alerted guards and improvised barricades was one of the greatest stealth experiences I’ve ever had. If you’re thinking about replaying the game again try the same thing I did.