League Of Legends To Let You End 4v5 Pain With /remake

Riot is going to be testing a /remake tool in League of Legends’ [official site] which will let players end a game where someone on their team has abandoned/disconnected/gone AFK without getting penalised.

The system aims to avoid situations where you end up playing through a 4v5 scenario feeling sad and hard done by, railing against the injustices of a cruel universe and the vagaries of other people and… wait, where was I? Ah, yes. The aim is to roll out the system globally after a round of testing during patch 6.11.

How will this work then?

Well, obviously the testing might lead to changes but here’s the basic idea:

If a player is disconnected from the game or flagged as away from the keyboard for at least 90 seconds by the three minute mark of the game AND there has been no first blood, the rest of the players on that team get a chat message prompt letting them know that they are now able to use /remake.

What this means is that they can type “/remake” into chat. If at least two of the four remaining players do so the game ends. The players still in the game get to act as if the whole thing never happened and get neither penalties nor bonuses. It also doesn’t alter their win/loss record.

The player who was disconnected or AFK takes full League Point losses (LP are part of the ranking and matchmaking systems in LoL) or drops a promo game (the best-of games which you need to win to move between different divisions in ranked play) as well as being flagged by the LeaverBuster system (that’s the thing which can drop you into low priority queue for abandoning matches).

For really high ranked play – Diamond V and above – being on a team with the person who disconnects/is AFK will mean you also get the loss.

The system will be available in all normal and ranked queues for Summoner’s Rift (that’s the 5v5 map you’ll see in competitive play) and Twisted Treeline (that’s the 3v3). There are a bunch of FAQ explanations on the official post that go a bit further into specific scenarios, although I’m not entirely sure how many players need to /remake when you’re in 3v3. I’m guessing only one of you as the post mentions you need agreement from 30% or more of the players to end a game.

If all goes well when they test the system in North America you can expect it to roll out globally soon afterwards.

Pip’s Verdict: It’s nice and all, but what was wrong with my suggestion of a Riot employee turning up at the leaver’s house and playing this on repeat?


  1. Xocrates says:

    Pretty sure Pip’s suggestion falls under cruel and unusual punishment and is therefore banned by the UN.

    • Benratha says:

      Probably depends on (a) If they sing along, and (b) how good a singing voice they have? Anyway, maybe “Hold the Line” (Toto?) could work too?

  2. Freud says:

    They could just play Starting All Over Again by Mel and Tim with the new system.

    Starting all over again is gonna be rough, so rough
    But we gonna make it, oh yeah
    Starting all over as friends is gonna be tough, on us
    But we gotta face it

  3. mrskwid says:

    I don’t know about LOL (I play DOTA) but i have never had someone go AFK in the first three minuets or before the first blood.
    would’t it be better if you could remake end the game anytime after someone leaves?

    • Xocrates says:

      Riot has been pretty clear in the past that they don’t want a remake option when the game has been going for a while because it would cause people to be pressured to leave when the game starts going poorly.

      The current system works more to compensate for when people fail to connect, which happens reasonably frequently.