Rock Of Ages 2: Bigger & Boulder Rolls Out This Year

It’s quite nice when a videogame comes along with a pun smack bang in the middle of its title – it makes crafting a witty/cringy/puntastic headline that wee bit easier. It’s also quite nice when that game is a sequel to boulder-rolling comedy action-puzzle-strategy sort-of tower defence ’em up Rock of Ages.

Five years on from the release of its forerunner, Rock of Ages 2: Bigger and Boulder [official site] is heading our way “this fall” with even more personified rocks, destructible environments, and Monty Python-flavoured artwork – not to mention the addition of four-player multiplayer.

Rock of Ages is a game cut out for multiplayer, really, which is why developers ACE Team have doubled down on competitive online play this time round. This time, you’ll challenge pals in bouts of 2v2 and, as tracks now intersect, expect to send foes pinballing around the map. Or, if my previous fumblings are anything to go by, be sent tumbling yourself. Resources have also been reworked meaning players now not only have to defend their castles, but resource nodes too. Here’s some of that in practice:

When Jim reviewed the first Rock of Ages many moons ago, he noted that, although he liked the game, he hoped the next outing would be “far more mature, and impressive”, before proclaiming: “I know they’ve got it in them.” As can be seen in the trailer, Bigger and Boulder boasts better physics, even more destructible backdrops, and even lovelier new art periods. Fingers crossed Jim gets his wish.

Rock of Ages 2: Bigger and Boulder is due for release “Fall 2016.”

Now, who threw that stone?


  1. instantcoffe says:

    Now with local co-op!

  2. qrter says:

    I have a lot of respect for ACE Team, and I liked the concept of Rock of Ages, but good grief, that game was no fun to play.

    • DelrueOfDetroit says:

      Yeah, I think I played it for maybe an hour before never touching it again.

    • Chaz says:

      Yep, it wasn’t very good. Nice unique art style and all that. Terrible game though.

      The rocks didn’t really have any feeling of weight or momentum, and when you hit stuff it’d mostly stop them dead. It was more like controlling a paper ball than a rock.

    • abordeu says:

      Hi guys! ACE Team dev here. I’ve been non-stop tracking comments on all social media and website since yesterday’s announcement, and these are pretty much the first ‘negative’ comments I’ve bumped in to. I’m genuinely interested in understanding what you didn’t like from the first game. We know it wasn’t perfect, but any feedback we can get would be great, so hopefully we can address the things you didn’t like. Please, share your thoughts! :)

      • Urthman says:

        Maybe I was just crap at the game, but I could never build up enough momentum to really feel the fun of being a huge boulder racing down a hill and knocking stuff over.

        Mostly I felt like an insubstantial ball that would lose all momentum the instant it touched anything, and then slowly move a little bit, struggling to build up any real momentum, hit something, but not be moving fast enough to destroy it and have lost all my momentum again.

        The whole game felt like the parts of Katamari Damacy when you get surrounded by stuff that’s to big to pick up yet and struggle, lamely bouncing off and slowing down, struggling to build up any momentum.

        The thing is, that’s the experience your opponent *should* feel if you’ve done an amazing job of building your defense. So I don’t know if the expectation of hilarious steamrolling is compatible with the multiplayer strategy stuff. Maybe if the single-player were more of a separate thing? Ramp up the difficultly more slowly so you can start out steam-rolling everything and then gradually make it more difficult but still possible to find a path where you can maintain momentum for the whole run?

      • Chaz says:

        Hi. Well for me pretty much what I’ve just said above. For a game that was about rolling rocks down a hill and smashing into things the rocks just seemed to lack any kind of weight and presence, they felt light and insubstantial. As a result they seemed to carry little momentum as you rolled them down the hill. When they hit things they seemed to lose a lot of their steam and quite often I ended up having to try and roll them back up hill and back down to smash certain stubborn objects. So the flow of it was quite frustrating. Like smash, smash, stop, smash, smash, stop. Rather than sending the rock on its way and trying to control the path it took, it seemed like I was constantly having to keep pushing it along all the time. Then when I thought I had it going at a good speed I’d hit a breakable object that would stop it dead. Then I’d have to roll the rock back a bit and butt it a few times to break it. Which just wasn’t very satisfying I’m afraid.

        What I was expecting was a wild down hill roller coaster ride trying to control an unstoppable powerful destructive force. Unfortunately what it felt like was trying to push a paper ball around an obstacle course.

        I could just have been crap at it of course and I probably was, but I gave it a fair go and just couldn’t get it to click with me.

        What I would like to play is something with the same sort of downhill momentum and speed as say the SSX snowboarding games. Guiding a big rocky ball down a crazy downhill course smashing as many things as you can, hitting speed boosters and jumps, trying not to fly off the course on the corners. SSX with a big destructive rock basically.

      • Shazbut says:

        I loved it personally, but found it much too easy. I don’t know whether a genuine challenge would prove frustrating

      • abordeu says:

        Ok, thanks for the feedback guys. The improved physics and new balancing should hopefully weigh in and address some of those issues. The most common complaint from the first was not having enough time/resources to properly plan out your defenses. There is a fine line between getting the destructive nature of the boulder to be satisfactory, without making it so OP that the defensive units don’t really provide any use. We’ll try to work on those things.

        In any case, I do foresee a lot of tweaking/balancing after release, as the community behind the game develops unique strategies (looking at it a little like any other strategy game).

    • ThinkAndGrowWitcher says:

      As an opposing view, this game has given me and my son (plus our friends) some of the most fun moments in local multiplayer gaming in the last few years.

      If you’re a “Monty’s Marble Madness” fan who wants to play some couch co-op with rib-tickling results, I can heartily recommend picking it up.

      Just wish it had a level editor/creator. Maybe this new one has one?…

      • abordeu says:

        That’s great! Glad you have enjoyed it with your family.

        About a level editor; it’s not something planned for the release, buuut we do have an internal development system that is like a level editor that allows us to quickly develop some periods. It’s quite friendly and versatile, so we’ve discussed the possibility of releasing it like an editor, maybe as a free update down the road. I can’t confirm at this point if we’ll be able to deliver on this feature, but our tool looks promising. We’ll definitely keep it in mind in the future.

  3. int says:

    Wow I never thought this game would get a sequel. Great news!

    I love the music, great incorporation of classical music and operas, like this one with chorus from Verdi’s Il trovatore: link to

  4. Geebs says:

    That’s a truly igneous pun, there.

  5. RecycledKaos says:

    I actually thoroughly enjoyed the game. The only problem I had with it were the boss battles which weren’t very fun in my opinion. Nice to see ACE having a media presence though. It did have a nice sense of a higher skill cap though. Here’s hoping you guys don’t dumb down the platforming element the game had. I had a good time finding the secrets in the levels.

    • abordeu says:

      Hey there! We’re expecting the boss battles will be better in this version. Working hard on these.
      About the platforming and secrets; do you mean the collection of keys or the shortcuts? Because navigating the levels wasn’t very difficult in my opinion.