Hitman’s Second Elusive Target Coming Next Friday

Hitman [official site] recently introduced ‘Elusive Targets’, people with contracts on their heads who’ll only appear in the game for a short period of actual real time before vanishing forever, and who will also vanish if you fluff the assassination. Alex Spencer flipping loved the tension that brought, but I saw a fair few people note they didn’t even know it was coming. Well then! Consider this one week’s notice that the second Elusive Target will be strolling around sunny Sapienza next Friday. He’s a Congressman.

Only 53% of attempts last time were successful, you know.

The deal with Elusive Targets is that they’re one-off opportunities. They’re hidden somewhere in the level, not appearing on the minimap or showing on Instinct, so first you’ll need to find them. If you die, they’ll be gone forever. If you miss the narrow window opportunity of real time (the first was 48 hours), you’ll never see them again. And if you do whack them, you can’t re-do their hits later either. They are one-offs. Which got Alex proper amped:

“The sense of release I feel as I stroll out through one of the level’s many exits is a remarkable thing. It’s a sensation I’ve only experienced very rarely in my two decades of playing games, and mostly in the final seconds of the very tightest multiplayer games against friends.”

A new Hitman blog post has statistics from all the attempted hits on the art forger Sergei Larin, and… barely half were successful. And only 9.9% offed him with a Silent Assassin rating.

The post also has word on a new Escalation Contract added this week, and some thoughts on future plans:

“We were inundated with feedback about all aspects of the Elusive Targets and we’re still digesting that and having discussions internally about what, if anything, we might want to change, tweak or adjust in the future. There will be more Elusive Targets coming, they are just as integral to our live content as Escalations have been in recent weeks. Expect a more even balance between the two modes going forward.”

How did your crack at Sergei go? Did you even know he was around?


  1. goon buggy says:

    53% of how many? 1kish?
    Not that many people even bother to play the game by the looks of stats.
    Just sounds like a trashy phone game daily quest. Not hard to put together and more or less junk.

    • RaoulDuke says:

      In Hitman the elusive contracts are very nicely integrated into the maps, they arent just new content awkwardly sitting on top of the map, they create lots of unique models to support the characters existence on the map, and that stuff was already in Paris before the elusive contract was added, I’m sure that stuff takes time and costs money, this isn’t some quick “bonus” dlc for money, its free.

      • epeternally says:

        Free on the condition that you buy their game before its finished.

      • BatmanBaggins says:

        To add to that, it even included original voice recordings of both the mission briefing and in-game character banter, which was more than I was expecting.

    • gunner1905 says:

      Did you play it?

    • Jediben says:

      And the award for passing judgement with no first hand experience goes to…

  2. RaoulDuke says:

    I’ve put over 50 hours into Hitman, just about to finish the final escalation contract, done all challenges, ass’s, feats, etc. I know most if not all of the events that happen on the map and even how the scripting works for most NPCs in advance, this isn’t a brag, the game becomes exponentially more interesting the more you know, eg, oh now I know how to that all fits together… WAIT! I can do something much better than that if I just lure this woman here…

    So, when it came out on Friday I wasnt quite where I am now in completion [Mostly Vampire Magician challenges left, which are so great, love the guard reaction to the costume, although “For My Next Trick” wasnt very fun its a small bump in the 95/100 challenge road] but my map knowledge was 99%, and I certainly knew where the guy would be based on the rooms filled with easels and pictures of paintings but I wanted to have *more* knowledge of the map so I said, “I’ll do it on sunday”, then when sunday rolled around I looked at my watch, said “eff! Its 5:15, I only have 45 mins left! Little did I know I had -15 minutes left :( :( :(

    TL;DR – Hitman is *the* shit, but my time-keeping is *shit*.

  3. amcathlan says:

    Spent longer than I meant to trying to find him, arrived (slightly pumped up) dressed as a server, found him in his study. Was considering options when he announced he was going to mingle (and I hate those pesky crowds, so inflexible), panicked, grabbed golf club by accident, his bodyguard made mewling complaints, wacked both over the head with said nine iron. Thought “Eh, that works”, snapped neck and exited stage helicopter.
    First time I had fun in Paris.

