Warlords Of Draenor Now Part Of World Of Warcraft Base Game

Warlords of Draenor is now part of the base World of Warcraft [official site] game, meaning it’s included when you buy WoW so no need to pay extra for the expansion.

This basically brings your account up to date with WoW’s story so far/current state in preparation for the upcoming sixth expansion, Legion. It might also be a move to stop people thinking “well, I’m an expansion or so behind so I’m less likely to pick up the new one”. Anyway, if you’re not sure what a Warlord of Draenor is or whether we liked it, we have a Wot I Think about the expansion from when it launched.

This move was confirmed by a customer support rep via Reddit, although there’s a bit of kerfuffle about the removal of Warlords of Draenor from sale because it means you can no longer redeem registration codes for copies of the expansion bought but not activated through Battle.net yet. This isn’t a problem in terms of access to the content of the expansion, but it does mean some players are worried about what that means for the level 90 character boost which was included as part of said expansion.

A Blizzard customer support employee advises players in that situation to get in touch via the game key problem option of customer support. If you activated the key but haven’t used the boost it should still be in your account.

It’s interesting that there seems to have been so little messaging around the actual switch from a paid expansion to being part of the base game, though. I’m reading around it and the information seems to have come through in dribs and drabs. For example there’s a forum poster saying staff in their local retail store said they’d been asked to send copies of the Warlords of Draenor expansion back and the expansion would be free, but when they followed up with a game moderator they didn’t know about it. There’s not an enormous gnashing of teeth or anything, it just seems like the switchover has been lacking a little in clarity.


  1. SaintAn says:

    They really screwed over the people that bought that xpac. No apologies, discounts on the next xpac or even free items from the cash shop. Completely disrespectful. Less than half way through the xpac they canceled it and put all their resources into the next $60 xpac even though millions of people paid full price for this. Seems like something that should be illegal.

    • jamesgecko says:

      WoD has been heavily discounted on a regular basis for several months, and the level 90 character boost that came with WoD is worth like $60 on it’s own.

      I bought the expansion recently, and I pretty much just paid for $8 for a $60 level boost. I’m OK with this.

  2. BillyBumbler says:

    You guys are forgetting about the Warcraft movie promotion where movie tickets can be redeemed for a free copy of WoW. It’s probably why they included WoD, and Legion expansion is only 3 months away. They’re trying to get as many new players hooked on WoW during this time.

    I believe a month ago, they upgraded some people’s accounts to WoD with a level 90 booster included for a limited time offer.

    • nearly says:

      They actually got me on this promo a week ago. I saw a few people on my friends list that I suspect also got hit with the “7 free days, free WoD and level boost!” promo at the time.

      There’s actually been very little communication about what promos are going on when, which seems very strange. Usually there’s a link right on the website when they have those “re-subscribe to get free stuff!” promos, etc. They are apparently doing in-game transmog items for people based on movie designs, as well as giving away the base game (now including WoD) at some theater chains, and apparently even giving away game time though I’ve only heard that’s happening with limited theaters in France.

      I’m honestly a little surprised they’re giving away anything, considering that wellspring of generosity tends to dry up real fast with Blizzard. Not all that surprised with the whole free WoD thiing, as they’ve been bundling in past expansions for a while now. I think this just happens to be the first time they’ve done it while one was still live. I have to wonder if they expect to see an uptick in subscriptions leading into the expansion–I usually like to resubscribe before new expansions drop, just because it tends to be a very fun and exciting point in the game’s life for someone who definitely doesn’t have the interest to maintain a sub year round, but I have no idea how common that is. Still, it makes sense that they want people caught up and jumping straight into the new content, hence the recent turn toward including level boosts with expansions.

      • BillyBumbler says:

        It’s all about marketing synergy with the movie. Blizzard has always been good about cross promotions especially with their other games. I picked up Overwatch for all the cross promo items they included. They also included 10 free Hearthstone card packs in their C’Thun expansion.

  3. Merus says:

    I’m sort of excited that there’s all this content that’s part of the base game I could play, and then I remember that it’s still World of Warcraft and I would be playing on my own and paying monthly for the privilege.

    • PreyTheSun says:

      Merus, I understand there’s plenty of Solo content to go around from lvls 1 to 90, but at the very same time, there’s even more to be played with your friends and other people. I don’t see the problem. There’s more than enough content to justify the $16.28 a month and then some. It’s better than paying $59.99+tax for a single player game on a console you’ll only play once.

  4. sparrowstorm says:

    I’m not gonna go into the merit of WoD as an expansion, since I found it lacking, despite enjoying the levelling a lot. However, are people really surprised of pissed about this? Buying the expansion means you get the boost and get to play it during its lifetime, then Blizzard moves on.

    It is not a good marketing strategy if you want to get more players hooked to require them to buy 5 $30 games + a full price expansion, as well as paying a subscription fee. I’ve had many friends express interest in playing WoW because they never did, but couldn’t be bothered to drop $100+ to get the full suite of content, and then also pay the subscription.

    It happened with TBC, WotLK, Cataclysm, even MoP. It was bound to happen with WoD, too.

    • nearly says:

      I wasn’t particularly surprised when they switched WoW to their Battlechest model, but I was a little surprised that a number of people were surprised and outraged. I paid full price for everything up to the point where they started giving them away for free (through Cataclysm, I think? although I had stopped playing by then and I think I ended up getting that for free when it was added to the Battlechest).

      It doesn’t make sense for them to require you to buy all the past expansions. Hell, there have been times when I probably would have bought a new expansion if it would have included a month of game time, though I’d guess that one wouldn’t help them maximize profits the way making players pay for both would. It’d be interesting to see where the line is for pay-off on that being more profitable but I guess some part of that equation would depend on them putting out an expansion with real staying power.

  5. kael13 says:

    With so many free or nearly free games available to play these days, it’s harder than ever to justify that subscription fee for something I’d only occasionally dip into. The level 20 f2p character restriction is too limiting to really get a feel for any of the classes. I do own all the expansions but usually quit a couple of weeks after hitting the cap. It just sure would be nice if Blizzard’s model was the same as SWTOR.

  6. tonicer says:

    I wish they’d go f2p with WoW maybe exclude the raids and the pvp from the f2p game. (I never cared for those parts of the game but the rest is nice)