Homeworld Remastered Update 2.0 Blasts Off

Alec was jolly pleased with the Homeworld Remastered Collection [official site], revisiting Relic’s spaceship real-time strategy classics after Gearbox spruced them up. Now they’ve even fancier, as the promised mega-patch has arrived with everything from improved fleet formations to proper ballistic weapons.

The Collection has also now arrived on GOG, for those who prefer their games DRM-free, with a hefty discount t’boot.

The full patch notes for version 2.0 are over here and they start with a minor doozy: in-mission saves are not compatible, but campaign progress is saved so you’ll simply need to restart any missions in progress. And hey, this means the notes are all uphill from there.

You’ll find changes like a huge rebalancing, improved formations, bug fixes, performance improvements, new things for modders to fiddle with, and… so very much more. If you’re a Homeworld fan – which you likely are, if you’re still playing and reading about it – get proper stuck in to see all that’s new.

This update comes over seven months since the last one. Fists of Heaven had a good chat with Gearbox about its development, if you’re curious about what they’ve been up to.

And hey, now it’s on GOG! It’s half-price there right now, down to £13.49. No, it’s still the usual price on Steam.


  1. stele says:

    I really loved everything about Homeworld, except the auto balancing. Is there a way to adjust the difficulty level in Remastered?

    • felis says:

      If you are on steam, the workshop has mods for that; look for the “Remove Reactive Fleet Scaling” mods in HW1 and HW2 flavour.

  2. Thulsa Hex says:

    Excellent! I finished the Homeworld 1 part of the Remastered Collection earlier this year, and I’m happy that these improvements have dropped before I set about playing Homeworld 2 for the first time.

  3. Howard says:

    Does this mean they have fixed the gigantic cock-up with Homeworld 1 formations that totally broke the game on launch and made me get a refund on it? The patch notes just say that formations now “better support HW1” which is a mite fuzzy for my taste.

    • DrollRemark says:

      I would like to know if the level with the radiation and the dust clouds was updated so I can actually see the dust clouds on the map view now. That was the one that got me.

      • Nauallis says:

        Yup, this. The patch notes say that nebulae, dust, and radiation clouds are easier to see. That same mission is where I stopped playing HW1 campaign because of inability to see the edges of clouds, no strike formation support (ships kept wandering out of the clouds), and I think at the time no stances.

    • trooperdx3117 says:

      Yup formations seem fixed. I’ve been messing around in skirmish and the campaign and units absolutely hold their formation now when attacking.

      They’ve also added in formations proper into HW2 which makes using those units infinitely better.

      • Howard says:

        Cheers. Good to know. Guess I’ll finally pick it up again, thankfully now at a vastly reduced cost!

    • Comco says:

      Have a look at the Fists of Heaven link posted in the article. It provides some detail on the formation work that has been done. They’ve basically completely rewritten how the game deals with formations to bring it more in like with the original and also ‘improve’ the system to be smarter when dealing with multiple classes of ship, etc.

  4. Emeraude says:

    So question, if I have the originals on hand and don’t care one bit about the graphical update, is this worth it?

    This news come just as I was thinking about reinstalling the game for this week end, but I’ve been given very conflicting opinions on that remaster. And given how patches can change so much of a game nowadays, I wouldn’t mind the opinions of people that played it more recently.

    (Thanks in advance.)

    • Howard says:

      If you really don’t care about the graphical update and the fact it works on widescreen and actually runs due to not being ancient, then no, but those are some big things to overlook.
      Also, FYI, you can get it on Steam for about £6 if you shop around – worth the price of admission to make it look spectacular again.

    • Nauallis says:

      Ease of access is the big upside. I can’t completely answer your question, having never played the original HW1. I’ve only played the remastered version. Screwing around with HW2 and the various hurdles necessary to make it function on a modern system was annoying to me, and the remastered collection makes playing HW1 & 2 very easy.

      • SomeDuder says:

        It’s a no-brainer. And while I can only applaud not caring about the visuals of a game, for Homeworld, I have to say it’s just such a key part of the experience. It’s such a beautiful game, and this remastered version does some amazing stuff to the pixel-perfect textured of the original.

