The Foxer

“North of the Tuguma River was Foxer Front country. If you had business up there and you could afford it you travelled by halftrack or APC. Less chance of being stopped. Less chance of finding yourself stood next to a roadblock studying a mimeographed collage, nutters with Kalashnikovs and stopwatches looking on.”

Ralph Kersey, ‘Porcupine Sun’, 1971

Last week’s theme: Louis Pasteur (defoxed by Shiloh)

a. Tu-160 ‘White Swan‘ (AFKAMC)
b. The SS Pasteur (AFKAMC)
c. Hydrophobia shortcut (unsolved)
d. Silkworm missile (Zogg, AFKAMC)
e. Gruinard Island (unsolved)
f. Ed Koch (unsolved)
g. Louis d’or (Shiloh)
h. Auggy Pedlar, Mildred Doran and Vilas R. Knope (aviators killed during the infamous Dole Derby) (unsolved)
i. Tourtel beer cap (phlebas)
j. Pasteur Metro station, Milan (Shiloh)
k. Brewer’s yeast (phlebas, Hydrogene)
l.Vinegar Joe” Stilwell (unsolved)

* * * * *

Roman’s word ladders don’t work like standard word ladders. You clamber from bottom to top placing appropriate five-letter words on each rung. Usually a word inherits three letters from the word below it (the positions of those three letters are inherited too). The exceptions are the words derived from [A] clues which are anagrams of the words below them. Clues should make the climb easier, but be aware that my unspeakably fiendish foxer setter has shuffled the ten clues on the upper half of the ladder (clues 11 to 20). For example ‘[A] Important Desert War AFV’ probably doesn’t belong next to rung 20.

20. – – – – – [A] Important Desert War AFV
19. – – – – – Norwegian oil field
18. – – – – – East European car manufacturer
17. – – – – – WW2 American general
16. – – – – – RNLI stalwart
15. – – – – – City liberated in early September 1944
14. – – – – – Total War battle
13. – – – – – American Revolutionary War commander
12. – – – – – Anglo-Saxon deity
11. – – – – – Unit of measurement and fort in SE England
10. – – – – – The founder of the Boy Scouts fought here
09. – – – – – One of these was sunk close to the Normandy beachhead
08. – – – – – War involving French, US, and Italian aircraft
07. – – – – – Descendent of the Lanc
06. – – – – – Gave his name to an air combat manoeuvre
05. – – – – – Japanese airline
04. – – – – – Val victim
03. – – – – – Rarely worn by US Army personnel
02. – – – – – Spherical hand grenade
01. L  e  a  n  t


  1. All is Well says:

    02. – Beano?

  2. iainl says:

    05 is probably going to be Peach, then.

  3. AFKAMC says:

    I think 4 is likely to be Peary

  4. Cooper says:

    02: The ‘Beano’. An experimental design: The Americans thought that the best design for a hand grenade for their troops would be one that was about the same size and weight as a baseball…

    link to

  5. AFKAMC says:

    Is 10 NATAL maybe?

    • iainl says:

      I was thinking MALTA was most likely, but was waiting for an inspiration on 09 first.

      • Rorschach617 says:


        • phlebas says:

          Or for that matter INDIA?

          • Rorschach617 says:

            Turns out cooper sniped me with GHANA.

            We are looking for where he fought. MALTA and INDIA are unlikely, since I find no reference to conflict during his service there.

  6. AFKAMC says:

    I think 8 might be CHACO

  7. Little_Crow says:

    This might be terrible etiqutte, but leaping ahead…

    18) Skoda
    19) Skarv

    • phlebas says:

      According to Wikipedia’s list, other candidates for 19 include BLANE/BRAGE/GRANE/NORNE

  8. larpsidekick says:

    Just looking at number of letters, the Anglo-Saxon God is likely to be Woden.

  9. Little_Crow says:

    17) Clark
    Only 5 letter US General on Wiki…

  10. AFKAMC says:

    If 15 is GHENT, then 16 is TRENT

    • Little_Crow says:

      Remember 11-20 could be in any order, Roman is a dastardly man

      • AFKAMC says:

        Yes you’re right, I’d forgotten that! So Ghent/Trent and Skoda are all suspect.

        • Little_Crow says:

          Ghent looks good if Cooper’s suggestion of Ghana is right…

          (BTW Ghent is a fabulous town, been far too many times both in and out of the Gentse Feesten – I highly recommend it)

          • Rorschach617 says:

            As lovely as GHENT may be, BREST is also an option (liberated 19th September 1944)

          • Rorschach617 says:

            Oh, 19th September is a little late to be described as early September, please ignore BREST.

        • Rorschach617 says:

          TRENT might still be in there somewhere. Wikipedia suggests TROLL for Norwegian oilfield.

  11. iainl says:

    If we’re jumping ahead, could 11 be HURST?

    link to
    link to

  12. Cooper says:

    10. The obvious Mafeking / Mahikeng obviously doesn’t fit. Maybe Ghana? (Then Gold Coast)
    link to

  13. AFKAMC says:

    Wondering if 7 is Shack. Could that be a nickname for the Avro Shackleton?

  14. phlebas says:

    Might 14 be CRECY?

  15. Cooper says:

    9. Possibly (but probably not) the Corry:
    link to
    But that’s the name of the ship, which doesn’t fit with ‘one of these’ in the clue, nor any of the guesses for 10…

  16. Rorschach617 says:

    So far…


    GHENT fits here.

  17. AFKAMC says:

    Important Desert War AFV could be “Grant” maybe, but I don’t know what that could be an anagram of.

    • phlebas says:

      Or maybe GREIF – it doesn’t get much more important than Rommel’s command vehicle! That would give a nice anagram of FRIGE, too.