Homefront: The Revolution Performance Boosts Coming

Homefront: The Revolution [official site] is awfully wonky but has some good bits at heart, is how I’d crudely summarise Wot John Thinks of Dambuster Studios’ first-person shooter sequel. His problems were more along the lines of “the AI is dreadful” than poor performance, but evidently that’s been an issue for some. Publishers Deep Silver have announced that they’re working on patches to fix up performance, but don’t have a timeline of when we might see them. Still, they’re going on with plans to release wee free nuggets o’ stuff, starting with a few new outfits and boosters.

Deep Silver said in yesterday’s statement, “we’re also aware that performance – particularly frame rate – is not currently where we want it to be, and we are working on additional patches to help address these issues and more.”

But hey, free stuff?

“In the meantime, the first free content in our post-launch Resistance Mode road map has been unlocked for all players today. All 8 individual pieces of the two new Punk and Anarchist outfits, plus the Punk and Anarchist full body clothing, can be found in your character’s Gear and Clothing menu for players to customize their Fighters with. On top of that, two bonus Hail Mary boosters in your Consumables inventory offer a free instant revive to help you on your way to completing Missions on the hardest difficulty.”

If you’re playing Homefront – and I assume there’s a fair chance of that, given that you’re reading this – how are you finding it?


  1. renzollama says:

    In the few hours I’ve spent with it, I’m finding it a competent and generally enjoyable shooter. I bought it on the cheap because the footage gave me a STALKER vibe and I loved those games wholeheartedly regardless of review scores (even Clear Sky). The shooting mechanics are not best-in-class but are enjoyable nonetheless, and the attachment system is well-realized and feels like it influences the shooting significantly (as opposed to simply being a weapon skin changer). If you like stalking around tactically headshotting enemies and you don’t care so much about how nicely that’s wrapped into a full game package, I think it’s a decent game you wouldn’t regret picking up for $30-40 or less (on PC). If you’re looking for a game to compare to Doom, Uncharted 4, Overwatch, etc, then I would definitely steer clear of it until it goes on the inevitable steam/humble sale for $10 in 6-12 months.

    • Sketchkov says:

      Bought it on the cheap from where? I figured I would enjoy this but I’m hesitant to pay full price (especially in Aus where prices are ridiculous). It kinda gave me that “don’t buy at full price” vibe.

      • Hecx_wildfire says:

        I hear you man. here in Canada the price for this game was $91 somthing i cant remember but still absolutely rediculous for a game lacking in the performance department. But playing it has made me appreciate how unique and fun it can be with fps drops and texture gliches. Its still enjoyable to a certain degree.

  2. korefuji says:

    i can only run at 1080p, which is tragic as a pc user, I would expect decent performance at 1440p. I did try it at that res but found it dropped below 50fps. Not acceptable.

    Game itself is ok actually now that I’ve played a bit. It’s not really that open world (veering off a mission causes the “return to your mission” alert or you have to restart). It’s not amazing, but it’s not as bad as people make it out to be. The performance is kinda shocking though.

  3. ZIGS says:

    Meanwhile, someone already figured out how to significantly boost the performance: link to dsogaming.com

    How can something this simple elude the so-called “developers” that actually made the freaking game?

    • renzollama says:

      I think it might be because that fix is environmentally dependent. On my W10/4460 machine all cores are running at 100% by default so changing the affinity does nothing. It’s usually a good idea to give the developers the benefit of the doubt and assume they didn’t miss an obvious global performance problem such as core scheduling. The vast majority of performance issues in PC games are specific to different environments that the development studio simply did not have time to test adequately due to the combinatorics required.

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  5. GrimMeteor says:

    It’s ok.

    … that’s pretty much it. I’m a little bit disappointed though, because I wanted to stream this while also locally recording the footage, but the game, for me, is too poorly optimized for that. I can do this with any other game and have no stuttering or chugging, but for Homefront Revolution I can’t. Even if my game is playing fine and my CPU usage barely clears 50 percent, I’ll still have to configure OBS and lower the settings. It bothers me that I have to change settings just for this game in order to do what I want, but at least patches are coming.

    Aside from that, there are some problems that I’ve encountered. I play on all low settings, and sometimes the lighting does… weird things, like when I enter a room the outside becomes blinding. Like, literally blinding, I can’t see ANYTHING but the enemies outside can see me. And then, whenever I open up the game, I have to change one specific control all the time (the Crouch action) because it defaults to C instead of the bind I chose. The mod menus can be really floaty, so if I try to hover over a specific attachment with my cursor sometimes it acts as if I’m hovering over a nearby attachment menu instead.

    The game plays alright, though. Personally, I think this game’s worth a flat 40 bucks. I got the game through GMG with a 20 percent discount so it was 47 bucks. I only feel a little bit cheated because of the livestreaming issues, but hopefully the updates will fix that.

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  8. Simplex says:

    “we’re also aware that performance – particularly frame rate – is not currently where we want it to be”

    And yet you released it anyway, because why not?

    • renzollama says:

      Probably ask Deep Silver. As a software engineer myself, I can pretty much guarantee you that no software developer in history has ever considered his/her product ready and released it of their own accord.

      • Hecx_wildfire says:

        Just look at EA and what they did with BF4 on launch. DICE Stockholm couldnt do anything about it. Eventually the game had been fixed thanks to Visceral. And if DICE LA/Visceral/DICE Stockholm can do it, so can DamBuster and Deep Silver.