        Anyway, this patch is it. This made my frozen heart melt like the first sun of spring melting the frost from a ladybug’s butt.

        It not only fixes HW1’s formations, it improves on the original plus carries this through to HW2. The original featured “squadrons” of units and you set a formation for the squad alone. But now, all grouped squadrons will take part in the formation and maintain it during combat.

        Plus there’s the small (no, actually, it’s huge) detail of HW2’s RNG combat mechanics being replaced by actual ballistics as they worked in HW1, and again applied to both remasters.

        Plus a whole other slew of fixes and improvements, but these 2 definately fix the game for me. Still, there’s no excuse that original release from a year ago couldn’t have (and should have!) incorporated these features, but hey, what can ya do, developers suck.

        • Kaeoschassis says:

          Developers do not suck. Developers gave you the original HW1+2. Developers gave you this remaster, and developers now gave you this patch to fix the things you didn’t like about the remaster.

        • nmarebfly says:

          The fact that it took a year of work for the team to get these features in is, I think, a pretty decent reason why the game didn’t have them a year ago.

        • Morcane says:

          Maybe you should ask yourself why it took so long for this refactoring to be completed. What I understand from it, they had to gut the entire existing engine.

          They also could’ve decided to just say …. ‘meh, it’s an old game anyways, sod it’.

          Yeah them developers suck man. :)

    • Petuko says:

      If you’re trying to run HW1 on anything resembling a modern PC, I’d consider buying remastered. It’s gonna look way better, and not be a complete pain in the ass to get working.

    • vecordae says:

      As someone who’s played both versions heavily, here is what I can tell you:

      Getting the remaster is absolutely worth it for two primary reasons:

      1) The Remaster comes with a copy of the original Homeworld and Homeworld 2, so now you don’t have to worry about losing disks. Further, they’ve been updated slightly to allow them to run on modern OSs without fussing around. So, even if you have 0 interest in the updates, there’s something worthwhile there.

      2) The updated versions of the original games are very well done. There are several important changes that you need to be aware of before diving into Homeworld 1, but HW2 is pretty much the way you remember it with GUI improvements and very well-done updates to the ship models and textures.

      Caveats for HW1 players are pretty straightforward:
      1) Kushan only. You cannot play the campaign with Taiidani designs without modding (steam workshop integration is a thing)
      2) No fuel. Surprisingly, I didn’t find it harder to deal with the Kadeshi.
      3) PRE-PATCH: Formations and ballistic tracking were the looser, harder-to-contro; HW2 style, rather than the more satisfying HW1 style, but it seems that may have been fixed.

      • BlueTemplar says:

        What about the MultiPlayer having been ripped out of the Classics (and having been console-ized for the remasters)?

        link to gog.com

    • Comco says:

      It’s also worth mentioning the the game comes bundled with the original, unaltered games. IE – not remastered. The only changes they have made to the originals is to get them working on modern OS’. So that might tip the balance for you if nothing else does. You might own the original games, but trying to get them to run can be bloody difficult these days.

  5. snowgim says:

    I assume these fixes are just for Remastered and not for Classic.
    Shame, I was having fun playing HW1 Classic until I hit a game breaking bug. It’s listed as fixed for Remastered in the patch notes, so I guess I’ll have to switch over to that.

    I prefer to play old games as close to how there were originally as possible, but I guess I also prefer them to actually work.

  6. Chaoslord AJ says:

    Time to pull this out of the backlog. Glad I waited for the remaster…

  7. CMaster says:

    Discount is on Steam now too, for those who that matters

  8. hey_tc says:

    But will they do Cataclysm? Gosh I hope they will.

    Encouraging seeing the level of post launch support they’ve put in mind.

  9. pistolhamster says:

    I bit! I wanted to play remastered but then decided to wait and see if Gearbox would ammend the errors of the first release. They came through! Took a long time but they did it. So I put my money where my mouth it and bought it :) Can’t wait for tonight, I really loved Homeworld back in the days.