Dead End: Suburban Horror Game Allison Road Cancelled

Allison Road [official site] manifested onto Kickstarter in the aftermath of Silent Hills cancellation. The PT demo that teased the survival horror collaboration between Hideo ‘Metal Gear’ Kojima and cinema’s Guillermo del Toro had more buzz about it than many released games, and when it was pulled from the Playstation Store (the only place it had been available to download), it swiftly attained an almost mythological status.

Suburban scare ’em up Allison Road looked like one of the games most likely to pick up PT’s ball and run with it. Well, score this one a fumble, because it too has been cancelled.

Is the curse of PT real or is this a case of the concept not supporting a full game? It could be something else entirely, of course, and the developers reckon they’ll have a full statement sometime in the coming days. Whether the eventual game would have been as similar to PT as the initial videos suggested I don’t know, but I’m fairly sure that Silent Hills would have been a very different beast to its precursor. PT was an effective short-form experience but stretched over a longer running time it might have ended up a little like Layers of Fear.

But enough speculation. We’ll know the reasoning behind the cancellation soon enough. It’s worth remembering that the Kickstarter was cancelled while still £100,000 short of the goal, when Team 17 stepped in to publish the game. Perhaps we’ll hear from the House of Worms as well as the developers.

Expect a found footage film about someone playing PT and having all their creative projects cancelled seven days later to be released this Halloween.


  1. geerad says:

    I expect it’s because they found out what
    I found out long ago:
    It’s a long way down the Allison Road
    Allison Ro-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-oad
    Allison Ro-o-o-o-o-o-oad

  2. GameCat says:

    What if this game was just another Kojima cryptic marketing stunt?

    *tips foil hat*

  3. ukpanik says:

    If only these imaginative creators had more than a short announcement demo to copy.

  4. vegeta1998 says: