Oh Hey, Ghost Recon Wildlands Still Looks Pretty Fun

Ghost Recon Wildlands [official site] is a far cry from ye olde Ghost Recon games but… oh no, I’m appalled by having accidentally punned yet pleased by how fitting it is. We only saw a little when Ubisoft announced the open-world shooter at E3 last June, but it reminded us of a po-faced take on Far Cry’s outposts or Just Cause. Which sounds like a lark, especially considering it supports four-player co-op. With E3 coming back around, Ubi have dropped a new trailer with parachutes, dirt bikes, sniper rifles, explosions, and buggies with miniguns on top – all of which I welcome.

So! Wildlands is an open-world shooter about armymens romping around Bolivia, taking on drug lords and scrapping with the government. They’ve been very naughty, and the US army don’t like that. As you’d expect, the Ghosts’ options range from careful, silent takedowns to full-on guns-blazing explodefests. Ubi have said the Ghosts will get to play factions against each other too.

It’s seems very much made with co-op in mind. Folks can play on their lonesome, but will still be accompanied by AI buddies. Yes, I would like to lark about in an open murderworld with my murderpals. The combination of co-op, cars, and combustion always sounds good to me.

Ubisoft Paris are leading development on this one, supported by a handful of other studios as is Ubi’s way. They haven’t announced a release date, or even release window, for Wildlands but recent business murmurings say to expect it before the end of March 2017.


  1. Phidelt230 says:

    Whats with ubisoft games and right wing politics.

    Like every Tom Clancy game so far is about exercising extra-judicial violence against caricatures of “bad guys” from a conservative standpoint, IE “criminals”, inmates, drugs.

    Someone else commented this before, but “knowing the reality” of the war on drugs it makes me pretty ambivalent about a game that glorifies it

    • TaylanK says:

      I logged in just to say the same. It sounds like a recruitment ad aimed at wanna-be mass shooters: “Join your local special forces and we’ll legitimize your unsavoury tendencies in no time!”

    • wrycon says:


      And what’s with EA always indicating things are “in the game”? There are a lot of things that happen out of the game that affect a team’s morale and performance. Am I to assume Gerald Wide Receiver’s drop in the 2nd quarter wasn’t attributable to his mind being elsewhere (e.g. missed alimony payments)?

    • Distec says:

      Oh no, not the right-wing politics!

      God damn it, Ubisoft. If you release this game, then we are most assuredly looking at eight years of President Trump. Do the right thing, Ubi.

      • Phidelt230 says:

        So youre saying a game that glorifies conflict in which both sides exercise acts of terrorism and crimes against humanity is ok?

        Especially that the game makes that conflict into black and white, and paints the fascistic extra-judicial violence in the “good” light?

        Playing as the “ghosts” or “the division”, when you actually critically think about it, you might as well be playing as the gestapo. Or more fitting, a micaraguan/el salvadorian death squad

        • Ancient Evil says:

          Yes. It’s “OK” by me that this game exists. That’s not a commentary on the game’s implicit politics, it’s a commentary on Ubisoft’s right to make whatever the fuck kind of game they want.

          By all means, dislike it, don’t buy it, complain about it. You have every right to. But people using their right to free expression to create things you don’t like isn’t a “problem” that needs to be “solved”, it’s the natural consequence of living in a free society.

          • Phidelt230 says:

            I don’t think a AAA company should be making a game endorsing terrorism, which is exactly what this game is doing. Well this may be a whitewashed drug war but if it was a realistic depiction, the “ghosts” would be hanging people from overpasses and executing university students.

            Point still stands, its not a good message and while they have the right to send whatever message they SHOULD NOT be sending this message.

          • drkeiscool says:

            Than what do you think should be done about it?

          • elanaibaKHG says:

            Woah …. the Ghost would be hanging people from underpasses?! What the hell of a military unit in reality are you thinking about!?

      • Raoul Duke says:

        Games are art, right up until the point where someone tries to hold them to the standards of other art, then someone like you comes along with the “it’s just a game” line.

        Games express ideas. If those ideas are distasteful, that is an entirely legitimate basis for criticism. Glorifying the extrajudicial murder of foreign nationals during illegal operations in foreign countries is certainly a legitimate basis for criticism given that this is current, real world US policy.

