The Witcher 3: Blood And Wine Expansion Due May 31st

“THE LAND OF WINE IS DRENCHED IN BLOOD” shout CD Projekt RED as they announce that the second The Witcher 3 [official site] expansion, named Blood and Wine, will launch on May 31st. Yeah, you like to think you’d stick to white wine or clear spirits to be safe but man, stop being such a baby: just drink that blooded wine; we’re all doing it. Blood and Wine will jaunt off to the realm of Toussaint, a vast new area to explore with plenty of quests and all that. Have a peek in this new short trailer:

Flipping heck, The Witcher 3 really is one of the prettiest fantasy RPG worlds, isn’t it? Those colours!

As for what Blood and Wine brings, game director Konrad Tomaszkiewicz summarised in today’s announcement:

“Blood and Wine makes The Witcher 3 complete – it’s Geralt’s final mission. Containing more than 90 new quests, and over thirty hours of brand new adventures, it’s something that I think gamers will remember for a long time. [. . .] There’s also a massive amount of features we’re giving gamers with this expansion like a dynamic Point of Interest system, a new Gwent deck, new endgame mutation mechanics, and even a place Geralt can call home…. And it’s all happening in a new region as big as No Man’s Land in the base game.”

Cobbo really liked the first expansion, Hearts of Stone. This is far larger than that, so it’ll be interesting to see what they do. It sounds like a huge chunk o’ game, which I’ll be glad to have this long after launch. Ah, I don’t know, Wild Hunt dragged for me after I cleared up a lot of Novigrad and Velen then moved onto Skellige, but enough time has passed that I’m keen for a huge new area full of Witchery business.

Blood and Wine will cost £15.99/$19.99, or comes with Hearts of Stone in the £19.99/$24.99 Expansion Pass.


  1. kud13 says:

    About damn time!

  2. Horg says:

    ”a new Gwent deck”

    Handy, that. I wasn’t sure if this expansion would make the cut, but it looks like they’ve shuffled enough features in to gamble on a blind pre-order. It’s looking ace.

  3. deiseach says:

    Cobbo? Is that really a thing or have I stumbled into the Soccer Saturday studio?

  4. Noxman says:

    The day after the bank holiday………………

  5. Premium User Badge

    Aerothorn says:

    April was absolutely killer for game releases, May is looking like it won’t be much different. I don’t have the time! I haven’t even gotten around to the first expansion! Mercy! Mercy!

  6. Parrilla says:

    Looks beautiful. Pity I got burned out on Witcher 3 before I could finish Skellige. Becomes too much of a checklist for me after a while and it kills the immersion.

    • jerf says:

      Just turn the question marks on the map off in the settings. It’s a lot better that way.

  7. Auldman says:

    This is why I love CDProjekt. They promised 20 hours and now I read it will be over 30 hours. There are new games released that don’t have that much content! 30 hours and 90 new quests for an expansion is outstanding! Value for your buck!

  8. Bing_oh says:

    I must admit that Skellige felt a bit too much like filler content in the original, but I suspect that was more my fault for obsessively completing all those side quests and out-leveling the area. Hearts of Stone was a good, if too short, expansion, so I have confidence that Blood and Wine will scratch that Witcher itch for me. It’s been awhile since I’ve visited Geralt and I’m thinking I’d like to go out adventuring with him again…

    • jerf says:

      Yeah, I played the whole game with the question marks on the map turned off, and didn’t feel even for a moment that Skellige had filler content, I liked all of what I encountered.

      • kud13 says:

        Skellige had 2 optional “fetch quests” that were just fetch quests without anything really good about them- one was about a stolen sword, and there was another one as well (helmet?). I remember them just because they were so out of tune with pretty much everything else.

        Beyond that, Skellige was just as much fun in semi-random exploration as the Velen countryside, albeit with more travelling, b/c the sea (I refused to use fast-travel, except b/w mainland and Skellige). And some of the contracts/secondary plots were really awesomely written.

        • gunny1993 says:

          Best skillege fetch quest was the one where you talk the to potion master and try to become his apprentice and have to fetch a bunch of shot for him.

          I love the way it starts by getting some random herbs and there being some odd things he says that hint to the real purpose…. Then you have to go raid a brewery and it turns out you’re just getting him pissed..

          Made me chuckle

          • lokimotive says:

            That fetch quest also aligned well with how I had been playing Geralt up to that point, which was basically kind of an oblivious idiot.

    • SanguineAngel says:

      I think I got lucky – I hit Skellige before doing Novigrad so two things happened: 1 It was a decent challenge. 2 I got to find out about a certain character’s temperament before making any decisions of consequence elsewhere.

      To be honest, though, I thought the skellige storyline was one of the highlights of the game and the islands felt like a convincing community. The nature of the quests felt different, I’d agree. But I would struggle to put my finger on why and I don’t recall feeling short changed by any of them at all.

  9. FabriciusRex says:


  10. kud13 says:

    That mountain better be climeable. One of my favourite things about Wild Hunt was just galloping wildly towards a mountain range, and then using the jump-roll to climb shit, seeing how high I could get before the inevitable slip’n’glide. Or running into a high-level critter and having an epic fight on a mountain slope.

  11. gunny1993 says:

    Goddamn it that’s before the new gpus come out and I don’t want to play this game at shifty quality any more…. And I also don’t want to wait

  12. alphax1983 says:

    I always wanted to visit Toussaint , in the book it was this tiny kingdom stuck in fairy tale ages of knights chivalry and princesses. Too small for anyone to invade. Looking forward to it !

  13. Creeping Death says:

    I’ve actually just started getting properly stuck into Witcher 3, seems like good timing on my part. I actually got it at launch but it came out around a time where there were SO MANY open world games that I was completely burnt out on the genre.

    Playing it now though, I think I can safely say it’s the most enjoyable open world I’ve ever experienced.

  14. a very affectionate parrot says:

    Aww yes woo yay hurrah etc…
    Now i just need to figure out how to make the next 20 days go by faster.
    I’m loving how colorful it looks compared to the main game.

  15. Cinek says:

    Oh… there goes my life, again…

    A small bit in me will die after playing the last expansion to the Witcher 3… such an amazing game, I wish it they’d never end expanding it… ;)

  16. dahools says:

    Last expansion. Yey. Hopefully that means enhanced edition is next, so I can buy it all in one and start my adventure.

    I don’t own the base game yet . . .
    There was so much out when it was released, think I was deep in MGSV can’t remember exactly.

  17. SanguineAngel says:

    I finally finished the central storyline in the base game this morning. After over 100 hours of play.

    Definitely one of my favourite games of all time. Really looking forward to getting into the expansions but I will wait a bit before picking them up as my girlfriend would probably appreciate seeing me for a bit!