Total Warhammer Hotfix Helps Ease Launch Crush

Look, Warhammer 40k is more my thing. This appears to be some kind of... Space Marine recruitment planet? Presumably the Emperor's chosen descend from the skies to swipe the greatest warriors.

Total War: Warhammer [official site] developers The Creative Assembly have hurried out a little hotfix to fix those launch day problems. This is what happens when you invite orcs to your launch party: they’ll keep on coming and coming and screaming “Waaagh!” until your house is bursting at the seams and some folks end up trapped in a corner with no hope of reaching the fridge. That’s a highly technical explanation of why some folks have struggled to play Total Warhammer today. In theory, that should now be fixed. You may now fetch yourself a warbeer.

The Creative Assembly explain the problem thusly in the hotfix announcement:

“We’ve had tens of thousands of people playing already, but we know some players had some early-doors issues when the game went live, due in part to a bit of unexpected server load and the way the game handles that. This was causing the game to hang too long on start-up and the multiplayer server list to become unresponsive.”

The 100Mb update they released this afternoon should fix that. It should download by itself when the games not running, but you can restart Steam if that doesn’t do it, or go full-on and verify your cache if it still refuses to come. The announcement explains how to do that, if those words sound like chaos magick to you. Folks who haven’t patched yet can’t play with those who have, of course, and they will be marked so you can avoid them:

“Once you’ve got the hotfix, and if you want to play multiplayer, any games you see listed in red are being hosted by people who don’t yet have the hotfix, and you’ll be unable to join them. Look for listings with black text.”

What’s Total Hammerwar like, anyway? Check out Wot Rob Zacny Thinks.


  1. Artiforg says:

    Ah, “Early-doors”; It’s lovely to see Ronglish still alive and kicking!

    • Llewyn says:

      It’ll never die. That said, “early doors” never belonged in there; it’s not Ronglish, it’s Northern.

  2. Bull0 says:

    I like it; AI is typically wonk, though. They tend to deploy in odd places and then wait for you to come to them. They do wheel around a bit while you move but they don’t seem to attack. I’ve only done a few battles though, maybe it steps up later.

    • Tuhalu says:

      What the AI does really depends on what it has. Early on, you’ll often find you are stronger than them or they just have a solid core of infantry and/or ranged and not much else. So they just tend to stay put and support their slow moving units.

    • mashkeyboardgetusername says:

      I’ve been mildly impressed. I won a fuckton of battle early on by spamming quarellers (because I’ve always found turning up with a ton of missile units works well in total war). But then, the AI started building stacks with loads of missile units, more than I’d brought. Maybe it’s coincidence, but it seemed impressive.

  3. Titler says:

    The game went live sometime around 8:30 am; I got around to actually playing about an hour later, and there was a small black screen hang of about 1 minute when I first started, but after that I was able to play campaign for a few hours without issue… I guess the problem was that the game phones home at first start up, and sits waiting for a response, so it was dying under the huge load of new players and unable to do so. Fortunately then I seem to have missed the main rush.

    Lots of people on Steam were enraged though, feeling it was poor coding or incompatibility and were leaving negative reviews because they couldn’t start the game at all (and of course you had all the counter reviews up too, proclaiming their superiority to the suffering, and seeking sweet Thumbs Up for being First! in declaring their “positivism” whilst trolling… sigh). Hopefully this fixes their issue now, and people with genuine hardware issues can start tracking them down.

    I didn’t have any, but I recently built an entire new computer, and this is the first new title I flung at it; For comparison, I’m running;

    Intel® Core™i5 Quad Core Processor i5-4690 (3.5GHz) 6MB Cache
    8GB HyperX BEAST DUAL-DDR3 2133MHz X.M.P (2 x 4GB)
    500gb EVO SSD

    Many of the pre-launch performance reviews had similar RAM and GPU, but were unable to get a steady 60fps, but I was recommended Ultra on set up, and have had no issues even in Siege warfare with a full army and a WAAAGH! backing me up, so I think the guesses that the bottleneck is the processor are probably true.

    What do I think of the game itself? I’ve never played a Total War before, but it reminds me above all else of Heroes of Might And Magic so far, gameplay involving very similar moving your armies about and slowly knocking off cities. I’ve not seen Chaos yet, partly because the game is rock hard on first play; you really do need the biggest army in the field as fast as possible. Also although the game has copious details and easy to access encyclopedia, a number of vital concepts aren’t explained or easy to track at all. In particular, Obedience shows on each city, and lists what is taking it down, but how to counteract that isn’t clear at all (for orks at least). Also there’s a lot of strange quirks, like how a WAAAGH army operates. I can’t work out if they just aren’t allowed to attack cities with you as a reinforcement, or why they sometimes don’t seem able to target places; Is it because the linked army has to be close enough? It’s very confusing.