        • elanaibaKHG says:

          Isn’t that making a lot of assumptions about “made up operations” in a “made up world” being illegal? How would these operations become legal and accepted to your standards? Would the game have to present the legal proceedings that give the squad authority to kill? Would the game simply force you to arrest all baddies instead of killing them? What solution would be ok?

          • Phidelt230 says:

            Counterinsurgency tactics involvrs use of murder, kidnapping, rape, mutilation, and torture. This is fact. There are no good guys in the “drug wars” the cartrls and the military are committing the same atrocities.

            You would no doubt say that playing a whitewashed cartel wpuld be distasteful, no?

            Thats what this game is doing. Its whitewashing highly illegal activity. This kind of stuff happens right now.

            Re: taste. Its distasteful to whitewash bad things and glorify them.

            See Sicario vs. this game. Sicario portrays even worse things but makes it clear they are bad. This game portrays bad things as good.

    • trashbat says:

      Have you ever read Clancy novels? That’s the whole theme, mirroring his own right-wing Republican politics. That his games should reflect that, even though he’s dead now, shouldn’t really be a surprise.

      • Ancient Evil says:

        Hit the nail on the head. It’s a Tom Clancy game. You’re getting exactly what it says on the tin. Yes, it’s just a brand, the man is deceased, but that’s what “Tom Clancy” is. Terrorists and ultranationalists and conspiracies and some American dude(s) kill a shitload of people and save the day.

        In the spirit of disclosure, I enjoy Tom Clancy games. I own almost all of them. But to me, the plots are just there to provide a context for the gameplay. I don’t take them very seriously. Accordingly, the novels don’t interest me at all.

        • April March says:

          I think you two hit the nail on the head. I’ve come to realize that a certain amount of ‘oo-rah, go America, support our troops’ right-wing simplistic nationalism just goes with the territory if you want to play a realistic tactical military game, simply because that’s the mindset that people who want to create those kinds of game have.

    • Buggery says:

      Tom Clancy WAS a right wing nut, man. Gun games tend to sell to people who like guns and gun related accessories. Amusing though it would be to drop a moral conscious on them
      a) half the players legitimately wouldn’t understand it
      b) Ubisoft wouldn’t be able to keep selling exactly this kind of game to the target audience.

    • thwip says:

      Are you kidding?
      Have you ever READ a Tom Clancy novel?

      Right-wing power fantasies and gun porn through and through.
      Like remember that time that the Founders of Rainbow called in a targetted airstrike on the ayatollah?

      Yeah, that was an ACTUAL THING THAT HAPPENED. link to en.wikipedia.org

      • A Wanderer says:

        The problem of the game seems also to be a complete lack of self-awareness. I mean, Just Cause has you basically play a terrorist and a mass shooter, but it never takes itself seriously and clearly states (at least in Just Cause 2) that you are a terrorist and you work for people that are just a little bit better than the ones you take down. Here, I don’t see anything of that nature…

    • Solidstate89 says:

      I feel like you don’t know the first thing about Tom Clancy if you’re somehow surprised or dismayed by any of this.

      In any of his novels involving the President, if they were corrupt or incompetent they were always Democrats – just one example. He was extremely right wing.

  2. Sin Vega says:

    At first glance I read the name as “Ghost Recon Midlands” and was momentarily excited. Oh well.

  3. liquidsoap89 says:

    I guess I’m still the only one that’s tired of open world games :(


    • Raoul Duke says:

      My main concern is that this won’t be open world at all, it’ll be an open world which is merely the ‘menu’ from which you choose highly scripted missions.

      What I hope, though, is that this turns out to be a more realistic version of Just Cause with dramatically better gameplay (by which I mean the visceral, actually running around shooting stuff gameplay, which is pretty terrible in Just Cause).

    • Banks says:

      I’m not tired of open world games per se, I’m tired of all of them being the same mindless shoot and loot, list checking junk. The funny thing is, most of those games aren’t even sandboxes, they’re just linear games set in open worlds full of clutter.

