Wiring Wonder: Terraria Patch 1.3.1 Out Now

Although I’ve sunk over 100 hours into Terraria [official site] over the years, it’s a game I seem to spend long stretches of time away from because there’s just too many games and not enough hours in the day. Every time I return, though, I’m always pleasantly surprised by how instantly familiar everything is yet how fresh its updates make its sprawling sandbox feel. And then I’m hooked again.

After celebrating its fifth birthday last week, Terraria’s latest patch 1.3.1 is out now bringing with it a host of new features and big improvements to its wiring system.

This introduction on how the new wiring mechanics work in practice does a far better job of explaining it than I could ever hope to. Adding to the massive list of tweaks installed by patch 1.3, 1.3.1 also introduces new items such as projectile pressure pads, conveyor belts and geyser traps. The update also adds controller support as well as a meaty list of bug fixes. Oh, and the formidable baddie Medusa is now resigned to Hardcore mode and can no longer petrify players above her. Which is nice.

Much like past patches, developers Re-Logic have listened to player feedback about what they might like to see added to the game, however they do acknowledge the relatively narrow scope of this particular update. They say:

“Trust and believe we fully understand that not everyone is excited for controller support or new wiring mechanics. When we design updates we try to accommodate our fan base as a whole. With these two updates out of the way we will happily begin focusing on more mainline content-driven updates for 1.3.2 and beyond. That said, we think you will find what is now possible to be pretty cool indeed.”

Terraria’s patch 1.3.1 is out now – the full changelog can be found here.


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    Qazinsky says:

    Terraria really is one of those games you should come back to every few years, because the patches usually add quite a lot of new content.

  2. SomeDuder says:

    I’m amazing they’ve already announced 1.3.2 and that it’s going to get even more content, which is insane. At one point, this game was quite dead (Developer went and got a life) but everyone pretty much accepted it since it had so much STUFF and worked just fine. But now it just keeps on going, even with its sequel announced. Crazy.

    • SomeDuder says:

      Amazed*. But if the shoe fits…

    • MajorLag says:

      It’s kinda ridiculous actually. I played this game a lot, over a hundred hours, on just the first iteration that ended with the Skeletron. Then hardmode came out and added four more bosses. I played that for good 50 hours as well. Then there were even more additions and I stopped playing due to a sudden realization of how much of my life was being wasted grinding out virtual crap. Now there are 26 bosses from what I can see. It’s nuts.

      Seriously, the game was good the first time. I don’t mean to imply that it got worse, but man did it get a hell of a lot longer. Some of us have jobs you know.

  3. SlimShanks says:

    No matter how much you play the game just keeps getting more nuts.

  4. Jayden says:

    I want BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Or Else!!

  5. ninjaamos says:

    Over 100 hours you say? Fucking amature I say.

    link to i.imgur.com

  6. Tntdove says:

    I love this new update especially the geyser trap it just makes mob farming so easy. I also have a boss idea… well kinda. There should be a much stronger version of the eye of Cthulhu like stronger than the mechanical bosses or even stronger. And i was thinking that one of the drops could be the eye of Cthulhu yo-yo because its the second strongest yo-yo. It would make more sense than having Mothron drop it.

  7. PatchesRockz22 says:

    make it to where we can play if not connected to the inernet lol.