Deus Ex Mankind Divided: Gameplay Footage, New Project Reveals From 4.30pm

I have never played more than five minutes of a Deus Ex [official site] game, but I do find the transhumanism and the artwork fascinating. I also had a dream pretty recently about Adam Jensen where it turned out that instead of being a modified human he was actually a secret bee with all these insecty body mods.

His sunglasses were actually his compound eyes and he had a weird stabbing wing that he could shoot out of his arm and pin people to walls with what was inspired by the foreleg of a praying mantis. I think he might actually have one of them in the real game but not from a mantis, more from some kind of galactic hypertriangle or something. He also slept in a hive and was often covered in honey. LOOK IT WAS A DREAM I DON’T KNOW.

Anyway, I feel like that’s as decent a set of qualifications as you need for writing a post explaining that you can watch the Deus Ex Universe pre-E3 livestream thingummy here from 4.30pm BST.

Watch live video from DeusEx on

So what might this involve? Well. Apparently the Deus Ex Universe is expanding and thus this livestream will offer insight into what the expansion involves – new projects and the like. It also definitely involves 18 minutes of gameplay footage from Deus Ex: Mankind Divided:

“Get a first glimpse at the city-hub of Prague in Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, an expansive and dense location which will allow players to meet a variety of characters, take on side-quests and explore inside and outside areas.”

I’ve just checked Time Out and Trip Advisor and I feel like exploring inside and outside areas ought to have you take a trip to the Loreto:

“This Marian pilgrimage site with the Baroque Church of the Nativity and a replica of the Holy House is surrounded by cloisters and chapels. In the tower there is a 27-bell carillon that plays the Loretan Marian song “A Thousand Times We Greet Thee” (every hour from 9 am to 6 pm). The Loreto treasure consists of a rare collection of liturgical objects from the 16th to 18th centuries, the most famous of which is the “Prague Sun”, a monstrance encrusted with 6,222 diamonds”

There are also segway tours of the city. I feel like Adam Jensen would be a segway sort of person.

No word yet on whether any of this involves secret bees.


  1. Premium User Badge

    Aerothorn says:

    Deus Ex is my favorite video game, and Human Revolution exceeded my expectations – I thought that for whatever issues it had, it was way better than a Deus Ex by an all-new-team under uncertain corporate conditions had any right making.

    And yet I find myself with little enthusiasm for more, because Square Enix seems to think that the appeal of Deus Ex is the fiction, and everything I’ve seen about the game so far focuses on that. Now, I think Deus Ex (and to a lesser degree, Human Revolution) were very accomplished at telling their stories, and I enjoyed them, but it’s not what seperates them from a million other video games. Other RPS commenters have already argued that Human Revolution *isn’t really* Deus Ex by virtue of more or less not being an immersive sim/doing away with emergent gameplay, but my main worry is that anything new would stray even further, and that includes spin-off projects, etc.

    • ResonanceCascade says:

      I’d still call Human Revolution an immersive sim. They backed off those elements a little bit, but I still came up with tons of Deus-exy ways to play Human Revolution.

      Mankind Divided looks like it has about the same level of flexibility as HR, based on what I’ve seen so far. They’re trying to make the combat more viable, which I guess is fine — but I always play stealthily in these games, so it’s moot for me.

      • Premium User Badge

        Aerothorn says:

        I’d say they backed off of those elements entirely. There is nothing I can do in HR that the developer’s didn’t intend. Every path is curated, every breakable wall highlighted. It’s multiple choice, it’s not emergent.

        • ResonanceCascade says:

          So you never made big stacks of crates to hide from the enemy AI in a ludicrously unrealistic fashion? Never used soda machines and bombs to make environmental traps in a hall, then aggroed the A.I. who would come running out into your hall of death? Never used your strength Aug to hurl items up onto a rooftop, where you could stack them and access a hard-to-get-to area?

          There’s tons of emergent gameplay in Human Revolution. Just not as much as in the first Deus Ex.