      And personally, I do not find making a game based on the cartel wars, with such an edgy and cool tone, is very appropriate. This is a real world problem that is tormenting millions of lives, and they’re using it to make a Michael Bay movie. Bit impertinent.

  4. Dorga says:

    Wow, they are so much into fascism territory that it almost looks like an earnest social commentary. I’m sure it’s unintentional though.

    • Kollega says:

      Yeah, it’s pretty amazing. The trailer actually comes out and says “we are the judges, deciding who lives and who dies”. That’s some “Judge Judy and executioner” shit right there, however you spin it.

      I mean, really, haven’t we learned from history that letting government agents murder people without trial is a bad thing, and that it shouldn’t be glorified?

      • elanaibaKHG says:

        Well its a game that gives you options. You decide who lives and who dies, and then see the world adapt, react to your actions and you live with the consequences and suffer for your bad choices. Isn’t that what happens in most open world RPGs? I don’t see people calling Oblivion a right wing fantasy, what’s up with that?

        • Kollega says:

          People call this game a right-wing fantasy because it sits on an uncomfortable intersection of “shoot anyone you want” gameplay and real-life hot-button issues like the Drug War and black-ops units. Even if the developers didn’t specifically intend it, you can easily take away the idea of “black-ops badasses who have the right to shoot anyone they want could sort the Drug War out in no time!” from this trailer. And that is wrong, not just morally but also factually.

          • elanaibaKHG says:

            It’s just a game and just a trailer to a game, maybe you are reading too much into it?

          • Kollega says:

            It’s a game heavily based on current events. Just like The Division. I think any work of art* deserves to be criticized if it picks up a few hot-button issues and then handles them in a clumsy and rather distasteful way.

            * If you do not believe that Ghost Recon: Wildlands should be seen as a work of art, please refer to this comment by Raoul Duke in a thread up above.

          • Dorga says:

            Yeah one that millions of people, potentially kids will play for hours, with no critical filter because it’s just a game, and assume that everything in it it’s a-okay. And I know that just a trailer isn’t enough to judge the whole thing, but given Ubi’s pedegree I’m not too hopeful

          • elanaibaKHG says:

            Dorga, by that filter, what game would be ok?

          • Dorga says:

            Gta for example, you’re just a psychopath criminal doing your thing, with no one pretending anything else.

      • Darth Gangrel says:

        Wow, is Judge Judy really that bad? I haven’t seen any of her reality-tv court shows, but it being tv it surely dramatizes and spins things a bit. Still, I wouldn’t think of her as “Judge Judy and Executioner”.

        • Kollega says:

          You haven’t seen Hot Fuzz, have you? “Judge Judy and executioner” is one of the best lines from that movie.

  5. gabrielonuris says:

    Yay! Can’t wait to get all those collectibles! -.-

  6. Troubletcat says:

    Remember when Ghost Recon games were about careful planning and meticulous tactics and had a stark, realistic feel to them instead of being yet another arcadey cover shooter?



    *sigh* I’ll see myself out.

  7. A Wanderer says:

    “Wildlands is an open-world shooter about armymens romping around Bolivia, taking on drug lords and scrapping with the government.”
    Sounds awfully like Just Cause to me, without the self-awareness.

  8. Marclev says:

    “sounds like a lark”

    Really? It sounds like Far Cry 4 with a different skin to me (which was pretty much Far Cry 3 with a different skin).

    Unless they actually implement the tactical squad based game play that Ghost Recon was great for, but looking at the trailer there’s about a snow flake’s chance in hell of that happening, it’ll just be the generic Ubi-soft “Open World” (as someone else said, a glorified mission menu) formula.

    • Alice O'Connor says:

      I didn’t realise Far Cry 4 had four-player co-op.

      • Marclev says:

        Ah I missed the thing about 4 player co-op. Maybe that means that the single player will have some tactical element as well? It certainly should do given its heritage.

    • KhanSolo says:

      What an uneducated opinion you have here.

    • April March says:

      I would most certainly describe Far Cry as a lark.

  9. KhanSolo says:

    Damn liberals complaining about violent video games again.

  10. Misfit410 says:

    “Blending in so deep into the environment we become a part of it” – and it immediately flashes to Motorcycles ripping through the jungle