Bullet Hell Not-A-Shmup: Soft Body Released

‘Bullet hell’? No thank you. I think hell is unpleasant. But a bullet chillout zone? I’d check that out on the way to the bullet hackey sack field after picking up a bullet bubble tea. Soft Body [official site] is… not a shoot ’em up, because you don’t shoot, but it is a bit of a bullet hell. At times. In places. Controlling two paintsnakes, one on each analogue stick, players dodge waves of bullets as they shove and nudge and paint things. It’s a interesting-looking game, and one just launched today.

Here, look, get a broad sense of it all from the launch trailer:

Interesting, yeah? That’s levels where you need to trigger blocks by rubbing on them, levels where you need to bat blobs around, levels with things to shunt, and all sorts of bulletblasters and explodezones to make that tricky, with chill electronic music over the top. Here, this video focuses on one particular level, a zippy one about bumping blocks while avoid several different hazards:

And this is about helping a beepy thing:

That’s nice. I like the look of this a lot.

Soft Body is out for £8.99/$11.69, including a launch discount, on Steam and Itch.


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  2. Josh W says:

    This looks lovely, I’ve probably been backseat-playing too much hyperlight drifter to appreciate it fully at the moment (hits a lot of the same sonic mood, with it’s momentous saturated fuzz) but in a few months, I’ll probably be pretty interested.