    • Rinox says:

      Begs the question: what sort of terrible things happened to you in your previous visits to Paris?

      Oh, and congrats on your hit. Sounds like it was fun. :-)

  4. Jediben says:

    Killed him on first attempt but spent 30 minutes trying to find him. In the end I resorted to systematically purging the building of life. I cleansed the basement of all occupants and then the first floor. I was working over the attic space when I found him gibbering over the deceased body of a guard. Silenced silver baller to the back of the head.

    0 points :(

  5. Llewyn says:

    By ‘eck, it’s Geoffrey Boycott!

    • caff says:

      Could have hit that with a stick of rhubarb!

      That was my first thought too ;)

  6. iucounu says:

    It’s worth pointing out that you can just restart the level as soon as your cover is blown and people start shooting at you. As long as you restart before you get killed, you can just retry it.

    In the case of the first one, I bumped into him almost immediately and then had a few restarts where I worked out how best to distract the two guys in the area where he starts. In the end I completed it in about 4:30, though, so it was a bit anticlimactic, if exciting.

    I think these Elusive Targets need to be a little bit more involved, so that restarts aren’t quite so cheap, or that you’re limited to say, one restart per target.

  7. doorgunner says:

    I would really LOVE to trade this time limit bull… against the fact that You can restart the mission. ! attempt onyl means for me: no restarts! But everybody should be able to get this very one try. I am still so angry and f… frustrated to let that first customer pass forever. I played all Hitman games, I loved them all. This is the first and only thing that kills my joy – missing targets by such a non-sense limitation of 48hrs. PLEASE do change this and maybe even make the passed missions re-available for one try for everybody. Please!!!

    • Llewyn says:

      I would be very surprised if you don’t get at least one more shot at him in future. Judging by other comments they’ve made the effort to record specific dialogue for these missions, which doesn’t imply they’ll be used once and then discarded.

      The dynamic content is being used to generate publicity and attract buyers, and in theory making more money allows them to justify making more content. So ultimately it ought to turn out as a win all around, even though it doesn’t feel like it in the short term.

  8. jonahcutter says:

    I missed the first one because I was thinking the 48 hours would run throughout the weekend. In truth, it started Friday morning apparently. So, being busy I intended to take a stab at it (hur hur) Sunday afternoon. Of course, it had ended Sunday morning sometime.

    My own fault for assuming. But it is a bit aggravating that it ceases to become available early Sunday sometime, and not be available until the end of the last day of the weekend.

  9. Cross says:

    I am one of those ten percent. Spent a long time tracking Larin, but i ended up getting Silent Assassin on him, Piano style.

  10. DanMan says:

    These online campaigns might just be the best idea they ever had. Intriguing, and that’s coming from someone who doesn’t even like Hitman. Feels more authentic, like you’re actually a gun for hire.

  11. Rinox says:

    I didn’t consider picking up the new Hitman game until it was complete and up for sale…but these elusive targets are really making my pianwires itch. Vibrate?

    Also seems like the Hitman format (well-defined missions) could lend itself surprisingly well for an episodic format. Can anyone confirm or dismiss this notion?

    • Mr.Bats says:

      It lends itself perfectly. I’ve played both levels and I feel this game is going to be stupendous. As many flaws it may have, IO’s heart is right and it shows. Don’t let the haters disencourage you. You truly don’t lose anything by buying the 1st part or 1st and second. That’s what I did and I’m itching for the 3rd to come along.

      • Rinox says:

        Cool thanks! Seriously considering dropping some money on the first episode now.

        I’m assuming it will be cheaper (in the long run) if I buy all 7 episodes at once, as opposed to buying them all separately?

  12. Jediben says:

    I think they could even make a multiplayer versus mode from elusive targets in a future iteration of the game. 2 assassin’s given the same target, lethal force from both sides. Random appearance for player models.

    • Mr.Bats says:

      It lends itself perfectly. I’ve played both levels and I feel this game is going to be stupendous. As many flaws it may have, IO’s heart is right and it shows. Don’t let the haters disencourage you. You truly don’t lose anything by buying the 1st part or 1st and second. That’s what I did and I’m itching for the 3rd to come along.

  13. KenTWOu says: