Rainbow Six Siege’s Dust Line Update Bursts In

The big red button is, I assume, the primary benefit of working for a games studio. Each one has, I’m fairly certain, a huge red button they slam to send the signal to launch new games and updates. The fanciest studios have special buttons, I imagine is definitely true. Infinity Ward probably have a big red gun firing bullets at a ballistic gel monitor. Paradox’s button is likely in the red velvet seat of a throne, pressed by regal buttocks. CD Projekt RED surely chug a big red potion. And Ubisoft Montreal? I imagine they’ve detonated a big red wall to launch today’s big Rainbow Six Siege [official site] update.

The headline features of today’s ‘Operation Dust Line’ update are one new map and two new operators. The new map is Border, set at a border checkpoint. Ubi say, “A mix of old and new buildings with open air pathways make this the most destructible and open planned map to date.”

The two new characters are Valkyrie and Blackbeard. She has sticky little camera orbs to toss and pop on walls, while he’s put a little shield to stick on top of his rifle to protect his awful beard. The very height of vanity, beardshields. As ever with new Siege characters, for the first week they’re only available to season pass owners, who get them unlocked instantly. Come the 18th, everyone will be able to unlock them the usual ways.

The Dust Line update page has details on everything else in this update. A new option lets folks cancel placing gadgets at any time. Graphics are touched up a bit, including lighting improvements. Gun sounds now have occlusion, which Ubi says “means that you will have additional positional information when someone is firing behind a wall near you, or above/below you.” Warnings then bans for “toxic behaviour” like racist comments are now in. Cheaters will now be banned permanently after two offenses. Players can now customise their loadouts between rounds. Balance has been tweaked. Annnd there’s load more, go read it yourself.


  1. Ansob says:

    Both the new operators are crazy good – Valkyrie’s four cameras can be placed where the enemy won’t expect them (at this point, serious players have memorised all the camera locations on the existing maps, so you don’t normally get to use them), and Blackbeard’s gun shield means he’s invulnerable while peaking through windows.

    • Banks says:

      They are insanely overpowered and they do more harm than good. Valkyrie can spam cameras everywhere, and then the whole team knows where the attackers are at all times, turning every match into an straight fire fight. I’d give her two cameras tops and make them much more visible.

      And blackbeard incentivizes the worst kind of play style, which is holding the same bottleneck for the whole game instead of flanking or looking for another entry point. His shield should shatter with each bullet, making very hard to see trough It once you’ve blocked a couple of shots.

      • Ansob says:

        Valkyrie isn’t overpowered at all, and IQ is a hard counter to her. Agreed on the suggested tweak to Blackbeard’s rifle shield, though.

        • Doomlord says:

          Can’t agree. There should never be any “better” way to play, just different ways to play, which Blackbeard enables. If a player wants to realistically hold his position with the aid of a helpful gadget, so be it.

          I like him better than Valkyrie right now as he boosts lesser skilled players (like myself, sigh) against the magic gun style twitch-kids. He doesn’t give you THAT much more time but it’s enough to level some fights. His shield also enables players to be able to get intel themselves, without having to rely on Drones or old information from teammates.

      • Doomlord says:

        I can somewhat agree about Valkyrie’s cameras…I wouldn’t have given her so many, maybe 2 sounds right to me. That being said, she rarely has much time to get too much intel from them. All the eyes in the world on the opponents won’t matter if they’re better than you at fragging foes.

    • Ksempac says:

      There was a lot of fear about Blackbear before release, but so far, he doesn’t seem to be OP like some expected.

      So far, I’ve won my 2 duels against a Blackbear. One was a mid range one against one picking at a window,the other was a close range one face to face with my shotgun.

      The thing is that his shield doesn’t cover all his body and it’s breakable, so he is way easier to take on head-on compared to the true shield operator such as Blitz or Montagne

  2. April March says:

    This is very interesting news, but now all I want to do is thing about what different devs’ and pubs’ big red buttons look like.

    Devolver has two. For its indie releases, a big pixelated button set into a golden replica of a SNES controller. For stuff like Serious Sam and Shadow Warrior, a big red styrofoam box that is activated when it’s destroyed by shooting at it with nerf guns.

    For its main franchises Ubisoft needs to press twenty-five buttons spread around an entire town. Five of them need you to be logged into Uplay.

    Bethesda has one that is supposed to do a lot of cool stuff, but it never worked properly so they just use console commands.

    What else?

    • zbeeblebrox says:

      Taletell’s button makes you go through a timed, conversation-based decision tree before pressing it, where all choices secretly lead to pressing the button anyway

      Doublefine’s button looks visually awesome, but has to be pressed by thousands of random strangers with money each time in order to work.

      Valve’s button sits just on the edge of an event horizon, so the closer you get to pressing it, the longer it takes you to get there

    • SlimShanks says:

      Oh I know! From Software’s button is probably a huge bell guarded by some skeletons. But we don’t know, because no one ever made it back alive.
      How about Ubisoft Montreal? If you want to press the button, you have to never ask for it first. And then, man and button become one, and humanity is forever changed.

    • Premium User Badge

      phuzz says:

      Squad have a traditional big red button, but they count down from ten before they press it, and when they do everything explodes.

  3. DeadCanDance says:

    Damn it, Alice. You’re good

    • Doomlord says:

      Oddly, I try to avoid her articles…they’re difficult to read and usually come across like side-tracking gibberish. Each to their own, of course.