Motorsport Manager Coming To PC With Sega

Sega are expanding their line of sports management games beyond ice hockey, kickyball, and Waaagh! to include racecars too. Today Sega announced Motorsport Manager, a PC spin-off from the pocket telephone game of the same name by Playsport Games. Honestly, I do question defining this as sport, considering that the cars have to do all the running – the so-called ‘sportsplayer’ just sits on the car’s back to stroke its antenna and whisper encouraging words if it starts to panic.

Motorsport Manager will cast players as the boss of a racecar team, having them hire drivers, come up with race tactics, breed their own cars using technology, and all that. Here, I’ll turn you over to Sega for a chunk of words:

“Experience the persistent world of motorsport in Motorsport Manager, populated by an ever-shifting variety of teams, drivers, engineers and mechanics to be hired, fired and competed against on your way to motorsport immortality. Design and build your car from scratch during pre-season with highly detailed design options that give you the freedom to produce components tailored to specific race conditions and then hone their stats in your factory for optimum performance. Change the infrastructure of the sport itself and vote on rule changes year-to-year that will see you give your team the edge they’ll need for success. See your hard work unfold in the beautifully realised 3D race engine in a fully immersive race weekend taking you through practice, expanded qualification and full length races and make the split second decisions needed to ensure your drivers see the chequered flag first. “

Motorsport Manager is due in September for Windows, Mac, and Linux. Sega say that Playsport “have built an all new Motorsport Manager experience from the ground up” and yup, this looks like an interface designed with PCs in mind:


  1. BillyBantam says:

    Looking forward to this release. One of my favourite games on Android and has been for some time. Hopefully will have a lot more depth on PC.

    • DrollRemark says:

      Yes, I absolutely loved this on Android (although it was a tad easy), so very much looking forward to this one.

  2. Synesthesia says:

    Whoever edited that needs to be thrown off a cliff.

    • bit.bat says:

      All I wanted to see was the little cars racing around and instead I got a headache.

    • Leozaur says:

      +1, though it’s common trend in game trailers… I just don’t buy anything that advertises like this until I see actual gameplay on youtube/twitch.

  3. mineshaft says:

    I have been waiting my whole life for this day.

    Is bicycle racing not a sport? The bike is doing a lot of the work.

    Hockey isn’t much of a sport either, I notice the skates reducing the coefficient of friction; also, using a stick to augment your God-given ball-hitting abilities is an abomination.

    How do you define sport, anyway?

    Bring it on, RPS. I’ve been practicing for years…

    • Sheng-ji says:

      Was the comment not because you manage a sports team rather than participate in said sports?

      • mineshaft says:

        I believe Alice was referring to motorized racing not being a sport because of the peripheral role of the driver in accelerating to race speeds, but… would having an official coach make something not a sport?

    • Alice O'Connor says:

      I say: why not have bicycle races without people sitting on them? That’ll determine which bike is the best at sports. I realise humans are better at reading maps, but that makes it part of the challenge for bicycles.

    • InspectorBean says:

      I would say that a sport is defined as being in competition with another being where your competitor’s performance directly affects your preformance. ie racing a car against someone would be a sport as you can block, get boxed in, ram. Racing in a time trial would not be a sport, I would call it a competition as your competitors cannot directly influence you.

      What’s your take?

      • mineshaft says:

        Do you feel that chess is a sport? I believe it satisfies your definition.

        To speed things up, I will offer this checklist, which with many qualifications, is how I tell if something is a sport or not:

        1. A field of play
        2. A score
        3. A referee

      • mineshaft says:

        Also, on your definition, things that are also not sports:

        High jump (which, on a scale from not sport to sport, I consider extremely sporty), and many other Olympic events



        Significant portions of the Tour de France

        Competitive fishing


        In short, wherever there is parallel play.

    • grimdanfango says:

      Even if you take the most superficial definition of sport as requireing physical exertion – I’d challenge you to try even 10 minutes in a row of an average karting circuit and still consider it not a sport by the end. I was rather thankful I was in a 6-man tag-team that day, as I really needed those 50 minutes to recover before my next stint!
      I don’t even like to imagine the strength and endurance required to survive an entire full-length F1 race!
      Consider then that back in the day, commentators would remark on the fact that Schumacher would emerge from the car and his fire-proof overalls at the end of a 2-hour race, even in 30+degree heat without a bead of sweat on him. I don’t imagine there’s many foot-to-ballers could pull that off.

      • mineshaft says:

        Yes, and if I was unclear, I do like racing as a sport (clearly, if I like cars that drive themselves as a sport, I am happy to include NASCAR with its meatware).

