Eador: Imperium Is Now Available on Early Access

Turn-based strategy and role-playing hybrid Eador has a new standalone expansion on Steam’s Early Access, introducing stalwart commanders to a frigid new world and a host of new units to help conquer it.

It’s been quite some time since the Eador series released any new games, but the new expandalone Eador. Imperium [Steam page] [Yes, they do punctuate it that way -ed.] promises to give grand strategy fans plenty of reasons to once again conquer the broken “shards” that make up its universe. Along with a new frozen shard world and tactical map, Imperium adds 15 new unit types and four new heroes.

A post to Eador. Imperium’s Steam Community page dives into what players can expect from the new heroes. “Lich and his army are dead, and as they say — what is dead may never die. A horde of undead can break through defense, die, then rise and keep going forward again. No more regrets about fallen 7-level paladins, which have been with you for 158 turns.” It also has Sorceress, Legate, and Pilot heroes that each have their own distinctive styles and strategies.

Eador: Imperium is just starting out in Early Access, and Snowbird Games have detailed plans to eventually introduce a whole new singleplayer campaign, an additional 15 units, and some new mechanics on top of everything already established in the Eador series.

Right now, Eador: Imperium can be picked up for 10 percent off until June 9 at $18/€15,99, with an additional 15 percent discount for those who already own the previous Eador: Masters of the Broken World. When Adam looked at Broken World a few years back, he really enjoyed it despite having a few issues with the combat, and Imperium looks like it only expands on that foundation.


  1. mbpopolano24 says:

    Wonderful news. Eador is one of the best TB fantasy game out there.

  2. Premium User Badge

    gritz says:

    Eat the Door.

  3. Rico021 says:

    +1, thank you

  4. dahools says:

    So just to confirm, does this include the whole of the previous Eador in it then as its a stand alone expansion?

    • Nauallis says:

      Too hard to click through and read the steam page, is it?

      “All original Eador content included. “

      • dahools says:

        Some reviews say the original campaign has been replaced with the new alpha/early access one and obviously that’s not finished yet. I don’t own the original and haven’t played it. I was just seeing if this was a way into it? Whilst it’s on offer it may be a good buy, can play the original campaign while the new develops.

        Don’t want to just be on some sort of skirmish map each time like Civ for example.