Turn-Based Robot Wars: SteamWorld Heist Out June 7th

SteamWorld Heist [official site], sez John, is “a turn-based combat even a great big dolt like me can enjoy”. That was after a hands-on session with the game last year and I’ve been waiting for the game ever since, as have dolts everywhere. Set in the same world as Steamworld Dig, it’s an entirely different kind of game, being based around side-scrolling turn-based tactical combat. It looks great and it’s out next week, on June 7th.

Like its predecessor, Heist has been available on 3DS for some time before making the jump to other platforms. At least part of the intent behind the design is to replace the random chance of a dice roll with skill-based shooting. That’s where those ricochets and redirected shots come in, as seen in the video above.

Thanks to the handheld release, there are critiques aplenty to read already, and Eurogamer’s was a positive take.

SteamWorld Heist is filled with wit and invention, in other words. Like any master burglar, it’s plundered wisely, but it’s got plenty of its own tricks to balance that out.

I don’t think you need to a great big dolt to be excited about this one. I certainly am.

Excited, that is.


  1. Thulsa Hex says:

    Awesome! This is great on 3DS. We had guests over for Christmas so I didn’t do much non-social gaming, but this was a god-send when stealing 20 mins for introversion here and there. The production values seem to translate well to the big screen, and I’m real glad to see that they’re retaining the restricted FOV. The ricochet mechanic feels balanced around that, and the zoom-y-in-ness (scientific term) contributed to a sort of “submarines in space” feel. Lovely game.

  2. Doomlord says:

    Looks sorta meh. What makes this so good?

    • Fly says:

      Interesting mechanics. Uncommon style. Good music (as far as 3ds sound goes). Procedural-generated missions. Hats hunt.

      At first I thought that I will use it to try 3ds and will go play Fire Emblem. A day later it was only game I played for 25 hours.

    • Nick says:

      Its actually hard to explain without playing it… I thought exactly the same thing when I saw it in the 3DS eshop, then one night when I was suitably bored and inebriated I bought it and it was actually shockingly good. It kind of annoyed me in the last 3rd of the game when it breaks all the “rules” with new enemies and their abilities and it got a bit frustrating, but the core mechanics are really solid and good fun and the writing is suitably tongue in cheek and entertaining.

  3. Loimographia says:

    I bought this on the 3ds originally because of the soundtrack (done by the fabulous band SteamPowered Giraffe) and was really surprised by how fun, endearing and clever it is. It’s one of those games that makes you feel clever for thinking tactically without feeling punished for failing to do so, yet isn’t stressful to play like many strategy-type games. I’m generally pretty terrible at turn-based strategy games, but this and Banner Saga are easily two of my favorite games. Also the soundtrack is (as I expected) delightful.

  4. Dracofav says:

    Oh, I really like the look of the ricochet mechanic. I wasn’t really sold on the idea of this game until I saw that, now I must play it.

  5. Frank says:

    “I don’t think you need to a great big dolt to be excited about this one. I certainly am.”

    You don’t need to be a big *bolt*, nor a big nut, you mean.

    (Not sure if that pun works in British English.)

  6. DaceX says:

    So very hyped for this.
    Got it for the 3DS, have played through it 4 times by now.
    A very polished title all around, and I´ll happily buy it for PC again. For me, it was one of the best games of last year

  7. Neurotic says:

    I would love to have more Dig, to be honest. It’s an absolutely superb game.