Mighty No. 9’s Latest Trailer Is A Bit Underwhelming

“Do you like awesome things that are awesome?” asks the latest trailer for Mighty No. 9 [official site] – the incoming 2D Mega Man-a-like from Comcept, Mega Man co-creator Keiji Inafune’s new studio – before showing off a sequence of largely underwhelming visuals and grating dad-voiced narration. It then suggests we: “make bad guys cry like an anime fan on prom night.” A month before release, I was honestly hoping for something a bit more substantial.

To recap: Mighty No. 9 raked in a staggering $3,845,170 (around £2.6 million) in Kickstarter cash a few years back, and has since been delayed on a few occasions. With the release one month away, I was holding out for a trailer that showcased where the game’s at now. Yet the latest instead seems more interested in telling, not showing. See for yourself:

That’s not my idea of humour, and I find the constant gabber of the narrator throughout distracting and irritating. Am I perhaps being overly-critical, though? What do you guys think? For the record, I loved the classic NES interpretations of Mega Man and as such would like to see Mighty No. 9 succeed. Frustratingly, beyond the painful jokes, I thought some of the fast-paced, duck-and-dive platforming on show there looked pretty good.

A strange trailer indeed. Fingers crossed Mighty No. 9 is a bit more entertaining when it releases on Windows, Mac and Linux on June 21 in North America and Asia, and on June 24 elsewhere.


  1. Drakythe says:

    “Make your enemies cry more than an anime fan on prom night”… annnnnd I’m done. Was thinking about buying this when it came out, will do so no longer.

    • Blackcompany says:

      I don’t particularly care for anime, but yeah, that was cringeworthy to a degree I find difficult to express in words.

      Honestly, I wouldn’t buy a Mega man clone to begin. And certainly not from this outfit, who postponed their single player game for some online component, probably at the behest of the publisher they acquired after their successful Kickstarter.

      But even if, somehow, I were still gullible enough to support this…that would have done it. That’s just…well, each time you start to believe this industry has begun, at last, to grow up…

      It proves you wrong again.

      • Drakythe says:

        I like a few Anime’s, but yeah thats not even the problem. You nailed it, this industry just will not grow up and its pissing me off quite a lot.

        I had actually forgotten about the silly MP caused delay. Oy.

      • DeepSleeper says:

        The CEO of Intl Creates was seen on Twitter cursing at Deep Silver for making this trailer. ( t_aizu on Twitter, if you want a look, unless it’s been deleted.) Which is both a little hilarious and a little sad.

        • Napalm Sushi says:

          Christ on a bike; this is the kind of shit that ends up in an article called “The 5 Most Chronic Marketing Failures” on Cracked.com.

          • SomeDuder says:

            #2 would be Homeworld Remastered’s launch trailer. Since modern pop music fits the Homeworld theme extremely well.

            Kill all marketing- and advertisement”gurus”, is what I’m saying.

      • Don Reba says:

        I think growing up is overrated, but was surprised at them taking such a cheap shot at their target audience.

      • Distec says:

        One game’s crappy trailer = THIS WHOLE INDUSTRY REFUSES TO MATURE

    • anHorse says:

      Aww baby upset :(

    • Det. Bullock says:

      It can be also broadly insulting outside the US, here in Italy everyone under 40 watches anime or has watched when he was younger because boradcast networks bought them in bulk since the 70s, hell, here Marvel or DC fans (especially the latter) tend to fill the role of the hopeless nerds.

      • Ragnar says:

        Oh, don’t worry, it’s broadly insulting inside the US as well.

        Maybe that should be their new tag line: Mighty Number 9 – uniting people of different countries and cultures across the world in dislike of our lame, immature insults.

    • Urthman says:

      Wait, I thought MegaMan was anime?

      • Gormongous says:

        Yeah, that’s the truly strange thing. They’re either a) not aware of the influences and audience for the game they’re advertising, or b) aware and think that mocking them is really the way to build interest.

    • GWOP says:

      I know, right?

      It should have obviously been “Weebo on prom night.”

  2. Halk says:

    “Are you ready to play”?

    You shouldn’t ask this after having delayed a game several times.

    • Ragnar says:

      Mighty No. 9 has been delayed to bring you the latest game from Inafune: Salt and Wound.

  3. Chaoslord AJ says:

    What about Metagal? Released 23, noone cared to cover that.

    Anyway I hope this will better not be another disappointment.

  4. Spoon Of Doom says:

    This is one of the worst game trailers I’ve ever seen. I mean, even if you ignore them unnecessarily insulting a random group (that probably has at least some overlap with their target audience), the humour is that which I would expect of RandomYoutuber123 trying his hand on game reviews and trying to be hip and funny. It kind of reminded me of Dr. Evil trying to be hip and with it.

  5. mashkeyboardgetusername says:

    Underwhelming is right. Trailers that are over the top and ridiculous do work, Blood Dragon and The Pre-Borderlands show that, but this was just bland somehow.

  6. ironman Tetsuo says:

    Lost in translation as Japanese studio unknowingly hires dire PR firm to deal with it’s western release?
    Hopefully? (wishful?)
    I’ll wait for a review….

  7. Anthile says:

    Apparently this is Deep Silver’s doing. This is not surprising, given their not exactly brilliant marketing stunts of the past.

    • Blackcompany says:

      Deep Silver. That…explains a lot.

    • dethtoll says:

      I’m impressed at Deep Silver’s continued incompetence over the years. It takes some real talent to suck that much that consistently.

  8. C0llic says:

    Lazy is the best word to describe that trailer.

  9. ScubaMonster says:

    I’ll be surprised if this isn’t a disaster. After all the fundraising, delays, and Red Ash fiasco, this game has impossibly huge expectations. Everything I’ve seen makes it appear mediocre at best. I hope I’m wrong, but I’m not holding my breath.

  10. BlackMageMario says:

    I never thought that any company would be able to make a trailer that would receive as much hate as Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare’s trailer.

    Luckily, game companies never cease to amaze.

  11. Lim-Dul says:

    “Do you like awesome things that are awesome?” – when you have to TELL people that your game is awesome instead of them getting that impression themselves then you already lost. It doesn’t matter if this is mentioned in a satirical manner or not.

  12. PancakeWizard says:

    I could’ve ignored the trailer VO, after all it’s just marketing. But those cut-scenes looked ropey as hell. This still looks at alpha level.

  13. Drinking with Skeletons says:

    I watched the trailer at work with the sound off and thought it mostly looked fine. The visuals aren’t amazing, but given the side-on view and zoom level they work just fine. The only thing that sticks out as ugly is the explosions, which definitely could be better. Everything else seems stylish, smooth, and fast.

    The voiceover does sound terrible, though.

  14. vorador says:

    Deep Silver marketing team needs to lay off the cocaine.

  15. horrorgasm says:

    Holy shit that’s so bad on every level. Little, 1-3 person team indie games that go unnoticed on Steam have better trailers than this.

  16. rabbit says:

    i actually physically winced when he said ‘and i know you like that combo on combo action’