Space Zombies And Pirates 2 Infects Steam Early Access

The Man will tell you the universe is vast but, from what I’ve seen, a jet can fly across it all in twelve hours. Now that Space Pirates And Zombies 2 [official site] has launched on Steam Early Access you can even have a whole galaxy of 200 autonomous captains squeezed down inside your very own computer. Heck, you can even use technology to interact with these miniature spacemen, building your own mothership to jaunt around space, scavenging for supplies, forming and breaking alliances, and zapping the heck out of other captains. The first game was far more interesting than its awful name might suggest, so this is likely worth forgiving for that too.

So there you are, with the spacezombie epidemic mostly defeated at the cost of civilisation as you know it, just trying to get by. You get to build and redesign your mothershop in a Captain Forever-y snap-together way, then set out into the stars, trying to get by in the way that folks tend to in space games. Oh, and all 200 of the unique AI captains have the same capabilities as you, building bases and forming factions and duffing each other up, so who knows what’ll be going on outside your sphere of influence? Not me. I don’t even know how developers MinMax Games fit 200 people into my PC. Or why it started wonking out after I poured a can of juice in for them.

SPAZ 2 (yeah, I know) is £13.49 on Steam Early Access, including a small launch discount right now. MinMax have already been working on SPAZ 2 for over three years, and plan to have it in Early Access for another 6-12 months while they tweak and optimise things, as well as add multiplayer, voice acting, and maybe Mac and Linux versions. Here’s the launch trailer:

Or, if you’re really interested, this here recent video shows 50 minutes of gameplay:


  1. Monggerel says:

    Slavery has never been more fun!

  2. rondertaker says:

    i was pleasantly surprised by how much i enjoyed the first one. didn’t quite reach the glory of star control 2, but it certainly captured a lot of what made it great, and the huge variety of ship loadouts and customizations were fun to mess around with. the engine was clearly struggling to keep up with the game at times though. very interesting to see what they’ve done with the sequel.

  3. Syrion says:

    The first one was so surprisingly fun, given that it is for a large part not very directed and rather grindy. But the core mechanics in the procedurally generated system works so well that it is a real time-sucker.

    I’m curious to find out how much they’ve changed the formula and if it will be as addicting again. I actually hope that it is not as lengthy, I just don’t have the time anymore. Besides, I’ll have to wait for full release, anyway, Early Access just isn’t for me, at all.

  4. Tacroy says:

    The acronym isn’t nearly as offensive in the USA, where the developer is based.

    I guess this is the same situation as Avatar: The Last Airbender – there’s just benders everywhere, bending every which way. It’s not as hilarious in US English.

    • Dare_Wreck says:

      Minmax Games is based in Canada, not the U.S. But same story there – “spaz” isn’t an offensive word there either.

    • Kitsunin says:

      What is funny about The Last Airbender? Because of “bender” like a drinking spree? Or “The last” sounds more like it should mean “the last one in a lineup” rather than “the only one left”?

      At any rate, yeah, spaz means “uncool, goofy, or hyperactive person” in North America. Historically, it has been completely separated from its origin of “spastic paralysis” and in fact, the American “spaz”‘s adjective form is “spazzy” instead.

  5. 1Derby says:

    First comment sums up my feelings pretty well. I loved Star Control and long for the belly laughs and great gameplay of that game.
    Admittedly, I got a lot more mileage out of Space Rangers than SPAZ, but this could be really fun. I am looking forward to the finished product.

    • 1Derby says:

      Err, second comment. The Star Control reference, not the slavery one!

  6. Ksempac says:

    I’m not getting anywhere near that game unless i see several glowing reviews of it.

    The first SPAZ was a grindfest on a cosmic level, with the third phase of the game being twice as long as the rest of the game, and consisting only of grinding until you reached enough ressources/XP to unlock the fourth phase.

    Moreover, the zombie mechanic was a PITA, forcing a dumb level of micromanagement of your fleet. If you didn’t notice right away one of your ship had a zombie inside, it would get taken over in the blink of an eye. That combined with potentially failed fights meant that you would sometimes thrown back to a single ship, which meant even more grinding to get back on your feet and start grinding again.

    Finally the barebone story was clearly not the saving grace of that game.

    • Jay Load says:

      Kind of agree. SPAZ1 was an enormous grindfest, of the kind I notice they don’t put into their trailers. And I’m not the biggest fan of Early Access either. I miss complete games. :(

      BUT. That trailer did look great, and the switch to 3D makes it much more appealing in my eyes.

      Will wait for reviews.