Dota 2’s 2016 International Prize Pool Already Freaking Enormous

Remember how the Dota 2 International prize pool inflation of 2016 has started thanks to the launch of this year’s compendium with a FREAKING MASSIVE SIDE ORDER OF OTHER SHENANIGANS?

Here’s how it is doing so far:


At the time of writing it has been active for less than a day and is rapidly approaching $2m in terms of prize pool money raised ($3,579,506* if you want the precise figure with $1.6m of that being the lump sum Valve itself puts in every year). It feels weird to still be surprised by this and to write articles every year, open-mouthed at the size of those numbers but I’m always genuinely taken aback. 25% of the proceeds from the Battle Pass (which contains the compendium) go to the prize pool so that translates to roughly $8m spent on digital wizard booty so far. And The International’s main event doesn’t even start until 8 August.

Here is a comparison graph via the Dota 2 prize tracker site:

It’s early days (or rather, hours) but yeah, it’s on course to beat last year’s $18m-and-then-some prize pool if it follows the same basic trajectory.

And now video footage live from Valve’s Seattle HQ:

*By the time I hit publish it was up to $3,631,451


  1. Grizzly says:

    This is on one hand amazing, on the other hand terrifying, and on this detached hand I borrowed from my niece kinda sad: I wish people would donate this amount of money to Desert Bus for hope!

  2. RaunakS says:

    This is a wonderful approach to prize-money, innit? Why do they not raise money like other sports do: from sponsorship deals, television ads, begging in the streets, sales of merchandise and tickets, etc.? I think that waiting for players to donate money is an inherently risky proposition, there’s no guarantee the masses will turn up each year.

    Also, on a side not, is it worth to buy the base package as newbie? I’m making my way up the ranking system, I’m already at 1366 and climbing. But I get confused by the game systems a lot of the times and I’m afraid buying pretty cosmetics will make things even more perplexing.

    • Vandelay says:

      Cosmetics are just that, they don’t have any reply bearing on the mechanics of the game. There are a few that might change the effects slightly, but a new tp effect will still look like a tp.

      These are all applied in the menus outside of the game too, so you won’t have extra strange options appearing in your game (besides the pre-start prediction stuff.)

      If you want to give money to Valve to support this game that they give for completely free, then I see the Compendium as a great way to do it. You don’t get huge amounts of stuff (at least you haven’t previously, I haven’t looked into this year’s,) and the people you see with Compendium levels in the dozens, let alone hundreds, have spent a large amount of money, but I don’t have a problem giving Valve £6-8 a year for this great game.

    • noilly says:

      The battle pass/compendium is a lot of fun assuming you like hats and play even a few games a week. Give it a try