King’s Quest Episode 1 Is Now Free

A new King’s Quest [official site] was one of the first projects Activision announced after hauling the hide of Sierra Entertainment off their trophy wall and wrapping it around one of their colossal Actifingers, bringing back one of the shut-down publisher’s touchstones. With the series’ creators and makers long gone, the new episodic King’s Quest was made by P.B. Winterbottom devs The Odd Gentlemen. Three episodes are out so far, and now the first episode is free for everyone to try. Our John did not like it, but are you curious to see for yourself?

If so, hop on over to Steam to nab Chapter 1: A Knight to Remember for free. It used to cost £6.99/$9.99 on its lonesome. Accordingly, the prices for the Season Pass, which includes the rest of the episodes, and the ‘Complete Collection’, which will receive an epilogue too, are now both reduced. This season pass/complete collection separation is silly, isn’t it?

Anyway! The revived King’s Quest is a look back at the old adventures of King Graham as he tells the tales to his granddaughter. They’re on the Telltale side of adventure games, complete with moral decisions of sorts. Here’s an old trailer for Chapter 1:


  1. Neurotic says:

    Thanks, but after reading John’s review of it, even ‘free’ seems like too steep a price. :D

    • DuncUK says:

      To be fair though, John’s review was largely out of keeping with most other reviewers (82% metacritic) and the majority of steam reviews (overall Very Positive). Maybe we need reviews of reviewers? :-P

      • Premium User Badge

        gritz says:

        The thing is, John has really excellent taste in P&C adventure games and knows how to articulate exactly what separates a good adventure from a failure.

        • DuncUK says:

          Well, refusing to play a free game in a genre you like based on the opinion of one reviewer whose review is not representative of the wider reviewing public is at least a bit ridiculous.

          • Marclev says:

            Not really, unless all that you do with your spare time is try to fill it up with game playing.

            Assuming you have other alternatives, it makes a lot of sense to weigh up what to actually spend time on (free or not), seeing as the supply of it is ultimately finite.

        • Charos says:

          No doubt, though it should be said that simply because a person has some good taste and is articulate doesn’t mean they always bat a thousand…Roger Ebert was thoroughly erudite, loved some films that became seminal classics (was even happy to laud the now respected Grave of the Fireflies before Anime had become the respected genre it’s become now)…but he also had plenty of complete missteps and crapped all over a number of films that became classics over time like Friday the 13th which he declared one of the most detestable films of all time (though, granted, he later recanted that and agreed he hadn’t gone into the film with the right eyes).

          It would be worth taking a look at the reviews on the kings quest store page if nothing else, 82% on metacritic as was said, listed as having “very positive” overall (both recent and old) reviews and so forth. If someone IS into the adventure genre, I can’t imagine investing a few hours and some bandwidth to try out a completely free bit of game…I mean, worst case scenario you dislike it and don’t play any more of the episodes, but best case you may find a gem that one reviewer of the batch just happened to personally dislike and see what the majority have thus far found. Seems win-win to me :P *shrug*

    • Charos says:

      I dunno man, I’d check it out…worst case you invest a couple hours and just write it off as time killer that you happened to dislike…but so far it’s getting some real nice reviews from equally respected reviewers…I’ve played the first two episodes and while the second was undoubtedly a touch short (we’ll see if they fix that complaint in episode 3 which I haven’t had the chance to play yet), the game is a fun, old-school throwback to the adventure games of my childhood.

      Granted…it COULD have a lot to do with the era a person grew up in, I can totally see how someone who grew up in the late-90’s or later may find the “style” a bit annoying, but very quickly when I played it I found it to take me right back to the days of the better Sierra series…don’t know if it’s QUITE hit the insta-classic status of KQ6 (which is still among the pantheon of greatest adventure games of all time even today), but it’s still damn fun IMHO and most of the reviewers and gamers who’ve tried it so far seem to agree if the ratings are anything to go by… :)

  2. Premium User Badge

    FhnuZoag says:

    So this is the game they made out of the funds they allegedly stole from the Homestuck Kickstarter?

    • Author X says:

      Yeah, those allegations put me off the game and company too much to play it, even for free.

    • Premium User Badge

      Aerothorn says:

      Do you have any links to this? Just the other day I was wondering what happened to the well-funded Homestuck game.

      • Author X says:

        The game is still in development under What Pumpkin’s in-house studio. The official news from them was that after being in development for a while at another studio (I don’t remember if they specified The Odd Gentlemen, but I think they did), they decided to create their own studio to develop it and future Homestuck games.

        The allegations come from a lengthy tumblr post, that was then deleted because the writer said that WP asked them not to share the info. Basically, the story was that WP contracted The Odd Gentlemen to make the game, gave them the money, then TOG provided some concept art and said they were working on it while they were actually working on King’s Quest because it’s a more prestigious title (or they’re old-school King’s Quest fans, or whatever). When WP demanded their money back, TOG said that even though they’d produced almost nothing, they’d spent about 1/3 of it. Eventually, they reached a settlement where-by they got the remaining 2/3 back and didn’t sue TOG or yell about how they’d stolen the money (which is presumably why they asked the original post to be taken down). So at that point they had been delayed for 2 years (including the infamous halting of the comic this was all based on) and had to start over with 2/3 of the development money.

        Also, FWIW, the kickstarter campaign was extremely merchandise-driven, so a huge part of the total had to go to producing and shipping the merchandise, which was what a lot of people backed for (plushes, shirts, lunchboxes full of stickers, decks of cards both playing and tarot). So even if that hadn’t gone so spectacularly badly, they were never going to produce a $2.4m game.

      • Author X says:

        Ah, right, since you did ask for a link, I did find a copy of the post on neogaf, and the current site for the game is at link to – the news section is sparse but there’s a lot of assets that show a lot of progress has been made since moving development, not just a handful of concept art like they had before.

  3. Infinitron says:

    I think they’re in trouble.

    • Charos says:

      I have my doubts, the game is listed as having consistently “very positive” reviews from both the user base and reviewers on Steam…that isn’t to say there isn’t issues people have, people were relatively unhappy with chapter 2 simply due to it being significantly shorter than the first for example, but barring a few negative reviews (for example the one given for chapter 1 here), the game is largely accepted as a quirky, fun throwback to the oldschool adventure game era. *shrug* it’s possible of course, but from everything I’ve seen the game has already well passed the mark for everyone involved to be recompensed for their time and effort…what is MORE likely given what I’ve seen is that they simply figure “hey, everyone who has a season pass has played episode 1 by now, and if we use that as a demo for the later chapters we can likely sell more copies”…in which case they’re likely right. I have yet to play the third chapter yet (just haven’t had time with work and all) but the first was great fun, particularly for those of us old enough to remember playing the older games when they were relatively new…the second could have been longer, but barring the length the game itself was pretty comparably fun.

      Check out the community hub and store page on steam, you can get a pretty solid rundown of all the positives and negatives on those… :)