Top Loader: GTA Online’s Next Expansion Out Next Week

I remember when Rockstar released the second trailer for Grand Theft Auto V [official site] towards the end of 2012. I got a text from my mum after it’d been on the telly saying something along the lines of: “Wow, I don’t agree with what that computer game is about, but the advert looks like something from a movie.” She was right, it did, and to this day few games have matched the standard.

It seems the sandbox crime sim hasn’t lost its knack for stylish cinematics either, having just launched the trailer for GTA Online‘s latest expansion Further Adventures in Finance and Felony. It’s out on June 7, and here’s what it’s all about:

“Ever since you first stepped off that flight to Los Santos,” reads the blurb, “it’s been all about rising up the criminal ranks, accruing wealth in your Maze Bank account, building a reputation, and taking no mess along the way.” In Finance and Felony, this means trafficking illicit cargo and contraband, chasing the rarest illegal items, heading up an unscrupulous organisation, and ultimately taking the reins as CEO of your own criminal enterprise.

This, ahem, lifestyle change of course brings with it oodles of cash, flashy cars, and a distinguished, yet undoubtedly unwelcomed, interest from Los Santos’ boys and girls in blue. Best of luck with that.

Graham’s spoken in the past about the joy of playing GTA Online for yourself and making your own fun within its bounds, however has struggled with teaming up with strangers. While I’m regularly astounded by the cool things folk are doing outwith the official expansions, I’ve always had great fun diving into heists and such with pals and unfamiliars alike. For me, I don’t imagine this ‘un will be any different.

GTA Online’s Further Adventures in Finance and Felony is due for release next week on June 7.


  1. Asurmen says:

    Does it still have ridiculous loading? Yes. Then I can’t join in the fun. Simple as.

    I enjoyed what little I had the patience for.

    • s4eed says:

      It’s fine, when it finally finish loading we gonna have another DLC ready to go.

    • Blasteras says:

      Rockstar many have imposed a ban not having a reason for it! Fake BAN! Play no one else and I got Banned not for that! Played only 2 days! Go fuck you with your Online!
      I removed this dirty game, I was insulted by your Rockstar shit!

  2. Norvax says:

    “Online” sadface. I keep hoping to see news on singleplayer DLC so I can throw lots of money at Rockstar, looks like it’s just a case of waiting for GTA6.

    • Stevostin says:

      This. Exactly this.

      • s4eed says:

        Not gonna happen. The main source of income for r* is from selling those Shark cards, so no wonder they keep on making DLC’s with ridicilously high vehicle prices (benny’s workshop is the most obvious example), while in Story mode people can simply play with having social club in offline mode, and use trainers/scripts to get all those vehicles, cash, properties, hidden weapons with just few button presses. It’s non-profitable for r*, so probably that’s why story made is in danger of never having anything new to it.

        • Cinek says:

          I honestly wouldn’t mind playing multiplayer if it’d work. Instead I stare at a fuckin loading screens most of the time, despite of having fiber connection, PCI-E SSD, and a PC good enough to handle VR games. But no, some shitty console port takes minutes to load do you want to quit screen. Fuck that.

          • OscarWilde1854 says:

            I own it on PC and Xbox one and I can say the load time has nothing to do with the port. I spend as much (or more) time on my xbox looking at load screens… only to have it tell me something dumb like ‘lobby full, reloading free play’ and start loading all over again. Absolutely brutal matchmaking and loading: across ALL the versions.

    • fish99 says:

      Same, I just want some story DLC.

    • SlimShanks says:

      Ya, it’s a nice game and all, but why is the best part of it being ignored? As single player experiences go, GTA V is the least entertaining in the series, but I still love it and could use some more.
      How about a DLC with a *GASP* female protagonist? Could be cool.
      I also think GTA online could be a lot better with an overhaul, though.

    • walrus1 says:

      Yep, I could care less about multiplayer and the 12 year olds who love it.

    • KastaRules says:

      Amen to that brother.

  3. Squishydew says:

    0 interest as long as the game still has ridiculous load times.
    Even on an SSD It’s simply aggravatingly long.

  4. Stevostin says:

    This. Exactly this.

  5. reggiep says:

    Logged into GTA:O yesterday after about a year. It took only 5 minutes before someone exploited me out of my car, killed me, then buried my car in furniture they spawned. Not that it would matter since I couldn’t get into the car anyway. Game is so broken.

    • s4eed says:

      That’s why this game has Closed Friends/Closed Crew online modes.

      • Cinek says:

        Pretty much the only way you can synchronize 4+ friends at the same time on the same server is if all your friends are unemployed students wanking in their mother’s basement between one game and another. Sorry, but games like that have to be made with functional public severs (that’s aside from broken loading).

        • Troubletcat says:

          Seriously? Almost all of my mates are employed full time (some of them also going to uni in addition to their job) and we still manage to get 5 people together for a few matches of CS:GO a couple nights a week.

