When Does Overwatch Launch In Your Region?

Overwatch is the first new Blizzard world since StarCraft eighteen years ago. Though in that time I suspect what you think of when you think “Blizzard” has changed around eighteen times. Now I think it means ‘polished, colourful multiplayer games based around the careful learning of data’, and Overwatch will cement that when it’s released next Tuesday.

Want to know when exactly it’ll be released in your region? Read on.

Just like the open beta from earlier this month, Overwatch will launch worldwide simultaneously, meaning you and all your international chums can play together from the off.

Overwatch will launch at 4pm PT on Monday May 23rd, which is 7pm ET, 12am BST/CET on Tuesday.

If you’re anything like me, the times ticking over into a new day make this slightly confusing. To help, Blizzard have made this image which outlines the worldwide schedule:

You can find more detail in this blog post on the Overwatch site.

We won’t be getting pre-release review code for Overwatch, which is a shame although we’d want to play it some post-release anyway to see how it shakes out in real conditions. We have had a lot of opportunities to play it during beta however, stretching back to last November.


  1. SonofSeth says:

    Playing some CS GO in a futile attempt to make the time go faster. Why must you keep me waiting this long Overwatch? I dream of Tracer and D.Va and Genji…


    • Winstons says:

      Same, been running around Operation Locker in BF4 with a shotgun to try and keep my aiming skills sharp, but it’s not quite the same!

      • Jane Doe says:

        I tried Doom, but its so bland and dull in MP. Can’t wait either.

  2. Carra says:

    I was pleasantly surprised by how stable the servers were during the open beta, I expected all kinds of performance problems. If they can keep it up during launch that’ll be great.

  3. qeloqoo says:

    “When Does Overwatch Launch In Your Region?”
    Question is: who cares?

    • shaydeeadi says:

      Playing the beta. I felt it was polished to a fantastic sheen, but oh so unremarkable.

    • Perjoss says:

      These comments always make me laugh. You cared enough to not only click on the news but also comment :D

      • qeloqoo says:

        I can multitask while eating brunch, you know. Besides I would expect something more impactful from Blizzard after 18 years than wiggly tits’n’asses with cartoony pew pew. So yeah, who cares if they waste potential on bland IP, will earn them golden mountains anyway.

        • GHudston says:

          You can multitask while eating brunch, but why would you opt to do it by reading and commenting on an article whose subject matter you don’t care about. There’s a lot more internet out there for you to multitask with.

          In answer to your question: Lots of people, obviously.

          • qeloqoo says:

            Obviously to attract fanbois to swoop on my comment trying to find flaw in it, me or how I spend my time ;)

          • Perjoss says:

            “Obviously to attract fanbois to swoop on my comment trying to find flaw in it, me or how I spend my time ;)”

            So someone who points out flaws in your comments is automatically some kind of fanboy, that kind of narrow mindedness may hold you back in life.

          • GHudston says:

            I’m hardly a fanboy. I played about 4 games during beta and thought it was just ok. I’m just poking holes in your mistaken belief that your opinions are objectively correct and represent the be all and end all of what is and isn’t a good game. You can dislike whatever you want to, but your comment was just obnoxious and adds nothing to the discussion.

            Overwatch is a huge launch and has a lot of fans. It might surprise you that those people might be interested in when it launches.

          • qeloqoo says:

            @Perjoss Someone who tries to violate my freedom of speech in regards of bland game must be fanboy.

            @GHudston I can imagine Over-hyped-watch has lot of fans. This fact saddens me endlessly. I was so sad that I decided to share small part of my grief online. Alas I was jumped by rabid supporters of “Let’s make games flashy outside, but bland inside” motto.

          • Senethro says:

            heh heh heh


            good one bro

          • GHudston says:

            No one is violating your freedom of speech, we’re just exercising our own to call you out on yours. You’re free to say whatever you like, we’re free to point out how short sighted and self important it makes you seem. Which it does. A lot.

        • JohnnyMaverik says:

          “We won’t be getting pre-release review code for Overwatch”

          How would that even work… O.o

          Also very surprised to hear Europe will be getting it EARLY on Tuesday morning and everybody will in fact get the game by close of Tuesday, cuz honestly when I saw the 24th release date I just presumed Europe would get it midnight on the 24th if we were lucky. More likely early hours on the 25th due to server issues etc, etc, etc, as is typical. That being said I will buy a hat and then eat it if Overwatch is available for DL and working to us here in the UK by 1 AM on the 24th.

