Saints Row Devs Announce Agents Of Mayhem

Saints Row creators Volition today announced they’ll release a new open-world explode-o-rama in 2017, though it’s not a new Saints Row. Not really. Agents of Mayhem [official site] will see the good-ish guys of M.A.Y.H.E.M. (the Multinational Agency for Hunting Evil Masterminds) scrapping with the dastardly L.E.G.I.O.N. (the League of Evil Gentlemen Intent on Obliterating Nations) in open-world shooty antics. Here, check out the announcement trailer:

Agents of Mayhem is a single-player third-person shooter set in a Seoul overrun with high-tech supervillains. Expect underground lairs and doomsday devices.

Players will lead a squad of three agents – from a roster of twelve, it looks like – and switch between them on the go. Agents each have their own fancy gadgets and can be upgraded and customised, so it sounds like it’ll have fair scope for putting together an interesting squad. Or, more likely, I’ll pick characters based on their personalities then try to bodge a functional squad.

All the marketing talk about “unforgettable characters” reminds me that Cobbo’s latest column, about MOBA heroes, is good and I think you might like it, okay.

Agents of Mayhem is not a Saints Row game, but it is clearly a bit Saints Row-y and is set within the same universe. The end of that trailer teases some fairly direct connections too. “We do have a few surprises in store for Saints Row fans,” says the game’s FAQ.

Agents of Mayhem is due in 2017, published by Deep Silver. Ian Games Network plans to run a month of Agents of Mayhem features, including a peek at actual gameplay. The game will be shown at E3 this month too.


  1. Janichsan says:

    Volition really loves the colour purple, don’t they?

    • liquidsoap89 says:

      There’s definitely nothing wrong with that!

    • thedosbox says:

      If it was good enough for Prince, it’s good enough for the rest of us.

  2. satan says:

    Please don’t let it be set in a reskinned Steelport city (again).

  3. CMaster says:

    So they took all those comments about SR4 being “best superhero game” and decided to run with it.

    Sounds good.
    Just give me some damn colour this time. SR4 was great except for being so damn dark the whole time.

    • JarinArenos says:

      Trailer’s not looking good on that front. Still, I’ll keep my eye on it. This looks interesting. I really hope it has proper co-op though. Seems like a huge waste to pass that up.

  4. JakeOfRavenclaw says:

    Saints Row IV is one of my favorite games ever, but…Hm. As announcement trailers go it’s not exactly inspiring. Will definitely be curious to see what the gameplay looks like.

    Of course they’re probably going to put Kinzie in it and then I’ll *have* to buy it regardless.

  5. jj2112 says:

    I like the Saints Row series, but I remember when Volition were known for Freespace…

    • G-Lord says:

      You and me both :S. Still looking forward to this game, enjoyed the Saint’s Row series a lot.

  6. Anthile says:

    That’s not Freespace 3.

    • Styxie says:

      Yes, it’s a new thing. New things are like old things but betterer because they haven’t happened already.

      • Anthile says:

        I do not like new things. They are not like old things.

      • LexW1 says:

        The idea that a Freespace 3 would be worse than this because it was a sequel to an old thing is an interestingly bizarre one.

        • milligna says:

          It’s definitely time for a new Freespace game with rock solid VR support.

  7. x1501 says:

    Can’t say I even want to touch this. Aside from the peculiar fact that it’s single-player only—the Saints Row games were among the best co-op games ever—the superhero theme itself is just too over-saturated and trite to get excited about at this point. I’d much rather play a slightly more down-to-earth version of Saints Row III with more emphasis on gang management, tactical combat and inter-gang district instead.

    • x1501 says:

      *inter-gang district control

      • crépuscule says:

        At this point, I find it highly dubious that the Saints Row universe would tone itself down. Can’t say I mind, either. Saints Row 1 and 2 were pretty much just bargain store GTA. It was only with the ridiculousness of SR3 that the franchise started taking on its own identity.