          • OscarWilde1854 says:

            Yeah… but that’s CS:GO.. he’s talking about the load times for GTA V. You could probably play 5 games of CS:GO with your friends in the time it would take just to all get in the same free roam session of GTA.

    • thelastpointer says:

      Actually, that sounds amazing

  6. Thirith says:

    I’ve been having a great time in GTA Online, though I’ve mainly played with friends. The heists are largely fantastic (though with some boneheaded design decisions) and they’ve added more jobs. Some of the PvP modes are also pretty good. The game has technical problems, certainly, but when it works it is one of my favourite multiplayer pastimes.

  7. slartibartfast says:

    “This, ahem, lifestyle change of course brings with it oodles of cash”

    I will be AMAZED if this bit is actually true. Even the heists were tight fisted with their payouts so I can’t see this suddenly changing that. We had our fun in GTA online but it didn’t take long to realise to get anything decent will take a hell of a lot of grinding. Every new update released new cars costing millions yet the missions generally pay out about 10 grand. The price of a yacht was more than I earned in my whole time playing GTA online.

    I wish people would stop giving them money; maybe if the money well dried up they might actually listen to everyone desperate for some single player DLC.

    • satan says:

      I can understand so many people caving in and buying the cards, given the price of things in the game, but there are always some loopholes and exploits you can take advantage of to get money.

      Easiest one is probably repeating daily/weekly/monthly objective bonus, say your daily objective is to steal x cars, watch a movie and do a 10 second wheelie… do the first two objectives, then load into a game on your own. Head somewhere you can get the wheelie done, as soon as you complete the wheelie and your 100k bonus money pops up, pull the ethernet cord out of the back of your comp, restart the game and repeat the process (wheelie objective won’t complete unless you stay in game for a minute or so, hence pulling out the ethernet cord, but you keep the 100k every time).

      If you’re on wireless I suppose you’d have to setup something to kill your internet connection with a keystroke, but anyway because everything is first done client side in gta:o, there are all kinds of simple money making exploits out there that carry no risk of action against your account.

      Just to clarify, I was making money in gta:o the hard way for almost a year, but when I was reaching that mmo grinding mindset and getting a bit upset if somebody blew up a sports/super car of mine (oh no that’s 10k insurance! that’s the price of a 15 minute mission!), which happens a hell of a lot in public lobbies… I finally went looking for alternative income streams.

      Oh when I say exploit I mean exactly that, this is taking advantage of loopholes that games that are setup for mostly client side operation/calculation in any online game provide, not injecting things, not running cheatengine, if you do anything like that you’ll get a ban within a week.

      A good place to start for up to date glitches and exploits is:
      link to

      But if you want to take the risk of just plain receiving money, there is:
      link to

      I say risk because you can have a large amount of cash in your wallet and be fine, but as soon as you bank that money, and there is a record of you banking tens/hundreds of millions of dollars that just fell out of the sky, that’s when you’re waving a giant red ‘I cheated! here I am!’ flag.
      If you ever find yourself receiving millions in cash, never ever ever bank it, you can still spend money in your wallet just fine, and still only drop $500 when you die.

  8. Jkitzy says:

    Against ya Online!
    Rockstar wants cheaters, creates chaos in the game. Cheaters are crazy , they impose the ban, they buy a new game and do the cheat!
    It’s a dirty business Rockstar!
    In Online session, suffer not the wine people and they impose the ban is not for their good deeds, and substituted for malice.

    I Fucked your mother with your Online process!

  9. s4eed says:

    Frankly speaking, all that DLC stuff is good, nice, awesome, etc, etc, insert gazillions of over-exaggerated nouns here. But here’s a small spoon of sh.t in that huge barrel of honey – when r* is ffinally going to fix their network issues? I mean, seriously, it was literally more than 2 hours of me struggling with that netcode crap when you start mission/heist setup with PUG people, and you can’t even see your HUD, you can’t equip wepaons, use phone to leave the mission, you can’t even use any keys to open game menu, because the game doesn’t allow you to do it, and the only way to stop this nonsense is to TAB out and terminate the game from Task Manager, getting some Bad Sport rep when you log back in. And no, my bandwith if absoltely fine, I sti on 50Mbps broadband, so it’s not that my network speed blows lollipop.

    Other from that – yeah, praise the company, they are doing amazing job, sadly not many people can enjoy results of what they do due to a lack of ingame cash to purchase all those nnifty knick-knacks.


  10. bacaaku says:

    I’ve been having a great time in GTA Online, though I’ve mainly played with friends. The heists are largely fantastic (though with some boneheaded design decisions) and they’ve added more jobs. Some of the PvP modes are also pretty good. The game has technical problems, certainly, but when it works it is one of my favourite multiplayer pastimes.

    good information BacaAku