Stick Your Head Inside Total Warhammer Launch Trailer

The launch trailer for War of the Hammers: Hammer War – Total Warhammer [official site] has arrived ahead of its release tomorrow. By the power of dark chaos magicks, it’s a 360° “interactive” sort of a doodad, which means you can spin the view around to admire different bits of the war: the hammers etc. It’ll tell you far less about the game than reading Rob Zacny’s review [smooth plug -#content ed.] but hey, haven’t you always wanted to stick your head inside a Total Hammer War? Here, have a go:

You can drag the video around to shift the view, or phone apps will let you spin around, or you can see it in proper VR view by throwing your phone at some cardboard (I think that’s right?). The most remarkable thing to me about this trailer is how heavily compressed YouTube’s 360° videos are. Maybe select a version with a higher resolution than your screen, as for me that still seems to come out a little prettier after being crunched down.

Total Warhammer will unlock at 8am British Summer Time on Tuesday, May 24th. Check this to see what that means in your particular time zone, but basically it’s the stroke of midnight in Pacific time and 9am across much of Europe.

So what’s War Of The Hammers like? Rob concluded:

“But the more I play, the more convinced I become that this is a game that makes a devil’s bargain. It feels exactly the way a Warhammer-themed Total War game should feel, and creates tons of dramatic battles and storylines over the course of each campaign. But to reliably generate all that excitement and tension, it secretly disconnects many of the strategic systems that hold good Total War games together. So do you want a good Warhammer game, or a good Total War game? Because I’m less and less convinced that you’ll find both inside Total Warhammer.”

I guess you’ll have to read the rest to see what brought him to that conclusion [an extra shiny button in your pay packet this week -ed.].


  1. DarkFenix says:

    Meh, they should forego the 360 gimmick in favour of a trailer that isn’t in blur-o-vision.

    • Cinek says:

      Yep. For the first 10 seconds I was thinking how awesome it is, but then awkward navigation and blurred pixels made me want to watch a proper video.

    • syndrome says:

      That’s what you get when you project 1080 HD on a sphere. Learn to look and appreciate technology for what it is, not what you perceive, which is only around 60 degrees out of 360 (1080/6 = 180).

    • shenhan says:

      It works a lot better when using with a Google cardboard

  2. Premium User Badge

    distantlurker says:

    *raises hand and waggles it around furiously*

    Oo! Miss! Miss! *pick me* *pick me*!

    I have a question.

    These things –

    ” It’ll tell you far less about the game than reading Rob Zacny’s review [smooth plug -#content ed.] ”

    The bit at the end.

    I used to luv these back in the dead-tree-edition days of games journalism. Showing my age, but Zzap 64 and PCZone used them a lot and I really, really miss them. Rarely used on-the-line and I don’t know why but they always make me smile.

    Question is tho, do they have a name? Always wanted to know ^^

    • Maxheadroom says:

      Zzap64 always makes me misty eyed (I do believe I have issue #1 in my loft somewhere).
      The cover tapes especially were like a mini Christmas.

      Steam is great n’all but the sheer deluge of (mostly) dross appearing on it every day has made it so any new releases just arent special anymore


    • Barberetti says:

      When I was a kid, I used to think it was some guy named Ed who had the power to insert comments to comics and magazines whenever he wanted.

      • Horg says:

        That would be the mighty Ed’itor, Lord of Journalists. Tithe unto him 3 articles of no less than 500 words by Wednesday lunch time or face his wrath.

      • sonofsanta says:

        When I was a kid, I sent a letter into Amiga magazine The One with my own editor comments inserted, because I was 10 and didn’t properly get the joke :/

      • BertieDugger says:

        [I think you mean readers not traders, Ed.]

      • Premium User Badge

        distantlurker says:

        Dude! Outstanding! Thanks so much!


        • BertieDugger says:

          Back in the old days of print journalism a real “blue pencil” note from the editor would not have made it into print. Tongue-in-cheek uses like in this article (which are very common in the magazine Private Eye) pretend to give you a glimpse behind-the-scenes, into the world of the journalist and their editor. As used in Private Eye there’s also a suggestion that the journos and/or editors aren’t paying much attention to their work if the note makes it into print where the readers see it … possibly due to an extended lunch in the pub!

  3. Xan says:

    This video is unlisted. Be considerate and think twice before sharing.

    How many times did you think?

  4. Nouser says:

    Amazing. Youtube has managed to deliver me a sub-DVD effective image quality despite being streaming a 4K video.

  5. frogmanalien says:

    It is a shame the 360 degree youtube videos suffer from crazy compression – I presume that’s a video source thing rather than any other limitation – even Google’s own examples look pretty naff. It seems like a good idea for illustrating scale otherwise.
    I’ve bounced off the total war games but was stilled tempted by this (because=reasons) but I think I might wait it out- perhaps until the 40K edition.

  6. sosolidshoe says:

    “I guess you’ll have to read the rest to see what brought him to that conclusion.”

    Spoiler – it’s his fundamental misunderstanding of the game’s economic system.

    • Elusiv3Pastry says:

      Oooohh, Exterminatus-level burn right there. Ouch!

    • Cinek says:

      So… can you explain us how to correctly understand the system?

    • ironman Tetsuo says:

      I saw talk of this in the comment section of the review but I also saw the “proof” of his misunderstanding only consisted of massive greenskin and/or Undead armies, and others argued you can’t have big dwarf/Human armies which is what the reviewer was struggling with economy wise. Someone please shed some light light on this!

      • Thurgret says:

        It was actually discussed on the Steam forum at length, so I read that and consensus was that with any faction but dwarves (fine, fine, GW spells it dwarfs), large numbers can be fielded. The dwarf army appears to lean heavily towards high value, high quality units in general.

        Personally, I’d seen videos with larger numbers of Empire forces, and the people who had actually analyzed them said that having sufficient income required infrastructure buildings and stuff for trade. Seemingly several armies could be fielded as long as they weren’t all packed full of elite units, just the maintenance cost of armies increases by 5% for each new one.

  7. Horg says:

    Or, if you have an aging mouse like me, unintentionally and repeatedly pause the trailer with bogus double clicks -.-

  8. CaptainFtang says:

    Who is Content Ed? Is he related to Disgruntled Bill?

  9. Thurgret says:

    What they’re showing here is on a level with Shadow of the Horned Rat for easiness on the eyes.

    • pistolhamster says:

      Wish they would remake those aging Warhammer games. I especially loved Dark Omen.