Steam Charts: Demons And Souls

I say top ten, but there are actually only seven different games in the past week’s Steam charts, once pre-orders and deluxe editions are filtered out. It seems like a lifetime ago that Stardew Valley and Factorio were doing a little indie rampage around the charts, as Steam’s best-sellers have now very much reverted to big-brand type. Also: pre-ordering sure doesn’t seem to be going away any time soon, no matter how unwise it might seem.

I get these charts from PC game news stalwart Blues, who seem to have access to some magical Valve mailing list that I don’t (I must look into that), and it seems it’s just changed a little, as previously pre-orders were bundled along with release sales. Though Total Warhammer isn’t noted as being a pre-order, even though it is – the game’s not out for a couple of weeks – so clearly there’s some element of Steam making it up as they go along here. Anyway, this is a very much a sequels and licensing-dominated chart, with the exception of new kid Stellaris: already established as a big deal, of course.


This being last week’s sales, and given that are pre-orders are now accounted for, I guess this has charty-topperised based on Friday and Saturday sales alone. Which is pretty good going. And, frankly, pretty well-deserved too. I shall be telling you why that is a little later today.

2. Stellaris

If this isn’t Paradox’s biggest hit to date, it soon will be. Grand strategy in space turned out to be something that half the world wanted. I’m still chipping my way into it, having been fairly frustrated by niggles in its interface and how much presumed knowledge it asked of me. Neither of these were deal breakers, they just meant I had a colder start than I’d hoped.


Steam Pre-Purchase

DOOM remains a name which can earn itself a whole pile of money, put it that way. Though I’m curious if it’s done as well as console, where the venerable old demon-shooter doesn’t mean quite as much as it does in the dusty halls of Castle PC.

4. FINAL FANTASY X/X-2 HD Remaster

5. Stellaris

A tenner extra gets you a few bonus in-game options and some soundtracky stuff. The main draw is an “extra” alien race, though when I mentioned this last week, it was pointed out to me that it’s not a whole new faction but rather just a new piece of art. Hmm.

6. Stellaris


Still hoovering up the pre-sales before its release early in the week, basically.

7. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

This isn’t really Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, of course. A routine SteamID error means that Limbo Of The Lost is mis-reporting on Steam, and thus tragically denied its deserved glory.


Two weeks ago, I sneered at Dark Souls as e-peen waving by J-game fetishists. Then something happened. Yesterday, I bought a copy of Bloodborne. From Software have got me hard. I HAVE SEEN THE LIGHT.

9.Sid Meier’s Civilization V: Complete Edition

A combo of a deep discount to £8 for the maxi-bundle (still the case now) and excitement around the Civ VI pushed Firaxis back into the charts. I can’t wait for VI, although do have some trepidation based on how Beyond Earth twice failed to light my fire. I wonder if there’ll be a second expansion for that or if it’s been quietly given up on, with full steam ahead for Civ VI instead?

10. Total War: WARHAMMER

Couple of weeks to go for Total Warhammer. I know Games Workshop’s physical sales are in the doldrums – hey, stop charging so much for your figures, Ian Workshop, and then maybe me and everyone else could actually buy some – but clearly a great love of their world remains. Hey, who do I have to lapdance to get a ‘review’ copy of Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower?


  1. Sinjun says:

    Doom deserves to be #1 for weeks and weeks as far as I’m concerned. An instant classic.

    • Ulaxes says:


      I was seriously enjoying this game when suddenly everything was turned up to 12. Gameplay, enemies, leveldesign, everything is top notch and has the right amount of hommage to fit in the series but enough courage to step forward.

      Might be the best FPS in the last years and you can tell they build it to last.

      And that soundtrack! Fucking hell!

    • aircool says:

      It’s simply a great game. No need for any explanation or amplification, it’s just a great game.

    • Viral Frog says:

      Glad to hear the single player turned out well. The multiplayer is horrendous. I almost removed it from my wish list because of how terrible it felt to me, but decided to hold out for single player reviews.

  2. frogmanalien says:

    Darn you for linking to a Warhammer Quest page – I want it now :(
    Not to go all games workshoppy- but it would be great to make these things not cost a few hundred pounds. Ah well, I guess I’ll just stick to my virtual play things.
    I can’t believe how much great stuff is coming out these days- between Doom and Stellaris it’s nice to have something catering for my extremely varied taste!

    • Warduke says:

      Games Workshop – “hey, stop charging so much for your figures, ”

      Many times I’m at the game store and I look longingly at the 40K and fantasy Warhammer stuff.. but damn I just can’t rationalize the pricing. I do read the books tho and buy most of the PC games..

  3. Awesomeclaw says:

    I’m also currently playing through Bloodborne after burning out on DS2. I think it might be my favourite souls game. Just beat Rom, now working through some Chalice dungeons in order to get my gear and level up a bit.

  4. Shezo says:

    Doom’s first spot may also have something to do with game being uncrackable (denuvo).

    • Gunsmith says:

      that and certain online shops had it for sale for £23

    • aepervius says:

      Doubtful. Firstly as far as I know for more recent game it was bypassed and some group said cracked. secondly, I doubt that more than a shrinking minority would rather download a nocd rather than buy, and conversely I hold that the majority of those not getting a crack are simply not buying. Example : while Fifa 2016 was still top most sold game in UK, it was still a drop down of ~5 to 10% from the previous year. And it had denuvo. 1 game pirated == 1 sale lost is only propaganda from game company. The reality is that it is most probably something very low.

    • Anonymous says:

      I hit reply too quick. Far more probably the success is 1) due to the quality 2) company reputation 3) mouth/ear gossip “it is a good game”. I would buy it I like it, unfortunately my house hand makes me pain so I limit myself to anything non twitchy/dextry

    • ButteringSundays says:

      Yea I’d second what aepervius said.

      Ultimately there’s very little correlation with pirating and sales, especially at this scale. Besides, pirates are the biggest media spenders, so that correlation wouldn’t even make sense.

  5. Bobcat says:

    Don’t you roll your eyes at FFX!

  6. GAmbrose says:

    DOOM is my biggest surprise of 2016.

    It wasn’t on my radar at all, then I saw very positive comments and bought it.

    Only 11 hours to completion, but it’s fast paced, has a lot of elements which still make it a sequel to 1993’s Doom, without being a total retro-fest copy.

    Agree as well that the soundtrack is great. It really deserves to be number 1.

  7. Josh W says:

    I know Ian is the tradition, but I prefer James Workshop.

  8. stringerdell says:

    Some of the awful bullshit Ive seen on these lists and FFX gets the eye roll? not cool!

  9. Ovno says:

    Ahh you have to love it when half of the top 10 is 2 games….

  10. Stepout says:

    Hey, don’t roll your eyes at Squeenix putting out re-masters on Steam :P Perhaps they’ll release Chrono Trigger someday AND manage to not screw it up like they did with FFVI. 16 bit era JRPGs 4 life!

    • Frank says:

      Eh, let me know if they ever get around to FF12 and Vagrant Story. That would be a lot more interesting than more trad jrpgs.

  11. Durgendorf says:

    Would it be possible in future posts to roll all the redundant editions of a game in with the highest ranking for that game so that the list just features the ten highest charting games for the week? I don’t think any of us are too hung up on whether Vanilla Edition beat out Cloth Map Edition.

  12. taylordcraig says:

    You’ve seen the light but use a Cersei Lanister gif to scoff at FFX HD Remaster?