Look At You, Buyer: System Shock 2 Free In GOG Summer Sale

GOG have launched their big summer sale and yes, many fine games are very cheap right now but the important news is: System Shock 2 is free if you grab it within the next two days.

We have said many, many, many times that System Shock 2 is splendid. If you didn’t believe us enough to see for yourself: 1) I’m hurt; 2) it’s now free, for goodness’ sake. Now’s an even better time to check it out, mind, seeing as System Shock 3 is coming with Warren Spector onboard and all and the first game is being remade (pending a successful Kickstarter).

To grab SS2 free, download the GOG Galaxy client and use it to visit the storefront. I believe you won’t need to use Galaxy to play SS2 if you don’t want to, as it’ll appear in your library as a regular game, but you do need it to get SS2. As game store clients go, Galaxy seems pleasant and unobtrusive enough anyway.

Oh, and beyond System Shock 2, there’s that whole ‘GOG Summer Sale’ thing.

Every day, GOG will add more games to the summer sale. They’ve started relatively small but you’ll still find bargains on games including Bullfrog’s lovelies, ye olde X-COM (and the homage Xenonauts) Darkest Dungeon, Sunless Sea, Saints Row: The Third, The Witcher 3, and plenty more. Hit GOG’s site to see ’em all.

The sale will last until Wednesday, June 22 at 1:59pm UK time (5:59am PDT). System Shock 2’s only free for another 47 hours, though.

If you’ve missed the daily fluff of older Steam sales, this has plenty of that. Check in, earn XP, gather badges… it all must mean something. You can get Spelunky free through that guff, which certainly isn’t a bad deal.


  1. jj2112 says:

    One day I intend to finish the game on Impossible without dying (well, maybe I’ll still use the reconstruction chambers) just like I did with Bioshock (ok, it was much easier).

  2. kud13 says:

    I’ll have to grab the enhanced edition of the original and play that on hardest difficulty again.

    I hope they made the bloody laser sword on Level 4 easier to find…

  3. Chaoslord AJ says:

    Not entirely free but it’s promotion for their galaxy client.
    One probably needs to make an account, give a valid mail-address and is supposed to submit some correct information by TOS.
    Less on GOG than with say the Origin registration or lol Facebook but you keep saying stuff is “free” in all your news articles when it really isn’t. You’re not paying with Dollar or Euro but information currency, data or as Shadowrun names it Paydata.

    Well I made an informed choice when I subscribed to all the services above. But saying those goodies come for “free” in the information age is giving a wrong impression.

    Feel free to disagree, I mean really free.

    • BlackMageMario says:

      This is the greatest piece of satire I have ever read on the internet.

      At-least, one hopes this is satire.

      • Emeraude says:

        Well, there is a form of compensation, so it *is* not exactly free. I know the entry price is high enough that I’m not going to bother.

        I do think the deal offered is honest and on point though.

    • Guy Montag says:

      Just… wow.

    • Alice O'Connor says:

      Information wants to be free, the hacktivists tell me.

  4. Guy Montag says:

    As far as I can tell, you’ll be 600 XP short of Spelunky if you don’t make any purchases, so not quite free on that one.

    • KenTWOu says:

      Just for posterity’s sake, GOG did two ‘Twitch plays’ events which gave everyone 600 XP in total, so Spelunky was free after all.

  5. Jalan says:

    I was curious about the cut-off on GOG Connect, thinking that they’d be doling out a new round of titles in that but now I see the 5 day availability period for the initial ~20 titles was merely to have a break to unleash this.

    That said, picked up 4 games for less than £6 and still managed to unlock Spelunky with all the other tasks that can be accomplished. I’m mid-way into the Gabriel Knight unlock but not quite certain if I want to dump more money on anything. Guess I’ve got a few weeks to decide though.

    • LionsPhil says:

      Oh, is that over? Bother, I was a bit busy to be dealing with it at the time.

      • Jalan says:

        If it isn’t, it’s close to it (GOG have made social media posts reminding people of the ~24hr limit to make use of it before the initial line-up available goes away).

  6. Malawi Frontier Guard says:

    I tried this System Shock 2 but the music in the main menu was way too loud so I quit. Unbelievable that game would release in such a state in 2016.

    I give it 3/10 in points out of 10, which is 30% in percent.