        • Richard Nixon says:

          Honestly, Overwatch has pretty minimal blatant T&A. Like yeah, there are a lot of skintight bodysuits, but it at least doesn’t look like they went out of their way to sexualize the girls.

    • Stevostin says:

      Certainly not me. Bland design for the kids, gun that does pew pew, huge cluttered interface, sluggish action. BTW very much the same issues that crippled HotS.

      • Morcane says:

        Sluggish? You can say a great many things about Overwatch and its derivativeness, but sluggish is just taking the piss.

        • Topperfalkon says:

          Elements of it are sluggish, when you compare to a similar game like TF2. For example, Tracer appears to have a similar base speed as the rest of the characters, whereas The Scout in TF2 has a much higher base speed

          • Foosnark says:

            Someone measured character movement speeds. Tracer and Genji do run faster than everyone else, assuming no abilities are being used.

            link to reddit.com

            Besides, the Scout can’t teleport around and jump back in time. Tracer is very hard to hit if you play her right.

        • Stevostin says:

          I started by playing Q3:
          link to youtube.com

          See? Overwatch is sluggish :)
          That being said even compared to TF2, it’s still sluggish. It takes forever to kill, guns doesn’t convey any sensation, FOV is narrow, move speed feels slow etc.

      • satan says:

        Yeah HotS looks, sounds and feels great… but underneath the slick, polished exterior there just isn’t much there.

        • GHudston says:

          I think that’s one of HotS strengths to be honest. Other MOBAs are so damn complicated that there was a gap in the market for something approachable. Making another DOTA or LoL would probably have been the death of HotS as the players who are interested in that sort of ultra deep gameplay are already firmly cemented in their MOBA of choice.

          I prefer DOTA myself, but I play HotS when I don’t want to think too much.

          • Stevostin says:

            It’s not the simplicity that’s the issue. It’s the pace. Blizzard has this idea that fights shall last long, because they bank a lot on healing. As a result there’s a need to sponge damage long enough so that heal can intervene, and then there’s a tactical gameplay about dealing with healing that becomes central.

            OTOH in a game like Dota 2 or TF2, heal helps but you can still die super quick. A charged headshot, enough pipebomb or a backstab will get rid of one fully charged Heavy. Nuker focus will get rid of a tank very fast if he gets baited, and very few heal would be able to save him.

            At first the Blizzard pace has its charm, because it’s a bit more non stop action. But it’s simply less intense. Death doesn’t come half as often, and neither do kills.

          • GHudston says:

            Agreed. I’ve found that most games boil down to both teams bouncing off each other all game until the respawn timers are sufficiently long enough to actually give one team an advantage long enough to do anything productive. It’s shallow as hell.

            Still, like I said, I think it’s a strength of sorts. I play HotS when I -want- to have a team fight for 30 minutes without thinking too hard. I’ve got DOTA for when I want to be terrible at something with more depth.

          • jamesgecko says:

            The game ya’ll are describing is one that hasn’t existed for months. The respawn timers were lengthened to prevent players from rejoining the same team fights they die in. The strength of every character at each level was changed in the same patch. As a result, assassins are currently incredibly strong; the meta is very oriented around stuns and burst damage. Blizzard has been trying to rebalance things to make tanks and healers are more relevant, but they’re not quite there yet.

            I actually kinda prefer the game HOTS used to be. Mistakes were punished less harshly, so the learning curve was gentler and it was easier to initiate friends.

      • maximus says:

        all though i disagree with most of what you said there was one part that just screamed dumb ‘huge cluttered interface’. here is an in game screen shot

        link to blizzpro.com

        please point out to me the huge cluttered interface.

        • Stevostin says:

          your screenshot is cropped.
          Here’s a real one
          link to cdn0.techly.com.au
          Now classic TF2
          link to game.sibnet.ru
          Kill announcement right in the middle in huge fonts vs top right, small fonts. Huge screen estate for guns (20-25%) vs roughly 15% in TF2’s screen. Then you have everything in mothing, silly attention grabbing thunder fx on UI elements, huge debuff messages, etc. Last but not least, small FOV means less space to read the action.

          Personnally, the thing I can’t stand at all are:
          – huge guns
          – especially as they all pew pew.

