Rainbow Six Siege Permabans For First Offence Cheaters

Obviously you would never cheat, dear reader – this is a post about the dreadful OTHER people who do. Everyone from my terrible sister who I have to pat down EVERY TIME we play bee kerplunk to find out how many bees she has hidden in her pockets to those people who use x-ray vision tech to see through walls in shooters.

Ubisoft have announced that they WILL NOT STAND FOR IT: “Today we are introducing a permanent ban on first offense for cheating or hacking in Rainbow Six Siege.”

I’m not sure what their policy on bee kerplunk is. Perhaps a jail term?

The official blog post notes: “The presence of cheating in the game is something we take very seriously, and is a priority on the development team. This update is one step among many that we are working on to better engage with the community on this issue.”

I like the ambiguity of that first sentence. Like, without the rest of the context the Rainbow Six Siege [official site] dev team might just be prioritising cheating rather than prioritising stamping it out.

Something I found interesting in the post, though, is that the destructability of walls and so on has added an extra level of unreliability to community reporting of cheats:

“Being an online competitive game and considering Rainbow Six Siege’s unique features of destructibility and intel gathering, certain challenges come with community reporting. For example, a player getting a head shot through a wall is quite commonplace. This has potential to create a perception that someone is cheating.

“While this is sometimes the case, we are working hard to differentiate reports of players who are coordinating with their team for information (how the game is meant to be played), and from someone who is maliciously altering the experience with third party software.

“If you do encounter a cheater in the game, you can report them via the in-game report button, or submit their information to Ubisoft Support.”

I don’t play Siege so I’d totally forgotten that aspect of the game and, yeah, I can see how that might be a weird one to try to counteract. Videogames don’t really have the option to pat the other player down for plastic bees when they start giggling in a suspicious manner, and some people react really badly to being outplayed and will shout “CHEAT” with very little provocation. I mean, I’m so bad at some shooters that I have a tendency to skip past calling people “cheats” and go straight to accusations of witchcraft and technomancy.

Here’s the accompanying FAQ with a bit more info. I’m not sure what form of cheating you’d need to be guilty of to only get the temporary ban but the general tone is that Ubisoft are going to lean more towards using the permaban hammer as a deterrent.

In what situations are you going to ban on the first offense?
– If you get caught cheating, you will be banned on the first offense.
Why are you permanently banning players on first offense?
– We are introducing this because if a player is cheating, we do not want them returning to ruin the experience of other players.
What happens if I get permanently banned and I wasn’t cheating?
– You can request an appeal by contacting Ubisoft Support; Support will notify you of the result of the appeal after it has been reviewed.
Are you going to permanently ban every cheater you detect?
– There are some cases where we will not permanently ban a player on their first offense, and they will receive a temporary ban.
What is a Temporary Ban?
– A temporary ban restricts access to the online features of the game for a period of up to 15 days. If a player has received a temporary ban and they are detected as cheating a second time, they will receive a permanent ban.
What determines whether or not a player is cheating?
– There are several ways we identify cheaters, with FairFight being the primary one.
What is FairFight?
– Fairfight is a non-invasive, customizable, server sided anti-cheat engine using agnostic technology that operates in real time.
How do I report a suspected cheater in-game?
– Please use the report button in game, or contact Ubisoft Support if you have any video evidence. It will help us to gather all the needed information for further investigation.


  1. RaoulDuke says:

    • pixlsugar says:

      This is good, but I know someone who cheats a bit ONLY IN CUSTOM TERRORIST HUNT.Would he get banned?


  2. go4brendon says:

    This couldn’t come soon enough.

  3. Ksempac says:

    Interesting that you link to your 5 steps of fps (regarding raging, etc.).

    I’ve noticed that i almost never rage in R6:S. I used to rage a lot more in others games, even the fully cooperative Payday 2.

    After a while, i’ve started to understand why. First the death cam is, for once, super useful in a game. Since the game is slow paced, you can clearly see you clearly didn’t check that corner on the right…and that’s where your opponent has been waiting for 1 min. So clearly, my death was my fault and I accept it.
    Similarly the low TTK means that getting the drop on someone usually mean you get the kill. None of that “he did a 180 and then won the spray duel”. So you outsmarted someone, you get rewarded.

