What Are We All Playing This Weekend?

Here’s the thing: I am now on holiday. I can ask you what you’re playing this weekend, but I won’t be around to hear your reply. But that’s okay. You can do this without me. You have each other. Please, tell those around you. Here’s what we’re playing:

Adam: [Adam is on still holiday, according to a series of notes in John’s handwriting which have been posted by hand through the RPS treehouse letterbox each day when John nips out for lunch. Ah, what peace Adam must be experiencing!]
Alec: Bloodborne. I think there is only Bloodborne now. I know it’s not on PC (yet; I live in hope) but we can pretend I’m using Sony’s home streaming thing to make it display on my PC if it helps. Yes, I’m definitely doing that and it definitely counts as a PC game and now I am free to play and write about Bloodborne on RPS until the end of my days.
Alice: I am on HOLIDAY and away from my PC. Mostly. My departure might be delayed by Darkest Dungeon. Just one more room and I’ll go catch my train. This is not the glamorous kind of holiday with sun, sea, and sand, mind, nor the actually good kind with mist, loch, and peat – I intend to visit London for a few days then sleep the rest.
Graham: I have family visiting and so will almost certainly not play a game. If I do managed to sneak it in, it’ll be a cheeky couple of rounds of Overwatch. I’m enjoying its brightness thus far, and that its rounds are short enough that I can fit two or three into a lunch break or other stolen moment.
John: This weekend I shall be playing… hookey! Woohoo, I’m on holidays! Which I rather hope means I’ll be able to bend time and space into giving me a few hours in front of the PS4 to play a lot more of the completely brilliant Ratchet & Clank.

I will definitely be playing a good deal more of Crashlands on my pocket telephone too, because I’m utterly hooked and adoring it.

For the PC? Goodness me, perhaps nothing at all. Although I suspect some more Dishonored which is technically for work so shhhhh don’t tell my wife.

Philippa: I’m having a game-free weekend in so far as this column is concerned. I never seem to play the things I say I’m going to play, either because my mood changes or I need to prioritise differently. Instead, I’m going to make the default that I’m not playing games and then see what I’m actually, genuinely in the mood for. That might be mowing the lawn IRL or pouring 20 hours into Overwatch, but I hate feeling like I’ve pinned myself to a thing and am thus, however obscurely, reneging on a promise.

But you, dearest reader, what are you playing?


  1. TehK says:

    Well, Overwatch, of course.

    That said… seems like the weather’s getting pretty nice, so I guess, I’ll mostly be playing the “getting into shape for traveling the Skye trail” game. :)

    • Jetter says:

      Overwatch. Oh, and some more Overwatch. Also, maybe a little Overwatch on the side. Recently figured out Witcher 3 is an amazing game that I missed out on last year, so I am getting immersed in that. Never realized how gorgeous and rich that game world was. I might also try some Overwatch.

  2. Kiwi says:

    Just completed Hitman’s latest Elusive Contract, now going to dive back into Dishonored and play the DLC story again as I wait for the sequel to come out :)

  3. jon_hill987 says:

    Overwatch. More Overwatch. Oh and I have a match in the RPS Blood Bowl II Divisions of Death later today.

  4. JonWood says:

    I will be playing ALL THE GAMES at what a friend has dubbed the StagLAN, celebrating his final weekend of freedom to play games and drink beer (or at least that’s the fiction we’re making up, we’ve all had kids for years so it’s not like we get much gaming time).

    Anyway, lots of multiplayer. Probably some Vermintide while it’s free, Supreme Commander, UT, and some silly party games on the TV once we all get sick of sitting in front of monitors.

  5. Vandelay says:

    Yes, write about Bloodborne. It is a glorious thing and the best of the Souls series.

    I am currently heading to meet up with a friend for a day of face to face gaming with Netrunner and Doomtown. Both are great games, although can be a bit tricky to learn.

    In the virtual world, I expect I will mean to play lots of The Witcher 3, but end up having just one more round of Overwatch. Both are very different games, but are pretty much the pinnacle of their respective genres.

  6. jaward1 says:

    Fallout 4 Far Harbour and Football Manager followed by meditation and drinking various potions to prepare for the Witcher Blood And Wine

  7. lowprices says:

    I’m the same as Philippa: regardless of what I write here my mood will change and I never really end up playing what I intend to. Maybe I’ll play more XCOM 2. Possibly I’ll jump back into Devil Daggers, which I started playing again. Potentially I might decide to learn the ropes in a cool esport game like Starcraft 2 or Dota 2. Perchance I will carry on my Civ 5 campaign, which is my first ever game of Civ, and I think I’m enjoying, but I still feel like I’m just getting to grips with the systems, so I can’t say for sure.

