Have You Played… The Last Door?

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The Last Door [official site] is an episodic point and click adventure horror game series. I enjoyed the first season, in spite of the fact that I got stuck on a couple of obscure puzzles, and I’m going to make time for the now-finished season two at some point in the near future. Creepy, creaky (the sound design is fantastic) and sedate, it’s an effective game and the lo-fi graphics serve the sense of mystery well.

If you haven’t played The Last Door, there’s some good news: you can play the first episode for free right now. It’s a good introduction, kicking off the wider plot with a self-contained story. The series as a whole uses the episodic format to move from one place to another, generally introducing one major location and/or a handful of minor ones in each episode. Once you’re done, the characters move on to someplace new.

Plotwise, there’s something of Poe and something of Lovecraft, and even a dash of Penny Dreadful, although everything here is quiet and subdued. Rats in the walls rather than leaping from the shadows and chewing your face off.


  1. Don Reba says:

    Darn, I’m still three doors away from the last.

  2. grrrz says:

    Yes I have, they’ve released the last chapter not long ago. Very good episodic game overall.

  3. Thulsa Hex says:

    This looks right up my alley, cheers! I’ve been having a bit of a point and click craving of late, too.

  4. Sivart13 says:

    The first chapter is by far the best, afterward it quickly shifts from Poe to Lovecraft and crawls right up its own lore.

  5. f4stjack says:

    Btw I have recently watched a masterful let’s play of this game. Even watching it was suspenseful!

  6. santouryuu says:

    really glad to see it here.i played the first season and it was really enjoyable.i liked the puzzles,not obscure artificial but not too simple either.the sense of mystery as you explore different places is really awesome and the sound is just splendid.
    this is a really underrated gem

  7. Vorig says:

    I’ve always wondered, do any of these episodes have easter eggs?