Hearts Of Iron IV Dev Vid Attacks By Land, Sea, And Air

Don't tell him, Pike!

Adam has been jumping up and down and screaming about Paradox’s brand new strategy game Stellaris, but we’ve neglected to mention that the one of their classics has a new game right around the corner. Hearts of Iron IV [official site], the next in the World War II grand strategy series, will launch on June 6th. So now here’s a new video developer diary to explain a little about warring by land, sea, and air.

But before then! Here’s the first video in this series, which we’ve not posted before. Must start at the beginning, you know. Strict military procedure.

As you can see, Hearts of Iron is far from Command & Conquer. It has lots of buttons, for starters. HoI is a big, serious series where players take control of any nation to rewrite history, through diplomacy, industry, and force across the entire globe. It’s a big simulation, starting with the war in its historical state but able to diverge massively from history.

Here’s today’s new video, looking at how armies, navies, and air forces all work and support each other.

The new 3D look is swish, isn’t it? The old 2D style was practical, sure, but this is proper pleasant.

June 6th, then. If you want to know more, here: Adam has played ittwice – and also had a think about interesting ways to play as Germany.


  1. DeadCanDance says:

    Damn it. So soon?

  2. Cinek says:

    So… 150$ for additional DLCs to get all the units look right?

  3. klops says:

    Sounds very interesting but I doubt I ever have the time to go into this.

  4. Scraphound says:

    Anyone else wish they would just show the damn game without constantly cutting to random faces? Show me the game, not the developers.

  5. Sakkura says:

    Kinda excited for this, but it’s so soon after Stellaris.

    Hope that doesn’t hurt their sales.

    • teije says:

      Well, there’s some crossover in target audience but many who are only interested in HoI. So I doubt it will negatively affect sales long term.

      More likely is people like me who will buy both but not play one of them much until they sink loads of hours in the other. Expecting that HoI will be a fall diversion for me.

  6. Hobbes says:

    Oh gods, Paradox, SLOW DOWN! There’s only so much we can take! Let us recover before you ravage us again! What’s next? Crusader Kings 3? No… don’t go there. I don’t want Paradox turning into the Grand Strategy nymphomaniac who ruins social lives and marriages.

  7. Hensler says:

    The depth of these games is infamous – so what’s the best way to get into them? Go back to the first game in this series? Start when this installment comes out in June? Or maybe I should try Crusader Kings or Stellaris instead?

    • Grizzly says:

      The later games of Paradox do a better job at guiding you into their depth then previous games do, so I’d suggest to start with HoI4 when it’s released or try something like EU4.

    • Cropduster says:

      I can heartily recommend CKII as a good starting point, it’s fairly smooth and well presented, and also is has the benefit of being pretty fun when everything inevitably goes wrong. Still their best imo, really unique.

      HoI4 will hopefully be similarly smooth, although to be honest I’ve played about fifty hours of HoI3 and still don’t really know what the fuck is going on.

      • Zamn10210 says:

        CK2 is much more confusing than it gets credit for. There are *a lot* of variables in the form every character’s relationship to every other, which is pretty overwhelming and difficult to keep track of initially. The focus on characters rather than nations is also unintuitive – even though it takes most of the screen up the map in CK2 is secondary to the various character windows in terms of understanding the world.

        All in all, EU4, with its focus on nations and maps, is a much easier entry point to the Paradox universe for people used to other strategy games.

    • teije says:

      Stellaris is pretty easy to get into, compared to EUIV or CKII I’ve found. UI is better too (although not great still).

      Be warned however, all their games are giant gaping time sinks.

  8. thetruegentleman says:

    June 6th? D-Day? Cheeky bastards.

  9. GCU Speak Softly says:

    There’s a way of turning off those toy ‘sprites’ and just use decent god-fearing counters, right?