          Even without that, everything tries to grab my attention at the same time. It’s not as bad as Battleborn, but we’re far away from the TF2 or even better CS:Go

          link to i.ytimg.com

          • Stevostin says:

            mothing => motion

          • maximus says:

            yes sorry i see now the top 10mm of my screen shot was cropped -_-

            i also see you picked the busyest overwatch screen shot you could find. anyway, the hud on the tf2 shot has bassicaly all the same elements as the overwatch one bar the kill text on screen. i will concede also the mid screen text i do find annoying.

            seems to be like you are just projecting what you ‘personally’ do not like in games and design in general and just slapping that on the box as bad game design. i would warrent a guess (its only a guess mind you) that if you had designed the interface yourself it wouldnt be any better.

            also there is and FOV slider in options menu of overwatch for future refernce (that ones on the house).

          • Stevostin says:

            Nope I didn’t. I compared rocket launcher to rocket launcher, same type of game mode, same kind of info. In each category there’s a strong difference. You asked, I showed facts. You may like OW (good for you) but in term of UI choices that’s a different philosophy than Valve’s FPS, more console like, and I do hope it doesn’t catch because it’s all for the worse if you ask me. Not that I couldn’t cope with (I played borderland quite a lot) if I wanted to. But character design makes me puke on the top of it, and I can’t stand pew pew guns.

      • Poor People says:

        My problem with this game is the closed nature of user involvement due to Blizzard’s increasing hostility towards fan tampering that might undermine their profit margin.

        No private server hosting, no modding options, reliance on Blizzard to create new content. All this will reduce the playerbase to static consumers that spend more time ogling over their waifus of choice. To top it off it’s $160+ after exchange rate, cheaper than a run-in-the-mill COD and Battlefield release, but still costly for a simple squad-based shooter. Thanks, but no thanks.

        • Stevostin says:

          Indeed. I wouldn’t have played 20% of what I’ve spend on TF2 without user made Orange_X.

          • immaletufinishbut says:

            LMAO! After all that mouth, he’s just some random scrub. Orange_X, get out of here man.

            To be fair I initially shared some of your sentiments regarding Overwatch. But then I started playing it without expectations of TF3 (Blizz really dropped the ball there), and started accepting it for what it is. But I reckon you haven’t actually played the game yourself, aye?

    • Winstons says:

      Answer – literally everyone, because this game is awesome.

      • Stevostin says:

        Apparently not. But yes, I am surprised some people are interested to this. Isn’t it insultingly childish for grown up men ? Doesn’t it look like console style, high fov, huge guns, oversized stylish UI shooter out of place on a PC? Since then when do we play FPS with pew pew gun ? Didn’t we agree to let that to PS4 users ?

        • falcon2001 says:

          See, that was at the Dec ’14 meeting of the PC Master Race Everyone Attends (Yes Everyone) Meeting, but if you review the meeting notes for Jan ’15 of the PCMREA(YE) you can see quite clearly that we, every single PC gamer collectively, agreed that this is cool and we like it.

        • Winstons says:

          Yes you are quite right, it is indeed massively insulting to a grown man. Luckily however characters such as the talking space-ape from the moon that fires lighting bolts and the beep-booping sentient robot who’s best friend is a cute little yellow bird, add some well needed intellectual gravitas to the game.

    • Jane Doe says:

    • lasikbear says:

      Hi, I just wanted to stop by to say I am smarter and more attractive than you and most other people. Have a great day!

    • Sabbatai says:

      At LEAST 500,000 people on day 1. If not I’ll submit a video of me drinking Starbucks.

      STARBUCKS. I’m a man of my word. If they don’t reach those numbers I’ll post the video or RPS can ban me for life.

  4. aircool says:

    12 AM…

    Can’t they use the bloody 24 hour clock to avoid such confusion.

    • Perjoss says:

      12AM = midnight
      12PM = high noon

      • Winstons says:

        I see what you did there…

      • Foosnark says:

        As this map shows, it’s high noon somewhere.

      • aircool says:

        0000 and 2359 is far more logical.

        • Xiyng says:

          What comes after 11 AM? Well 12 PM of course! And what comes after 11 PM? 12 AM of course!

          And what comes after 12 PM? 1 PM, because why not. And after 12 AM? 1 AM, because makes sense, no?

          Seriously, why? I’m really confused about who thought this was somehow good.

          • MrSmity101 says:

            The reason they created this was cause back when they first designed analogue clocks they found a little difficult to incorporate the 24hr clock in the design so they came up with the 12hr clock and that’s what stuck with a lot of countries

  5. Shake Appeal says:

    I see RPS’s usual audience of contrarians and grumps is hard at work in this comments thread.