  2. clem2k3 says:

    Adam Jensen. Loving robot. Caring security guard. Secret Bee

    • Jekadu says:

      I think there are a couple of conspiracy theories about bees. Isn’t that why they’re such a major part of TSW?

  3. Frraksurred says:

    You lost me at “I’ve never played more than 5 minutes of a Deus Ex game.” No experience or past appreciation means no valuable input… but thanks for the link.

    • Jekadu says:

      Your loss. The article does cover all the bullet points in the press release. It also features Adam Jensen as a secret bee, which I bet no other outlet does.

    • thelastpointer says:

      I honestly can’t tell if this is a serious git gud or a funny in-joke git gud.

      git gud at expressing your git gud

      • Premium User Badge

        gritz says:

        I don’t know, it’s kind of strange to read something like that here at RPS of all places. DX was a foundational game for this place’s culture, and it doesn’t feel right to see one of the core writers profess ignorance about it.

        PC Gaming is a big tent with lots of varied interests and experiences, but RPS without a deep reverence and understanding of Deus Ex doesn’t feel like RPS anymore. What a shame.

        • Alice O'Connor says:

          This is how cults start.

          • Premium User Badge

            gritz says:

            Really? This was the site that did “Ten Years of Deus Ex” and “Dark Futures” and wrote reams and reams about the importance of the immersive sim. Its co-founder’s 2 part Gaming Made Me was Deus Ex. Its last remaining co-founder did a 5 part retrospective just last year.

            Deus Ex is the single most written about game on this site. That’s why it’s weird when a post starts with “I’ve never played more than five minutes of a Deus Ex game”. It’s like a Nintendo Power writer saying they never played Zelda.

          • Alice O'Connor says:

            Yes, so we’re certainly not short on reverence for Deus Ex.

            I’ll chip in and tell you it’s one of my favouritest games too.

            I think we’re covered for people who’ll gush about Deus Ex.

        • Thulsa Hex says:

          Dude, this is a silly thing to say. RPS hasn’t lost anything, but gained Pip’s unique style of healthy irreverence. She also covers what would otherwise be a rather large hole in RPS’ experience (namely MOBAs), and these leaves everyone else with more time to fetishise J.C. Denton and friends.

        • Jekadu says:

          I find Deus Ex to be somewhat overrated, personally. I also very much like reading what someone who isn’t emotionally invested in a franchise might think about exposure to it. Also, Pip gives us augmented bees.


    • Rosti says:

      Just in case this is serious, not Grade A Snark, remember that this is a news article. In most worlds we’d just get a remix of the press release and perhaps a little disguised guesswork.
      In this world, we also get Pip’s augmented bee dreams. This is the best.

    • laiwm says:

      The irony of “no valuable input”…

  4. DeadCanDance says:

    I never asked for this.

  5. Admiral Aitchbar says:

    Who better to take down the Illumi-gnat-i?

  6. Shazbut says:

    Watching it now, I think it looks wonderful. Very excited for this

  7. Stevostin says:

    OMG twitch. Click. Doesn’t work. When it does, you’re usually waiting and if by miracle you drop by when someone’s actually playing, it’s a mess of frozen stream and advertising. Hey PR genius @Eidos, a suggestion: just drop twitch (close to 0 added value, lots of unneeded troubles) and when you want to show us gameplay, use bloody youtube. Or just stick on this to have less people seeing what you want to show them, also in awful condition. Seriously ?

  8. GemFire81 says:

    It’s truly unfortunate that not one of the modern Deus Ex games has been even half as good as the original. I miss the RPG elements that the original had. I loved how in the original it felt like you could go anywhere and pick bunches of different ways of handling every situation. It felt like the game was developed by actual gamers not a bunch of people looking to make something that looks pretty to make a bunch of money.

    • Sandepande says:

      DXHR was nearly as good. Whatever it lacked in emergent gameplay was easily compensated by the lovely world-building. And I’m pretty damn sure that the makers of the original Deus Ex wanted to make a bunch of money, and prettiness was not achieved mostly because of technology and/or lack or art direction.

      And I never did like the RPG elements in the original, always felt like a bolted-on, gamist thing. Especially the weapon skills.