        • tomxp411 says:

          Yeah, I’ve been replaying SR2 and SR3, and the contrast between the two is huge. Setting aside the fact that they are a different generation of game, the tone and style of the games are completely different; they’re not the same characters at all, really.

          Personally, I’d love to see something that blends SR2 and SR3 – perhaps SR2.5? I liked the environment of SR2 a lot more; there’s a lot more variation and things to do there, including those huge caverns and lots of places to race off-road. Those simply don’t exist in Steelport, and after playing SR2, I kind of feel disappointed at how small Steelport really is.

          • NotGodot says:

            Saints Row III was pencil-fucked in terms of tone and characters. There was supposed to be more material, at least in cutscene form, set in Stilwater. Tobias and his wife were set to appear, for instance. But all that material was in service of a plot point that got cut. The bridge getting blown up was originally supposed to be Killbane setting off a suitcase nuke in Saint’s Row, killing everyone in Stilwater and framing the Saints. THQ thought that was too dark and too tied to SR2.

            Similarly, character arcs for Pierce and Shaundi were cut because survivor’s guilt wasn’t considered as funny by THQ.

            Really, the publisher dying is the best thing that’s happened to Volition.

  8. Moni says:

    I’m hoping for Saints Row with the massive destruction elements of Red Faction bought in.

  9. Jakkar says:

    G.. g.. Geomod? Rrred.. Purple? Purple faction? Geomod?


  10. Pich says:

    Video is not available for me, am i the only one? (italy here btw)

  11. Premium User Badge

    Serrit says:

    Ian Games Network

    At first I was all “eh??” but then saw where the link pointed and had to chuckle. Another one for the RPS glossary.

  12. lokimotive says:

    If one of those agents isn’t an overweight transvestite in mime makeup I’m going to be severely disappointed.

  13. LexW1 says:

    If it’s REALLY single-player ONLY, which, given Volition’s record, seems rather unlikely, I’m not sure I’m interested.

    They make great co-op games and this seems ideally suited to co-op play, from what they’ve said and shown. Hopefully they’ll re-think that before they finish it, because otherwise I suspect this might be another FUSE.

  14. Kollega says:


    *wheeze* *wheeze*

    Okay, unreasonable hype state over. I read the available info about the game now, and while there are some things that aren’t perfect (I do think Volition could do without tying the game to Saints Row mythos, and I do think that as other people said, it needs co-op since it looks perfect for it, so let’s hope that there’ll be co-op), it’s still an exciting announcement.

    I have been saying for a long time that the world needs an open-world, single-player game with a cast of crazy awesome heroes and colorfully megalomaniacal villains… and this looks like it fits the bill perfectly. The game looks similar to Overwatch, which didn’t captivate me – but that’s the thing: Overwatch is a practically plotless competitive shooter, and Agents of Mayhem is single-player and open-world, which allows for a lot more story and characterization. And after the hilarity of Saints Row IV, I believe that Volition can pull those off just fine.

    • tomxp411 says:

      I’ve been saying for a long time that the world needs a fun, immersive, open-world game like GTA that isn’t about being the bad guys.

      If this game can fill that bill, then I’ll be all over it.

  15. Blain says:

    Crackdown 3? Is that you?

    Seriously though, Volition’s track record for making me really happy is among the best in the business. Gatspeed, Volition. Gatspeed.

  16. teamcharlie says:

    Definitely on the fence. Volition’s good name alone gets a lot of points from me, but this so far feels like the single-player cousin to Overwatch and TF2. Not my cup of tea.

    Happy to revisit the question, though, if Volition gets a bit clearer on how Agents of Mayhem’s gameplay differs from the standard hero shooter fare.

  17. KoboldPrime says:

    If there’s no character customization, then I’m not interested. Being able to make my own character is the whole reason I first got interested in the Saints Row series.
    Plus I’m sick of games trying to force moba-style “heroes” down my throat.