        Exertion raises these interesting questions about League or Dota or Starcraft: there’s a lot of physical action on the keyboard and they are strenuous events in a seated position. In VR playing Forza with a force feedback wheel, the mental experience would be fairly similar to racing (although less physically stressful). You could get even closer with a moving arcade machine and haptics, and so on.

        Are PC games sports?

        • identiti_crisis says:

          You can very well make a sport of a PC game – of any game. Computer games are just an extension of our long preoccupation with arbitrary self-imposed challenge and “competition” within the limits that provide that challenge, surely?

          If football is a sport, is a kickabout in the park with mates “sport”?

          As for driving sims, I think iRacing does a good job of making a sport out of it. But people organise leagues and things in other sims, too, it’s just they have to put the effort in instead of the game being set up to cater to it by default. Racing is racing. :)

          I’m sure someone could make a sport out of sports management; or is that technically redundant?

          • mineshaft says:

            I am OK with defining sports broadly, but I’m also interested in capturing intuitions. The field of play in a game is kind of in your noggin, not actually a physical place. To me, that is a worthwhile distinction from classic sports. Calling PC games that would otherwise qualify as e-sports works for me.

            Of course there are edge cases like Johann Sebastian Joust (yeah a sport to me).

            For me, playing with your mates in the park vs sporting boils down to whether you follow rules and keep score. If you do, I would call it a sport. The context is sufficient.

            Yes! The time for an e-sports manager tycoon game has come. Get endorsements, rent a house, maintain training regimen, buy trackballs…

  4. Flatley says:

    Probably wise not to instigate these “what is a sport” conversations on a gaming website, of all places.

    • Bullfrog says:

      My petrolhead hackles rose a little but the tone of the article is so obviously tongue in cheek (and Alice is so lovely) that it seems equally silly to start picking at its logic.

    • grimdanfango says:

      Alice is a geek trollmaster.

  5. TeePee says:

    Argh, I’ve been waiting for a decent follow-up to Grand Prix Manager 2 for freaking YEARS.

  6. Wilco1985 says:

    I was just about to ask if anyone remembers that game. Grand Prix Manager 2 was awesome back in the day. I never managed to keep my drivers for more than a couple of seasons though. After they left, it all went downhill.

    But it was the first serious management game I played and it sparked my love for the genre.

    • Philopoemen says:

      I downloaded the patch(mod?) that updated all the drivers to the currents season, and it gave me even more funsiess. (I think the last mod was of the BMW Wiliams era, so showing its age now.)

  7. GWOP says:

    “the so-called ‘sportsplayer’ just sits on the car’s back to stroke its antenna and whisper encouraging words if it starts to panic”

    Oh, those are not antennas they are stroking

  8. Hobbes says:

    It’s good on mobile, but I’ll emphasize this. It’s a mobile game, and there’s a lot of work needed to make this go from being a good mobile game to being a good PC game. If it’s a straight port it’ll get eaten alive (because as good as it is on mobile, it’s not terribly deep). The foundations for an excellent GP management game are there, and make no mistake, if the dev(s) take what’s currently there and “scale up” accordingly, they could have a real winner on their hands, but this can’t just be one of those ports where they go “We’ll make it viable for 1080p and charge four times the price, yep!”

  9. iainl says:

    This is relevant to my interests.

    Re: what is and is not a sport, it’s pretty clear. I hate sports. I don’t hate motor racing. Therefore, it’s not a sport.

    The only slightly contentious part of this is that cricket isn’t a sport either, by the same logic.

  10. spacedyemeerkat says:

    As a very rough rule of thumb, if it can be performed with physical exertion in flip-flops… it ain’t a sport :)

    • DrollRemark says:

      That’s because cricket is a way of life.

      • spacedyemeerkat says:

        Ah, but you couldn’t run in and bowl properly while wearing flip-flops. Unless you’re a very slow spinner. Hmmm!

        • lglethal says:

          You’ve obviously never played back yard cricket! Flip Flops, stubby in one hand, auto wickie, and one hand-one bounce rules are all mandatory! And its still the sport of champions!!! ;)

  11. iainl says:

    Of course there isn’t a person reading this thread whose neck would cope with two hours of pulling 5G at the end of every straight and 3.5 round the bends.

    • xyzzy frobozz says:


      As someone who has played a lot of sport, I have found motorsport to be possibly the most physically demanding.

      It’s a weights and cardio session all in one, and one that requires the most intense concentration.