Check Out The Games Made In Berlin Collection

Last week, I visited Berlin for the first time and, although only there for seven nights, I struggled to justify returning home. The culture, the history, the nightlife, the fact that there is a burger restaurant that was once a public toilet and maintains the old facade – every quirk about the city seemed to capture my heart.

Coincidentally, have revamped their Games Made In Berlin Collection over on Itch, bringing us a lovely gathering of neat games created in the German capital, the majority of which are free. Is this a sign for me to return? I think this might be a sign.

Before I dig out my passport again, though, I’ll tell you about the 14 indie delights that comprise the Games Made In Berlin collection. Like a sizable number of Itch games, most of the ones listed here were originally made in conjunction with various game jams. Here’s the list in full, some of which you might’ve spotted lining the pages of RPS over the last wee while:

Barbershop Simulator
City Planning for Idiots
Eda (LD34)
Legends of Pixelia ($14.98)
The Mammoth: A Cave Painting
No Male Heroes
Nuclear Reaction
Of Carrots And Blood
Pictures of a Reasonably Documented Year
Printed Mars
quadrant ($3.99)
Ridiculous Glitching

Of those, DYO is the standout for me – a two player co-op puzzle game that lets you operate independently on either side of a moving split screen; or work in concert to overcome obstacles and traps by locking the central divide, allowing you to cross over into each other’s half. It’s a really cool idea and looks a bit like this:

Made for the Berlin Global Game Jam a few years back, Pulse is a wonderfully relaxing adventure that’s about single cells bouncing off one another and “swimming in the primordial soup and making friends,” so say its creators. Here’s a quick look at that:

Even if music-based rhythm games aren’t your cup of tea – I could generally take them or leave them – I’d recommend giving quadrant a bash. It’s both meditative and distinctly stressful which makes for a hugely engaging experience. Look, see:‘s Games Made In Berlin Collection can be perused in its entirety over on Itch right now. Give it a swatch!


  1. Sandepande says:

    Berlin is great. I like Berlin.

  2. hollowroom says:

    Every summer I jump on the train here in Frankfurt and head over there for a week or so. Can’t get enough of the place. Beats the hell out of Frankfurt, that’s for sure.

    • overflow says:

      i also live in Berlin but coincidentally i will be in Frankfurt for the next 2 days to participate at the German Dev Days.

      • DasBilligeAlien says:

        Ha! I will be there too. :D

        Think the Frankfurt Indies need a collection like that. Stealing good ideas and all that.

  3. The Crane says:

    I live in Berlin. I am in Berlin right now!

    …well, back to work then I suppose.

  4. Herzog says:

    Where is the Munich collection? :-(

    • Marblecake says:

      Ah, des san doch diese Killerspiele. Die mechtn ma ne ham.

      In all seriousness, though, I live in Munich and love the city (and can’t stand Berlin), but it really stifles art and creativity. And it doesn’t matter in which regard: film, theatre, gaming…it’s just too rigid and set in its ways. Art needs a culturally more…let’s say “fluid” base on which to grow.

  5. cesarcotta says:

    If anybody had the ice cream sandwiches at Quo Vadis or at UIKonf (today and tomorrow), I made those!
    The Gamedev community here seems strong and really good. Plus they buy our product :D

  6. eyesiah says:

    Quadrant is really great, but it’s best played using the custom controller they have at the Game Science Center: link to

    Super meditative.

  7. Kamaz says:

    Berlin has awesome Computer Game Museum (Computer Spiele Museum), I would strongly recommend visiting it. It has awesome thematic expositions and some pretty cool game-art installations, like Schmerz Spiele (Pain game) where you get electrocuted if you lose a variation of 2player pong match.

    Seriously, that place is awesome.

  8. PsychoWedge says:

    Well, I live in Berlin and I fucking hate it. But so far I seem to be the only one… ^^

    • haldolium says:


      Probably depends where you live though. Fucking poor city, can’t afford shit. Great food though, and a nice games culture.