    Maybe I’ll just forget about videogames and go outside.

    • malkav11 says:

      This is why I’d prefer a “What Did You Play On The Weekend?” roundup, rather than a vague and probably wrong forecast of what we intend to play. I always go in with a bunch of options and only sometimes even get part of it right.

      • Llewyn says:

        Can’t agree with that. Ultimately no-one cares at all what you played over the weekend. And while no-one really cares about what you’re planning to play either, as I see it the point of this column is to flick through the comments and think “Oh, that sounds fun” or “I’d forgotten about that” or “Why haven’t I heard of this!?”

        Your ideas of what you might play, should you feel like it, have just the same potential to inspire others while they hopefully have some free gametime ahead of them whether you stick with them or change your mind.

        • malkav11 says:

          Either way is basically a way to prompt discussion of games on people’s dockets and commentary thereon. But if the discussion is games you’ve just played, then you have actual playtime to talk about instead of theory about what you might enjoy.

    • Premium User Badge

      particlese says:

      Heh, that sounds familiar, though with a different selection of distractions. Devil Daggers is still a pretty reliable bet for me, but yeah, if I mention anything here before actually playing, I usually end up with something else. Heck, I thought I’d be playing Devil Daggers and ESO at some point today, but instead I sorted through photos, made a panorama from ESO screenshots, and finally started making a videogame I’ve had on my mind for a while.

      Not sure if it’s subconcious contrarianism or procrastination or “talking about it is as good as playing” or what…

  8. mashkeyboardgetusername says:

    Quite a lot of Total Warhammer (because we all know that’s what it’s really called; I even renamed the desktop icon). But will also be giving Vermintide a go at some point given it’s free to try. Bit of a theme this weekend, really.

    • ZedClampet says:

      Hope you enjoy Vermintide. It’s been a lot of fun. I’m going to be playing Total Warhammer and finishing up the main campaign in Witcher 3.

  9. A Gentleman and a Taffer says:

    Have had a sudden urge to finish off all the awesome but outstanding games in my library. Metro: Last Light done, I’m on to the Talos Principle. Couple of tower floors still to reach. If that gets completed over the long weekend I’ll be on to the Witcher 3.

    Also very envious of anyone playing Overwatch, it looks great.

    • Darth Gangrel says:

      I’m on the same holy quest and now my efforts have taken me to Mass Effect 1.

  10. Premium User Badge

    Hammer says:

    RUGBY! It’s the Pro12 final and I’ve got front row seats. Followed up with a bit of Crusader Kings or Europa Universalis, because Stellaris has given me a hankering for strategising but is a bit lacking in the mid-game unless you’re playing a massive warmonger.

    Tomorrow, I’m finally getting round to Star Wars Rebellion. That should be very good indeed.

    Now, question, why aren’t there any good rugby games on PC? Surely taking the FM engine and substituting in Rugby mechanics and teams would be possible?

  11. Captain Narol says:

    Close to finish my first Stellaris game, I enjoyed it but I’ll wait next major update before starting a new one.

    Probably a little of Football Manager too, I’m in the mood for that with the Euro starting soon…

    Then I will surely go back to my CK2 addiction, I tried the DLC “Sunset Invasion” for the first time in my last game despise its un-historical nature and the Aztecs haven’t landed yet, I curious to see how things will go then…

    If I have a little spare time, I will also go back exploring in Ascent : The Space Game, that should make the wait for No Man’s Sky less present on my mind…

  12. airtekh says:

    Overwatch, and lots of it.

    I suspect that it’s all I’m going to be playing for the month of June. Maybe Mirror’s Edge Catalyst as well.

  13. stahlwerk says:

    I’m looking forward to play nelly cootalot, which I had helped fund on Kickstarter.

  14. Thulsa Hex says:

    Since I’ve been mentioning my silly The Dark Soul 100% achievement run of the first Dark Souls for a few weekends now, I may as well confirm that I achieved it earlier in the week! I’m an achiever! I’m quite happy about this, although the process has also taught me that I don’t like the “New Game+” mode very much. Thankfully, I was able to get through that part quickly and efficiently, even if I was going through the motions at that point. Anyway, tis finished. I took a wee break from games for the rest of the week and am currently floating between a few candidates for “what’s next”.