    Superb game, can’t wait.

    • Winstons says:

      Haha, agreed, they make up abn 80% of all commenters. You also forgot the ‘pseudo-intellectual bores.’ (of which I one day aspire to be)

      • Poor People says:

        And yet 80% of commenters on this article are gushing about how great it is.

        The only problem I have is that the gushing is hard to escape even in places where I don’t expect Overwatch to be the center of discussion. I get it, random gusher. You like this Blizzard game, that’s perfectly fine. But can you not rub it in my face like I should be peer pressured to play something that I won’t get my money’s worth out of?

        • Sabbatai says:

          So people talking about how much they like something is akin to “rubbing it in your face”?

          You on Tumblr?

          • Poor People says:

            Yet it’s perfectly fine for people to chide people for not liking something?

            You on Tumblr?

        • Winstons says:

          Indeed, it is very frustrating to find people talking positively about a game they have played and liked, in the comments section of a news article about that game which is about to be launched. How very dare they.

    • Zankman says:

      Yeah, it makes us people who just legitimately don’t care about the game look bad. :P

  6. JakeOfRavenclaw says:

    I loved the Overwatch beta like I’ve loved few other games in my life. They’ve gone to a tremendous amount of effort to capture people like me–people who love the mechanics of shooters, and who love being part of a team, but who are also not very good at twitch-based shooting and not super invested lengthy competitive matches–and it totally worked. I can easily see myself putting years into this one.

    Fortunately Far Harbor is tiding me over until launch, but after that I suspect it’s gonna be all Overwatch all the time for a very long while :p

  7. Ricey says:

    Surely you mean 12am BST/CET on Tuesday..?

    • Rivent says:

      I assume so, because 7PM on May 23rd is Monday night, not Tuesday as stated in the article.

  8. Rivent says:

    May 23rd is Monday…

  9. Kevin Wells says:

    I didn’t care at all about this game. I haven’t played Blizzard’s last few games (I still play World of Warcraft every couple of years…) I don’t care for their lack of LAN support, offline play, blah blah. But darn it I played Overwatch on the last day of the beta because one of my Twitch streamers was playing it, and it was super fun! I kept playing until like 0400! Now I really really want it to come out.

    Playing it reminded me of when I first discovered Team Fortress 2 years back. I played so much of that game. They kind of lost me over the years with all the hats and fluff. Now I can get that feeling again from another colorful online multiplayer shooter!

    One more thing: May 23 is Monday. I’ve noticed some confusion on multiple sites just because of the whole time zone thing. So the game is coming out Monday afternoon/evening in my homeland of America. Some of their copy says May 24, which seems weird since Blizzard is in America. Maybe there are more people OUTSIDE of America? (that doesn’t sound right…)

  10. Grizzly says:

    I feel this needs a No Oceans tag, as Blizzard actually does this stuff right.

  11. cyrenic says:

    The Overwithdrawals are real. Waiting on this has been agony. Best shooter I’ve played since TF2 and there’s a good chance I’ll end up liking Overwatch more than TF2.

  12. Shadow says:

    I’ve heard good things about Overwatch, but I didn’t have the chance to play the open beta, and I’m rather skeptical about the price considering it’s a multiplayer-only game.

    • Smoof says:

      $40 for a multiplayer only games seems pretty fair. Aside from many multiplayer indie games, $40 seems to be one of the better prices out there for limited option games.

  13. Xiyng says:

    I hate it when they announce times in timezones I don’t live in and don’t announce the time in UTC. The conversion from UTC is straightforward for anyone with a brain, but the conversion from arbitrary timezones take a bit more effort. FFS, if you’re already telling the time in several timezones, at least tell the UTC one too!

  14. MrSmity101 says:

    For everyone who is complaining about the ‘pew pew’ or not real enough. I’m sorry if you want real then go join the Military then you will have your realism but for now just enjoy it it’s a game, video games are always meant and designed for younger generations to mainly play them but still older generations still play them and get a kick out them and have fun.

    • fish99 says:

      So the only way to get a more realistic or deeper shooting experience than Overwatch is to join the military?

      • MrSmity101 says:

        No what I’m trying to say is this is a sci-fi shooter of course it’s not going to be realistic if you want realism go play any CoD before MW3 maybe even Ghosts but no video game shooter is 100% realistic so it’s more so the fact that people are complaining about a sci-fi shooter not being realistic