    Whether you’ll like it or not comes down I think to how much you enjoy manually handling the battles, as they’re the true meat of the game. I’m not as impressed with the graphics as everyone else seems to be, because at the kind of scale where you can get true battlefield awareness, they’re horribly blobby and low rez. I’ve also not yet worked out how to play “smart” in them, almost all my victories so far have been just out-swarming my opponents; The battles feel much closer to a game like Darwinia than even say, Civilization. That isn’t to say there’s no tactics, just that I’ve not yet found them. Sieges though are really strange. One of my towers ended up abandoned in the middle of the field because I accidentally removed the units that were in it, and I couldn’t get anyone back in to start pushing it again. And the battle rams got attached to one of my Ork Boyz and I couldn’t remove it until I knocked the doors down. Again, it’s the lack of clear UI feedback that’s the problem, rather than the gameplay itself.

    But am I enjoying it? Yes, quite a lot, especially because of the great atmosphere, and loving attention to Warhammer detail the game has. For you pop culture fans, there’s also some quite amusing subtle nods. The more I work around the odd quirks it has, the more I’m getting into it… I’m just a little worried for now there’s not that much more to do than I’ve already seen in my first few hours. For now though, quite happy with my purchase!

    • Horg says:

      You can only order the Waaaaaagh to attack targets that are within its own movement range, which you can see by mouse hovering over the Waaaaaagh. Otherwise it will just follow the main stack around.

      If you couldn’t re-attatch a unit to the tower, the tower was probably destroyed before it got to the wall. The pushing unit takes a large amount of damage when its tower is destroyed. You can see tower health by mouse hovering over the tower, and its a good idea to pull units out just before it gets destroyed.

      • Horg says:

        I need more practice with this quote code….at least my own words survived.

  4. Boozebeard says:

    Are you usually the attacker? The AI will almost always stand it’s ground if it’s the defending party unless you chip away at them too much with ranged capabilities (artillery is super effective at this). Which makes perfect sense really.

    • Boozebeard says:

      Bugger, this was meant to be a reply to the comment above.

      • Titler says:

        If you meant to reply to me… Yes, the AI will sit back, but it can be gamed with the artillery as you mention; before I saw your post, I’d started advancing to outside of archer range, holding position, and then blasting them with artillery until they were forced to run at me, and arrive tired. If they have artillery, you turn it into an artillery duel and make sure you have more of it.

        But they always seem to stay in classical formation, that is, wings of melee up front, cavalry off to the side, archers at the back, even when advancing to attack. This could be due to terrain, as where the Orks start the maps all seem to be open plains, so there’s nothing on the field to really change how you approach bar for the odd hill. I’ve fought in Dwarven cities and hills but not seen any scenery blocking the paths there either outside of sieges. Thus all my battles seem to devolve down to me waiting until the front line is tangled up in superior numbers, running boar riders around the back to chase off their archers, and then swamping them for the win. Admittedly I’m only playing normal, but I’ve never seen them hold back units to cover the flanks, or even move archers first to get free shots in at the melee line if you mirror them, as your archers would be further back…

        Don’t get me wrong, I’m having a lot of fun with it so far. And I’ve yet to deploy super units, and see how they affect things. I’m just not getting a sense of the battles being very “smart”. The nicest win I had was just rushing one set of troops before the AI reinforcements could march across and meet up with the rest, thus winning when numerically massively outnumbered, but tactically really simply.

        It’s good though! It’s a nice Warhammer themed body-mashing experience. Just… not fantastically deep? Correct me if I’m wrong Total War veterans, please share your clever tactics.

        • BlackMageSK says:

          If you’re looking for smart battles you should find a friend to play a versus campaign against. You can sub in your friend as the enemy AI in every battle in this case and vice versa.

  5. Dagger says:

    I still have yet to even be able to open this game. I hit play on the launcher, and I get sent to the title screen, it tries to load, then it says that there was a problem loading. I waited for the fixes, reset my computer, uninstalled and reinstalled it multiple times, even refunded it and bought it again. Still I can’t even get to the start screen. Anyone got a fix for that, or am I screwed?

    • Total Crashhammer says:

      Same here. I can’t get this game to play at all no matter what “fixes” they do. I just wanted to be able to play the game I bought, F me right?