    I was going to continue a (second) run of Deus Ex: HR that I had put down back in November, but I discovered to my dismay that Steam had deleted the save files for a bunch of my games. It seems to have specifically affected only the games that use the Steam Cloud sync folder as the primary directory for active save files, instead of just for backups. I stopped using the cloud functionality a long time ago, so they’re not on the server, either. I suspect that the cloud stuff was somehow temporarily activated at some point, and then the server synced in the wrong direction. I can’t say for sure. It’s annoying, but it could have been worse. Has this happened to anyone else?

    Anyway, I started Dawn of War II for the first time. It’s a nice change of pace, so I might stick with that for now.

    • A Gentleman and a Taffer says:

      Congratulations! You are truly incandescent indeed. Think we spoke about 100% a couple of weeks back, I’ve been distracted by other things (as happens a lot) but still intend to see it through one day. Fair play to you. Is it cruel of me to plant the seed and ask…have you 100% 2 and 3?

      • Premium User Badge

        DelrueOfDetroit says:

        If you were really cruel you would plant the seed of a 1 soul level run or a fists only game.

      • Thulsa Hex says:

        Ha, thanks! May the flames guide you on your own journey.

        I finished DS2: SotFS just before starting this DS1 run, and I’m not sure if I’d be motivated to 100% it. Maybe someday, but DS2 doesn’t hold as special a place in my heart as its forebear. And I’ve actually yet to play DS3! I’m waiting until I’m more settled with some real life stuff (besides, I’m a little Souls-ed out at the moment), so it’ll be a couple of months. Very much looking forward to it, though.

        (Re: SL1 run: My sanity and productivity are thankful that the self-imposed restriction runs don’t interest me too much! I like hearing about them, but I’m satisfied with playing the game normally myself.)

        • A Gentleman and a Taffer says:

          Hah, ditto on the DS2 love and not playing DS3 yet! My NG+ run was in anticipation of DS3 but same as you I need a break before I let more souls take over my life. Can’t wait to play it at the same time!

  15. NetharSpinos says:

    I successfully managed to finish DA: Inquisition this week (just the base game; its lacklustre feel compared with Origins means I’ll be giving the dlc a miss so all that remains is the glory of Total Warhammer.
    I might put in a few rounds of Battlefleet Gothic too, but in honesty I’m just waiting for the arrival of the Astartes.

    • NetharSpinos says:

      For want of an edit button I’ll just leave this ) here.

    • Asokn says:

      I’d be interested to have your thoughts on Inquisition. I’ve started it about 4 times and SPOILER got to the village after Haven is destroyed and then lost all interest in what seemed to be another generic fantasy fishing village.

      Does the game pick up again?

      • NetharSpinos says:

        In terms of how the game feels, I’d say no, not really. Despite the game claiming otherwise there’s no sense of impending catastrophe or doom upon the world, just a series of quest boxes to be ticked off in each of the locations.

        The plot quests are somewhat interesting- if only for being different from the usual MMO-like grind- and my personal draw for finishing the game was exploring the environments that the different areas presented, but ultimately I didn’t feel that the game improved over time.

      • malkav11 says:

        I thought the game got a lot more interesting after the dreadfully paced Hinterlands and the destruction of your original base. There’s still quite a bit of filler and box-checking, but there’s more interesting regional quests and secrets to find, war table operations that actually change the game landscape, way less annoying respawning (except where quests mandate), etc. And there’s a bunch of cool stuff in your stronghold proper.

        The combat never gets good, though.

        • Asokn says:

          Thanks for the replies, I’ll probably not get back to my Inquisition playthrough then.

  16. Arona Daal says:

    NWN2 “Storm of Zehir”,
    Rimworld (modded),
    and a few Rounds of Awesomenauts, or depending on my Mood, a bit Squadleading in PR.

  17. TormDK says:

    I get to play; Implementing Microsoft Azure Infrastructure Solutions and Architecting Microsoft Azure Solutions (70-533 and 70-534) this weekend :(

    • DanMan says:

      Sounds terrible.