    I wasn’t expecting that at all, i’ve had my fair share of frustrations in multiplayer shooters, but it’s a pleasant surprise. It’s nice to be able for hours and still be calm about it.

    • lucasdigital says:

      Yeah, I played for the first time in months (thanks to my becoming addicted to The Division). I played terribly and paid the price for my team’s collective lack of coordination. I really hope the game finds a long-term niche as I really wouldn’t want to go back to Counterstrike. Hopefully the new ‘starter’ edition will bring some fresh blood onto the servers.

      • CMaster says:

        Judging by the amount of players with a rank of less than 20 I’ve massacred over the past few days, (They stomp around, giving away their positions all the time), I’d say yes, new players are coming. (Although a lot fo them are playing Buck/Frost/Blackbeard, so I guess some bought the season pass?)

        • ScottCase says:

          There may be new players coming in thanks to the Starter Edition, but the average daily player count really hasn’t changed at least for the Steam version. It’s easy to see this stuff on SteamCharts.

    • jon_hill987 says:

      It may not be slow but I feel the same about the kill cam in Overwatch. Several times I have thought “how the [heck] did they get me?” only to find that I lined up the shot for them. While it does give away the position of snipers, it makes up for it by making assumptions of cheating happen less.

    • Jnaejnae says:

      I feel like this game is incredibly fair in the way you play, if you know where an enemy is, and shoot them as soon as they turn the corner unknowing, you will win… however some times this isnt the case. Some classes, especially blackbeard, have shields that protect one entirely from atleast a few shots, this is huge, because almost all weapons killing instantly, being able to absorb even one whole shot can mean the win. These shield characters can only be used on offense, but in my opinion they are extremely rood and would be better not added.

      This game revolves around knowing where your opponent is, and making use of that knowledge, problem is the shield classes violate this fairness. I can spot an attacker, rush to get a shotgun shot right in their face, and they take like 10 damage. These shields can only be beat by flanking, c4, rush with melee or if you have enough time to shoot at their feet. You rarely can simply out aim them or get a quick headshot. Problem is even then, they can find ways to avoid these counters, blackbeard for example can hang upsidedown rappel on a window, so his body is out of sight, there is no easy way to flank, and its harder to land a c4. Also absolutely no way to melee there. Shield characters take this amazing game fairness and shivels it down to counters. I feel that if I have the knowledge advantage, catch a person off guard, and land a shotgun shell right in their face, it should always kill.

      Not that shields are always op however, yet they simply reduce the fun and fairness of the game for me. Most shield users only have a pistol too, so they cant get hit much, but they also cant kill fast. All they do is drag out a battle that should have ended. Blackbeard is an exception to this, he has an assault rifle, but a very small shield that covers his head and a bit of his chest. Unlike most shielding users, scoping in for a shot makes you less vulnerable as Blackbeard. Oh also most shield classes put their shield away on repelling, not blackbeard. Basically his special ability is to not get headshot, which in a game where headshots ALWAYS oneshot, this is incredibly OP. Most shield characters are just annoying, Blackbeard takes the cake for also being overwhelmingly overpowered.

  4. Sin Vega says:

    This is great news, and I don’t even play this game. Good work, Ubisoft, and may all devs and publishers follow suit. Long overdue. There’s no excuse for cheating in online games, it’s pathetic and does nothing but ruin everyone else’s fun.

  5. ToxicGent says:

    While I am all for permanent bans for cheaters.. we will still see people aimbotting and abusing game mechanics or glitching.. this is the tip for the iceberg but a good start.. a start that should have happened months ago.

  6. Universal Quitter says:

    “and some people react really badly to being outplayed and will shout “CHEAT” with very little provocation.”

    This ruined DayZ for me more than the actual cheaters that were supposedly rampant at the time.

    It was like playing Monopoly with your little cousin, if your little cousin only spoke in gay slurs.

  7. Catweasel says:

    Feels satisfying to see 3 cheaters banned midgame in one day. I like this.