Jump Around: LawBreakers Verticality Vids

I’ve been holidaying far from computers for a good while now, and LawBreakers [official site] is the perfect entry point back into the world of PC games. Two recent videos highlight the verticality of the arenas in which teams will battle in this first-person competitive battler. My interest levels have been high since our first hands-on preview, which managed to transform my thoughts about the game from “why would I play this?” to “when can I play this?”. The answer, I suspect, is in a couple of weeks time at E3.

I’ve only played one game since poking my fingers into Civilization VI a couple of weeks ago, and that game is DOOM. It’s very much the opposite of Civilization (big C and little c) in many ways, but it’s also one of the best games I’ve played in a long while. I’m enjoying it so much that it’s practically rekindled my love for FPS games as a whole.

DOOM has made me itchy and Lawbreakers looks like it might scratch certain itches.


  1. fearandloathing says:

    most stupid game title ever

  2. Michael Manning says:

    That was a killer clip on a killer verticallity video. This game looks killer, I can’t wait to pre-order it and get some killer digital merch and listen to that boss soundtrack

  3. TĪ›PETRVE says:

    Not a fan of the visual design, but it certainly looks like a blast to play. Let’s see how it holds up.