Techland Making 2 New Games, Maybe Dying Light 2

Dying Light seemed to pass by all of my friends and me too, but its first-person zombie parkour has been a big success for developers Techland. Now the studio are working on two new games, one of which seems likely to be Dying Light 2.

Eurogamer report that studio CEO Paweł Marchewka talked about the studio’s projects at the Digital Dragons conference in Poland.

One of the games will be entirely new. It’s an open-world fantasy game with RPG elements. “Maybe [an RPG] in a slightly bigger sense than Dying Light… [but] it’s RPG elements than RPG game.” Eurogamer also mention that the game will have co-op multiplayer alongside its singleplayer mode, just like Techland’s Dying Light and Dead Island.

This game could well be a revival of Hellraid, the Souls-inspired hack-and-slash that Techland put “on hold” for failing to meet their standards in May of last year. At the time it looked decent to these eyes but seemed to lack any strong central premise.

The other game is being developed by the same Wrocław studio responsible for Dying Light and there was no direct details about the game. However, it seems Marchewka gave a strong hint in response to another question. When asked about the possibility of making a completely new Dead Island game, he responded “No. We had a talk about it but I think Dying Light and Dying Light 2 would be games which are…”. PR manager Anna Lada-Grodzicka finished the thought: “The Dying Light brand is more important for us.”

I say none of my friends seemed to notice Dying Light. Our own Adam definitely didn’t give it a highly favourable review. He definitely hasn’t spent the last last year extolling the virtues of its floor-is-lava approach to zombie fleeing in private to me, hailing it as a sort of forgotten gem. I should play it.


  1. Neurotic says:

    Heh. ‘Marchewka’ is Polish for ‘carrot’.

  2. Stevostin says:

    Dying Light is on my top 5 list for the last 5 years. Important game. Too bad you guy missed it.

    • Stevostin says:

      (I know you gave it good review, I just mean that it didn’t reflect how much I liked the game myself. AKA a lot).

      • Zanchito says:

        I went into Dying Light expecting some smelly turd, and I gotta say it’s certainly one of the most enjoyable games I’ve played in a while. Still have to play the expansion, I’m waiting for a sale while working through my backlog.

        • Smoof says:

          Dying Light is fun (even bought the expansion), but I’ve had a difficult time making progress in it due to the atrocious and incessant voice acting and story drivel.

          Crane is a twat and I have no desire to hear his or anyone else’s story in the game, it all just feels so forced. I wish I could cut out all the story shit and just play the game.

          • Stevostin says:

            Crane isn’t the best gaming character but he’s far above average in my book. I am taking him any time over the Jensen dude from DE:HR, or any Ubisoft character etc.

    • Buggery says:

      It’s a game so wonderful in its completeness that I (and many others) are completely capable of glossing over all the things it does wrong because of how much it does so absolutely right. There are bad things, sure, but the sense of fluid control and the ease with which you can achieve amazing acrobatic feats easily puts it up there as one of the better games ever made.

  3. Veav says:

    Man, I hope it’s Hellraid. There aren’t enough Dark Messiah-esque games out there.

    • Eight Rooks says:

      Unless it’s some extremely convoluted PR double-speak, the article Graham linked explicitly says the fantasy game has nothing to do with Hellraid. (Clearly he hasn’t learnt how to multi-task writing news articles and fulfilling baby’s every demand just yet.)

      • Darth Gangrel says:

        While “open-world fantasy game with RPG elements” sounds good to me, like Veav said, there are too few Dark Messiah-esque games out there.

        I really enjoyed the melee in Shadow Warrior, but the game still isn’t anywhere near as fun or replayable as Dark Messiah.

  4. Kowie says:

    Awesome game including its recently released dlc. I hope their dying light sequel doesn’t have so many over powered skills + provides a more challenging experience though out the game.

    Also i hope it has a better loot system that makes you really feel like your scavenging, as convenient as it was i really didn’t like how items re-spawned in so quickly it felt cheap in dead island and still does to this day.

  5. Paul says:

    As far as I can tell it is the best zombie game I have ever played, yes better than Resident Evil 4. The gameplay just doesn’t get old, the world is gorgeous and atmosphere if almost STALKER-like in places. 120 hours across two playthroughs, so good. And the expansion was great too. Polish devs know their craft.

  6. Flamepreacher says:

    Thoroughly enjoyed Dying Light as co-op experience right up till the final mission forced you into solo mode for some reason, never did finish it.

  7. engion3 says:

    I also skipped dying light as it looked rather bland, but picked up the complete edition version a few months ago and sunk about 60 hours into it. Pretty fun.

  8. KastaRules says:

    I absolutely LOVE Dying Light! Especially after The Following DLC.

    It’s a fresh masterpiece in the Zombie genre.