Shape Abtract Worlds in Mu Cartographer

Mu Cartographer [official site] is the visual equivalent of spending an afternoon playing with an audio synthesizer just to see what absurd sounds you can make. Only here, the dials and doodads you tweak shape a roiling landscape of pretty colours for you to lose yourself in. While it makes for nice pictures, seeing it in action is something else entirely.

Mu Cartographer was originally a shader experiment in last spring’s Exile Game Jam, but French developer Titouan Millet obviously saw how wonderfully absorbing it was and spent the last year turning it into an abstract treasure hunt.

It’s probably fun to just mess around with all the various controls that surround your churning slice of colour, but those who master how to intentionally shape the landscape can discover little surprises too. Watching the video above, there’s some colour palettes to discover and a hint at some deeper secrets to if you’re persistent enough on finding them. But who am I kidding? I just want to see what bizarre shapes I can make.

Mu Cartographer will be available through on May 28th and will cost just $5/€4,49. Not a bad price if you think you’d enjoy a few quiet hours of experimenting with the abstract.


  1. baozi says:


    On a side note, French accents. Much better than German accents. (Fight me, Germans!)

    • RaunakS says:

      All European accents sound the same to me anyway. Only the slavic enunciations really stand out. Although perhaps I am not the most discerning of individuals cause I mix up British and American accents as well.

      But I gotta say, most of the French indie games that RPS digs out are extraordinarily pretty.

    • unacom says:

      You win this one hands down. Not gonna fight you.

  2. Geebs says:

    Florian Boesch’s procedural landscape / webGL demo is even cooler, because it has actual running water.

  3. Cimeries says:


    And I haven’t even read the article yet. Yes, I’m a monster.

  4. unacom says:

    It looks like the Real World Bryce terrain tool, just shiny.