      That didn’t help, did it? I’m sorry. ;p

  18. eocar89 says:

    Needless to say, you can easily guess…I give you just one clue… WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH

  19. Kreeth says:

    Starting up witcher 3 new game+ so I can be a bit ready for blood and wine

  20. Premium User Badge

    Iamblichos says:

    Mostly all Fallout 4, all the time. I’ve fallen hard into Survival mode and am enjoying the hell out of it. It basically takes all the bits of the game that made me think “why the hell would I even want to…?” and makes them relevant. Haven’t even gotten to Far Harbor yet, but looking forward to that as well.

  21. Mi-24 says:

    Trying (and hopefully succeeding) to kill the new hitman elusive target. Also making a skyrim house to hopefully publish. AND MGSV is on sale for £18 so… maybe

  22. fachredaktion says:

    For me probaly Stellaris. The new patch seems very promising in fixing some of the more aggravating issues.

  23. yogibbear says:

    I finished Wolfenstein: the New order just yesterday so probably going to play Assassin’s Creed IV, as well as continue to work my way through the latest DOTA 2 compendium quests. Basically working through my backlog until I get my hot little hands on an eVGA 1080GTX FTW edition (want the 2 power pins of the custom board for overclocking).

  24. jimjim19681968 says:

    Witcher 3. Finishing main quest and World of Tanks

  25. LionsPhil says:

    It’s time to beat the main quest in Skyrim.

    …right after I do these last few side missions I discovered for the College of Winterhold.

    • PancakeWizard says:


      “Oh, look I’ll just do this last Whiterun quest to take something to Solitude and I’ll have cleared my questlong”

      *20 new quests on entering Solitude*

  26. DanMan says:

    I’ve had a TBS itch to scratch, so I started playing Valkyria Chronicles in glory 4k (the benefits of outdated graphics -> insane resolution). At 1080p you still get aliasing, and it’s a shame that the cutscenes are terribly looking, pre-recorded 720p videos.

    But it’s rather good actually (5h thus far). More depth to it than I expected.

  27. Morcane says:

    Kind of … nothing actually, which is refreshing.

    I liked the Overwatch beta very much, bought it, but for some reason can’t really get into the release version. Some friends of mine with whom I played the beta, didn’t buy it and solo games are either get totally wrecked yourself or totally wreck the other team. Unfun.

  28. kud13 says:

    I finally (brute)-forced myself to finish Thief 3. So now I’ll either finally check out Shadowrun: Hong Kong, OR I’ll jump back to Skellige and mess around to get a feel for Geralt again before Blood and Wine.

  29. Unsheep says:

    Some racing with WTCC 2015, MotoGP 15 and Loeb Rally Evo.
    If time some X-Beyond The Frontier, Men of War and Darwinia.

    I recently bought MUD, an arcade motocross game. I’ve played through it several times on console already, but finding it extremely cheap on Steam I could not resist re-buying it for PC. It’s more arcade than I usually prefer but it was still a tonne of fun for me. I’m excited to replay it.

  30. Premium User Badge

    DelrueOfDetroit says:

    I am still playing through DOOM’s single-player, so I’ll play some more of that. I’ve only got 3 missions left so it should be done by the end of the day.

    Started playing Crimson Shroud on the 3DS because everytime Joe Skrebles in on Daft Souls he makes me want to play something. It’s good. Kind of a RPG visual novel mash-up under the pretense of being a table-top RPG. Your characters are literally game miniatures.

    Might play some more Thief 2. My nephew’s were over and after finishing Rayman: Legends I was looking through my installed games and Ari asks, “What’s Thief?” I haven’t played them myself, but I know a lot of people would have shit themselves in that moment.

  31. Zenicetus says:

    Stellaris (new patch) and Fallout 4 Far Harbor.

  32. welverin says:

    I finished Uncharted 4 a few ddays ago an started up Doom. S I expect to continue with that, unless my brother is around tomorrow and we end up playing Destiny.

    Saturdays is when my friends and I get together for rpgs, so not much time for video games.

  33. fish99 says:

    My 970 is on it’s way back to EVGA so …. not much.

    Probably would be a good time to bust out the Wii U and start Twilight Pricess HD but who knows.

  34. AutonomyLost says:

    Well, I beat Dark Souls III last weekend finally; this weekend I will be beating DOOM (then promptly beginning another playthrough on Nightmare difficulty!) and continuing to work on The Witcher 3.

