Videoball’s Final Trailer Heralds July 12th Release

The RPS Euro 2016 sweepstakes have been formed and in the random draw I have been assigned Portugal. That’s not a bad pick and I’m particularly pleased to be matched against Alec’s Iceland in the first match. If you’re not familiar with the rules of football however, you might like to check out the final trailer for Videoball [official site]. It’s being released on July 12th and is broadly similar to its non-video cousin: teams of one, two or three people launch triangles at balls to knock them into the opponent’s goal zone.

Here’s a hint: Portugal’s Cristiano Ronaldo is the best triangle launcher. Iceland I’m sure are fine.

That’s descriptive.

I suspect this is the kind of game that is better played than spectated, despite its claims towards being a digital sport. For starters, most of the players looking the same makes it really hard to track what’s happening on screen amid the jumble of player-triangles, launched-triangles and balls. But if you were controlling one of those I’d bet it’d clear right up.

Action Button might sound familiar, as the name of Tim Rogers’ now dormant games review website. That’s because Rogers is one of the folks making Videoball. Liking Rogers’ brand of wordy writing probably isn’t a prerequisite – though I do, and here’s a good example. Also he already has design chops as demonstrated by the pleasing Ziggurat. Videoball looks like it might be a fun way to crush friends under foot, just as I will Alec and by extension Portugal will Iceland.

Videoball is coming to Windows, Mac and Linux.


  1. dahools says:


    With a video like that it can take my money on July 12th.

    Subject to pricing being small change and not ridiculous. Probably sub £10.

    • dahools says:

      Oh and come on Isosceles Ronaldo and co.

      I have drawn Portugal too. Good luck.

      No god damm edit button. :(

      • Llewyn says:

        Which conveniently distinguishes him from his Brazilian predecessor, the Rhomboid Ronaldo.

    • cviii says:

      The pricing is in fact ridiculous: by which I mean, it’s $9.99 USD (I don’t know what our GBP price is . . . I, uhh, probably should).

      When I say that’s ridiculous, I mean it: I have played this game for over 1,500 hours. I will probably play it for 1,000 more, what with it having online multiplayer and such. Uh, so yeah, that’s 2,500 hours out of a $10 game. That’s four hundredths of a cent per hour of gameplay. That’s two-thirds of one ten-thousandth of a cent per minute. I must be out of my mind to charge a price like that! I should be afraid of what I’m going to do next, after pricing a game like that! Someone should put me down!!!

      • Ztox says:

        Awesome response haha. Can’t remember when I first saw this game (maybe about 2 years ago or so), but I’ve been waiting for it for a looooong time. Can’t wait for 12th July, great job! :)

  2. cviii says:

    Hello! I made this game!

    Trust me: if you play it once, you’ll be able to spectate it just fine. I promise.

    Okay, maybe you should play it three or four times. Then you’ll definitely be able to spectate it. I am being Very Serious!