American Truck Simulator Raising Arizona In Open Beta

American Truck Simulator [official site] today opened up its fun-sized recreation of Arizona to everyone, launching into open beta. Our Alec jumped the state line to play early and enjoyed what he found, from twisting roads to the Grand Canyon. Here, a new trailer gives a nice short look at it all:

This blog post explains how to get into the beta, and says what’s in the update 1.3 beta accompanying it.

“Please keep in mind that this is still only a test version of the update, it’s perfectly ok for you to wait and stay away from it until it’s stable and final,” developers SCS Software say. “If you are curious though and want to assist us in polishing it, we greatly appreciate your help.”

Arizona is the third state in America Truck Simulator, a free add-on coming after it launched with California and Nevada. Hitting three states has made a big difference, Alec found:

“I don’t want to say that the Arizona DLC completes American Truck Simulator, because when I look at the map or encounter a road blocked by translucent Xs I feel a powerful sadness that its world is nowhere near as vast and boundless as it seems, and needs to fill out at least half a dozen states before it can truly earn the first word of its name. What I am confident in saying is that it completes ATS as a launch package: an added third to its landmass transforms the offering from small to sizeable, so a long haul trip can now feel truly long haul, the scenery will change that much more, and the thought of a full trek from end to end is now something to baulk at rather than spend a lunchbreak on.”

SCS Software plan to keep on adding states as long as it’s financially viable, though it’s likely most or all will be paid DLC.


  1. Dr Biffo says:

    “Arizona, noon, on the 7th of June when they eyeballed over the pass. Bulldog Mack with a can on back and a Jaguar, haulin’ ass”.

    Any questions? link to

    • KastaRules says:

      Now we only need a RS700L.

      • Dr Biffo says:

        Exactly! I can understand why there isn’t an official one (licensing/copyright) but don’t you think it’s amazing how there isn’t a finished ‘Rubber Duck’ mod for ATS? I was a bit surprised that apparently nobody cares about (or has even heard of) Convoy? All I found was an allegedly “stolen” version of an incomplete unreleased mod a couple of months ago: link to which looked promising. We can only hope they are still working on it? Wouldn’t you have thought we should be driving several different versions of this though, by several different modders? Or are most people who play ATS Swedish teenagers who don’t know who Kris Kristofferson is? You would’ve thought they might, seeing as his family ancestry is Swedish? Oh well, at least whenever Kris dies – when the news of his death trends on twitter for five minutes – maybe then we’ll finally see a handful of half-hearted RS700L mods when everyone who’s never heard of him and/or Comvoy all jump on the “popular” Rubber Duck bandwagon? Not that I want Kris Kristofferson to die soon or anything, of course.

  2. stoner says:

    “SCS Software plan to keep on adding states as long as it’s financially viable, though it’s likely most or all will be paid DLC.”

    Be advised: the ProMods team is already looking at ATS expansion, even as they continue to expand ETS2.

  3. Jackablade says:

    It’ll be razing Arizona if they let me behind the wheel.

  4. TitusSorrels says:

    Thought-provoking piece ! I was fascinated by the points – Does someone know where my business might get access to a sample CA DMV DL 44 version to complete ?