    I semi-recently got a new computer up-and-running and, after installing my GOG Galaxy Client, realized that for some reason none of my save data was able to be synced in TW3. That’s nearly 60 hours gone. At first it was quite aggravating, as I was very nearly done with the game before switching machines, although now I’m glad I get to go through the story again and to be able to outfit my Geralt a bit differently as far as attributes go, and make a few different decisions here and there. I have a LOT of work to do in order to get back to NG+ territory, wherein I’ll be playing through the Hearts of Stone and Blood and Wine DLCs. I couldn’t be happier to have so much Witcher-ing ahead of me.

  35. Zankman says:

    Brawlhalla and Paladins, most likely.

    The former is amazing and I am happy that I finally started playing it!

    The latter is Overwatch’s smaller-budget cousin; But it is, you know, free.

  36. PancakeWizard says:

    Baldur’s Gate 2:EE.

    Finished the first one a couple of weeks ago, and now diving into this with a whole new character. Using BG2tweaks so I can get all the strongholds and used EEKeeper to make Nalia a proper thief (seriously the dual/multiclassing in hindsight was horrible for companions).

  37. malkav11 says:

    Probably plenty of Marvel Heroes, since it’s the last few days of their Civil War event and the heroes that feature in the movie get 150% bonus server-side experience so with the other boosts I have it takes about 3-4 hours to level them from 1 to 60 – far faster than usual. Plus there’s event-related achievements to score, and I think I can probably manage one or two more red or blue boxes for sweet, sweet boss-specific artifacts/uniques. (Which otherwise require enormous amounts of farming or incredible luck to ever see.)

    Besides that, I’d like to wrap up the Dishonored DLC both before the sequel and before the Dishonored LP I’m watching gets to them. I got another sequence of Assassin’s Creed III in last week so I wouldn’t mind pushing towards completion on that, either. I got Overwatch and should actually play it more than the tutorial. And I finally picked up The Division, so I’ll no doubt want to try that as well. Might do something in one of my many RPGs, too, who knows? Or I might just watch a lot of Let’s Plays, movies, and TV. Got tons of those to catch up on as well.

  38. andu says:

    Probably a couple games of TF2 and maybe some more Attila Total War. I might reinstall Shogun 2 since its been a few years since I last played that and would like to see how it runs on a better PC now.

  39. Aitrus says:

    Rocket League and Far Harbor. Broke out my first F4 character, the one who did the main quest, just for Far Harbor. Pretty fun so far. I also bought MDK 1 and 2, might play a bit of that if I’m able to get the controls sorted out better.

    • AutonomyLost says:

      I used to love MDK! Strange you should mention it.

      • Aitrus says:

        Yeah it was a childhood favorite for me. It was just on sale, on GOG.com.

  40. tsff22 says:

    I picked up the Steam version of Witcher 3 and the Expansion patch in preparation for the release of Blood and Wine.

    I’ve also been playing Salt and Sanctuary and Overfall. S&S is pretty fun so far, and Overfall, while mechanically…unique, its pretty solid so far. Its kinda like a cross between Don’t Starve, Baldur’s Gate and a roguelike, and its surprisingly fun.

    Hoping to pick up the expansion to Renowned Explorers next Tuesday.

    And speaking of roguelikes, I’m hoping to dive back into Darkest Dungeon now that town events are live. Looking forward to smashing my head against the brick wall that is Vvulf until it breaks, Yahtzee-style, baby!

  41. Craymen Edge says:

    I wanted to play Rocket League / Overwatch this long weekend, but my internet connection has decided to start dropping more packets than an oiled up postman, making any online gaming, voip chat etc. Virtually impossible.

    Instead, I’m considering finishing acts 4&5 of Grim Dawn, or playing Hitman: Blood Money again.

  42. Creeping Death says:

    After finishing my third run through DSIII I decided it was finally time to check out the series origin. Unfortunately, after dusting off the PS3 and running through the first level of each of it’s 5 worlds… I’m a little disappointed to say that Demon’s Souls just isnt that fun?

    Surprisingly unchallenging and frankly just a bit dull :/

    After that disappointment most of my weekend is going to be spent steadily progressing through Witcher 3 and many hours of Fire Emblem Fates (because it has finally released here in the UK almost 1 year after the original release date).

  43. kalirion says:

    Fran Bow – a wonderful point & click adventure game that’s like Harvey’s New Eyes meets The Cat Lady. Or something. Item interface could use some streamlining though, and an explicit save functionality would’ve been real nice since there’s only the single autosave.

