Tribes-Inspired FPS Midair Hits Kickstarter

Currently soaring in the skies over Kickstarter is Midair [official site], a free-to-play first-person shooter clearly based on Tribes. “But Alice, I… isn’t there already a modern free-to-play Tribes?” you ask, tilting your head like a blue tit scoping out a foil milk bottle top on a frosty morning. “No, seriously Alice, enough with the florid similes. There is: Tribes Ascend. They’re even updating it again, aren’t they?” Sorry. Yes, yes, but Midair developers Archetype Studios want a game more like the older Tribes. So they’re making one. They would like your cash to help with that.

Midair is an FPS where players can strap on a jetpack and go rocketing over the landscape, using clever movements tricks to zip down slopes then launch up into the skies. Y’know, rocket-powered ‘skiing’, like in Tribes. Also, it’s got vehicles, obvs, like in Tribes. It’ll have a capture-the-flag mode where teams build base defenses and get to play with vehicles, like in Tribes, along with a plain ole team battle mode and an all vs. all mode where players try to hold onto a flag for as long as possible. It looks fast, it looks furious, it looks not to star Vin Diesel in any way, shape or form. Boo.

Archetype’s Kickstarter campaign is seeking $100,000 (£70,000-ish) to finish Midair and launch it in November 2017. It’ll be free-to-play when it properly launches, so reward tiers are things like beta access and special skins. Stretch goals include new modes, extra level tilesets, support for players to make their own maps, and so on.

It’s been in development for two years and already passed Steam Greenlight. If you want to see more than this wee trailer, Archetype host regular Twitch streams including live gameplay.


  1. DeanLearner says:

    I know it’s probably quite a generic sound but… the Kill/Hit noise totally reminds me of an old money till I used to play with at my grand parents. It’s the noise when you open cash drawer.

    link to

    I’m not old and out of touch, I’m like only just not in my 20’s any more and I at least have some idea what vaping is.

    • TriggerFinger says:

      The story is, the Archetype sound guy was making toast one day in his toaster oven. When it was finished, the toaster oven made the usual ‘ding’ sound, whereupon the sound guy shouted “That’s it!” grabbed the toaster, ran upstairs with it, and recorded the sound then and there. Whence came the game’s midair-kill sound.

  2. Calculon says:

    Graphics and movement seem a little odd – but I would hope they would dial that in as they get closer to launch.

    I’ve been waiting for a T1/T2 remake for a long time now. I thought Tribes Ascend would be it based on Hi-Rez’s promises in the closed/testing forum that they made to early players – but alas that was not to be.

    That “ca-ching” sound you’re hearing was for sure in T2 (Mid-air disk killing your opponent sound). I also assumed it was in T1 as well (which I didnt play much, came late to that party).

    Hopefully Hi-Rez doesnt go after them for IP infringement.

    • asparagus94 says:

      You realize there is literally no way this is copyright infringement right? Why do I see this all over the internet whenever this game is discussed?

      If this was copyright infringement, do you know what else would be? Literally every other game. You can’t copyright a game mode. You can copyright names, lore, official maps and art/designs of items and characters.

      If gamemodes could be copyrighted then you would not have the millions of Call of Duty clones that exist because no doubt Activision would have sued the shit out of them if they did.

      If you read the Kickstarter page and some of the forum posts you will see Midair has its own lore, its own universe, its own everything. It’s not Starsiege and it’s not Tribes, even if it plays like it, there’s nothing to sue.

      • TriggerFinger says:

        The difficulty is, even if the case would never stand up in court, if HiRez were to bring legal action against Archetype, it would be pretty bad for them. A small studio like that doesn’t have the time or resources to fight it out in court.

        • Generico says:

          It would not be bad for them because there is no legal recourse. IP law does not protect game designs, just like it does not protect recipes for food or designs for clothing. Literally anyone can make a clone of any game so long as they do not copy trademarked art assets or names, or plagiarize code. It would not be “bad” for archetype. It would a big waste of money for Hi-Rez.

        • Razumen says:

          They wouldn’t have to fight it out in court, because Hi-Rez wouldn’t have a case against them at all. And even if they did, I imagine a judge would make Hi-Rez pay their costs in legal fees for trying to bring such a baseless claim to court.

  3. asparagus94 says:

    Personally really looking forward to this game, I’m not rich though but I’m really excited for it, I have backed up to the closed beta level so I can get in a little bit earlier. Wish I had more money so I could get the instant access though. owo

  4. salejemaster says:

    Please, we do not talk about Tribes:Ascend under any circumstances. On the other hand this game looks really nice, hope it will make it!

  5. MastroLindo says:

    I have been hoping on a true sequel to t1/t2c since forever. For me they were simply the best games ever made, centuries ahead of any other titles.

    I got hyped many times, and I got screwed every single one of them.

    And yet, here I am, still believing that this maybe can really be the true one. Everything I have seen so far tells me that’s true. Most of the other projects had always some signals that they were not going to deliver, but I don’t know if it’s some kind of stars alignment or voodoo ritual of sorts, this one seems that is really going in the right direction. I even started feeling hype again for a game in a way I didn’t for at least 5 years.

    Devs: You better no screw this one up. Please. PLEASE.

    To anybody else: go help these guys on kickstarter. They are my only hope! And yours as well, even if you don’t know yet!

  6. Meyog says:

    I stream the pre-alpha pick up games a few times a week. Tune in if you’d like to see some gameplay: link to

  7. TriggerFinger says:

    Incidentally, there’s a more detailed comparison of just what exactly sets this game apart from other, similar games (particularly Tribes Ascend) over here: link to

  8. Tekrunner says:

    Am I the only one who wishes for a remake of Quake Team Fortress / Team Fortress Classic? And by that I mean not a game like TF2 which just kept the classes but changed everything else. QWTF / TFC were all about movement tricks: rocket jumps, grenade jumps (that launch you halfway across the map), (real) bunnyhop. CTF was the main mode, because the emphasis was not on killing enemies, but on capturing / defending the flags. That’s where the gameplay really shone.

    • Tekrunner says:

      It’s especially puzzling that no one (outside of a few shortlived projects) has really tried to revisit this when you consider that recent shooters that have tried to play with increased movement freedom (Titanfall, Doom) were applauded for it.

      Some time into the game’s life, TFC mappers created an entire subgenre of “concmaps”, which were maps where you had to use “concjumps” (jumps using the shockwave of concussion grenades to propel you) to make it through a series of increasingly elaborate and difficult jumps.