Have You Played… Bejeweled 3?

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PopCap got a lot of puzzle games right first time. Bejeweled [official site] took them three full goes, but by Bejeweled 3 by gosh they got it right.

The original Bejewled has been downloaded so many times that making up exaggerated numbers for it has become impossible. If I said 73 trillion times, people would probably nod. And yet, of the match-3 genre, while certainly one of the earliest, it’s far from the best. The best, as everyone knows, is Zoo Keeper DS. Bejeweled 3 finally caught up, and made the vital switch – it made it possible to start lining up your following match before the cascading madness of disappearing tiles had finished from the last.

It makes all the difference.

The poor license has been squeezed dry by EA since, mangled into free-to-play attempts to surf the wave of the game that so closely followed it, Candy Crush Saga. Apparently Bejeweled Stars is where it’s at now. But Bejeweled 3 remains the finest entry in the puzzler series that got the whole business started. Still, it’s no Zoo Keeper.


  1. Syt says:

    “Have You Played… Bejeweled 3?”

    Much, much more than I care to admit.

  2. RobF says:

    Yeah, it’s excellent. Weirdy zen mode aside, it barely sets a foot wrong.

  3. pfm says:

    Well, “Have I played Zoo Keeper?” No! that’s what i’m going to do when I get home tonight =)

  4. MadTinkerer says:

    Too bad Popcap closed down and no new games have been made since. What? You think they were bought by EA? No. No they were not. There is definitely no such thing as “Popcap” games published by EA.

    Also, indeed, Zoo Keeper is fantastic.

  5. BluePencil says:

    I played it from scratch (all achievements etc reset) once again a few months ago. I had a jolly time.

  6. Premium User Badge

    particlese says:

    I’d like to dislike it based on its looks and the fear that it’s corrupting my entire PC gaming experience just by existing, but I’ve merely not played it. That, and my favorite game on the TI-86 was “insane game”, which is pretty much the same game. Aaaand the best (and only) samegamelike I played on DS — and one of my favorite games there overall — was Meteos. It added a ton of other rules to the basic setup, but it’s still a tile matcher at its core. And then, this being the 90s, there is still time for Klax every few years. (with game genie)

    Anyway: Nope! Haven’t played it.

  7. Det. Bullock says:

    I think I may have played it too much.
    Though my reflexes are rubbish so I couldn’t get as many achievements as I wanted.

  8. Haldurson says:

    I just checked my steam profile and I have over 1200 hours recorded for the game. I love match 3 games in general, but Bejeweled 3 is the best of them. I find the basic and Poker and zen modes to be boring. But I love the rest of it.

  9. Wulfram says:

    I like butterflies.

    • Doogie2K says:

      Butterflies and Diamond Mine (or whatever it’s called) are where it’s at.

  10. endim says:

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