  44. ffordesoon says:

    GMing a Dungeon World game, then some more of DOOM. Glorious, brilliantly stupid DOOM.

  45. Premium User Badge

    particlese says:

    I worked my way up to 251s in Devil Daggers and am now greeted by a golden dagger when I start a new game. I’m having trouble matching that score, so I’ve taking to testing out various new approaches to playing, such as farming the initial spawners and trying not to mash R the instant I die. (I enjoy watching stuff float around after dying, but i often don’t because of that reflex.) I honestly don’t know why I still love this game so much.

    I also finished reading the second Elder Scrolls novel this evening. Having enjoyed both of them quite a bit more than expected, I spent the next hour or so just walking around ESO at a leisurely pace with the GUI off and avoiding all combat, just taking in the sights. I have half a mind to start up Oblivion and do the same there. (Cyrodiil was a good chunk of the books’ settings, and they take place between Oblivion and Skyrim.)

    I also go my Kickstarter-freebee Rift just before the weekend and have so far managed to rage-uninstall Farlands (actually looks quite cool but has Barnie the Dinosaur on steroids in your face every 5 seconds), repeatedly lose my balance during — but still enjoy — Lucky’s Tale, and be impressed by how few rendering hitches I encountered compared to what I’ve played on the Rift. Gotta give some of the more sensible games/demos a try before I pass judgement, but I’m definitely getting a “look, don’t touch” vibe after having played with a Vive a bunch already. But seriously: Avoid Farlands unless you’re 5 years old. I’d say to just turn the audio off, but the environmental and creature stuff is still pretty nice. :( The voice acting is probably fine for what it is, but then I’m not sure what they were thinking with that one, given the “don’t show yer kids VR” lawyer rhetoric…

    • Premium User Badge

      particlese says:

      -_- Okay, I’m really missing that old edit button right now. Note to self: Making long comments via telephone is not a great idea.

    • malkav11 says:

      The sign that should have clued you in that the Elder Scrolls novels would be good is that they’re by Greg Keyes, who’s an awesome writer. But he’s also midlist enough that he’s doing work for hire stuff like the ES books and some Star Wars stuff back in the day, so it’s not really surprising you (presumably) hadn’t heard of him. Given that you liked those, I’d definitely suggest checking out his independent work, like the Kingdoms of Thorn and Bone books, or the Age of Unreason.

      • Premium User Badge

        particlese says:

        Heh…I’ve tended to read books slowly and at bedtime or during flights and airport-sittings, so my have-read list is pretty limited. I basically just went “ah, I guess that explains it a bit” after reading about Greg’s awards on the “about the author” page, but personal (even Internet-personal) recommendations are always more motivating — I’ll have look into his independent stuff now. :)

        • Premium User Badge

          particlese says:

          I should also say that these two Elder Scrolls books distracted me for entire afternoons and into the wee hours of the morning more than once. The last book which did that for me was The Martian (totally awesome, but different), and before that…possibly something by Asimov several years ago.

          I could mention several things I liked about the books, but the thing that impressed me the most was that Greg went into lots of cool and interesting details about the magic, but without violating the mystery of it and breaking the suspension of disbelief, which I’d imagine is a super difficult balance to strike. Same with the cultural/species stuff in those books, for the most part. It’s something Asimov also has a nack for, in my opinion, and a big reason why I love his stuff.

  46. Herzog says:

    Spelunky – still doing the daily challenges!

    Broforce – must defeat the Alien scum! Ellen Ripbro will take care of this!

  47. vahnn says:

    Overwatch is boring. I’ll be playing MORE Darks Souls 3 pvp. It’s basically all I’ve been doing for the last two weeks. Still haven’t touched Stellaris or Total War: Warhammer because of it, despite having bought both.

  48. Premium User Badge

    gritz says:

    O V E R W A T C H

  49. kelmorg says:

    it was close but i decided to buy TW:Warhammer ahead of Overwatch. I’ll probably get around to Overwatch but a while ago it was said “how good would Warhammer be in a Total War game?” and now its here, so i will be playing that.

    Also a couple of hours on My second run through Doom on Ultra Violence and maybe a few runs on Darkest Dungeon with the new town events.

  50. melnificent says:

    The most recent addition to my library “A grande bagunça espacial”, I’m not sure if it’s so bad it’s good or just heavy on the WTF moments. Oh and some TW:Warhammer