Funcom’s Conan Exiles Shows First Survival Gameplay

Funcom were late to the post-World of Warcraft MMORPG rush with Age of Conan, and now they’re coming late to the multiplayer sandbox survival fad with Conan Exiles [official site]. What can it offer that Rust, Ark: Survival Evolved, and others don’t? Well, Conan Exiles is quite shiny and pretty, it has nice-looking simulated sand which deforms with each footstep, gore flows freely and bodies are lopped in half, its building and building-destruction look swish, and it’s got some totally \m/etal scenes with giant snakes and crucifixions. Here, have a peek in this first gameplay trailer:

Yep, that looks like a multiplayer sandbox survival game all right. Fight monsters, kill other players, build structures, destroy structures, and try not to die of thirst and whatnot. But even in a pre-alpha stage of development, it does already look way slicker than most sandbomultimurders.

It’ll support public and private servers, by the way, and have a single-player mode too.

I do harbour a little hope that, in the same way Funcom used ideas and bits from The Secret World to make single-player spin-off The Park, they will use that sand technology in a game simply about struggling to walk over dunes. The Spintires of walking simulators. Now that I’ve said that aloud, they’ll surely get right on it, right?

Conan Exiles is due to enter Steam Early Access on September 13th. Seriously though, how metal is this?


  1. Herzog says:

    Love the Conan universe. Big fan of the short stories and the Schwarzenegger movies. Shame Bethesda doesn’t have the IP. Skyrim with Conan paint would be awesome.

    This still looks fun. When is the full release planned? 2018?

    • socrate says:

      yes we all saw how its so fun to strip out a game make it totally dumbed down and a FPS and remove anything that made it what made it unique and then put the paint and asset in a bland world with bad AI and full of bug…talking about fallout if you are young and didn’t get it or never played the masterpiece that were the old fallout game.

  2. Hunchback says:

    Not trusting these guys with another Conan game after the Conan MMO thing :S

    • XxBrentos9xX says:

      I don’t remember this. What was it called?

      • Press X to Gary Busey says:

        Age of Bonan: We Only Talk About/During Tutorial Everything Else: Mostly Lies: Hyborian Adventures.

        They later changed AoB:WOTADTEE:ML:HA to Age of Conan: Unchained.

      • davethejuggler says:

        Age of Conan

  3. Premium User Badge

    Qazinsky says:

    I am ok with them being late to the party when it in turn looks this good in return.

    I hope it’s playable as a coop experience, the mention of a singleplayer mode is hopefully an indicator of decent PvE that don’t just feel dull without the risk of getting attacked by other players.

  4. MiniMatt says:

    If I may offer an alternative way of looking at the first sentence – in releasing the (rather good for it’s day) Anarchy Online in 2001, Funcom actually preceded the World of Warcraft mmorpg rush.

  5. davethejuggler says:

    What the hell is up with that sand deformation? It looks like soft snow! Sand doesn’t move like that…

    I actually really enjoyed parts of the conan mmo. The first tutorial area was great fun, it’s just that after leaving that area it turned into a slog. Really front-loaded their content. Will be interested to see how this turns out though. I wonder if they’re going to go the same route with full on nudity though, doesn’t seem like you’d get away with that these days even if it is faithful to the setting.

  6. Blowfeld81 says:

    Age of Conan looked more shiny than the other MMOs as well…

    Fool me once!

  7. saillc says:

    This just doesn’t look good to me. The graphics are nice looking, but the actual gameplay is reminding me of the many, many survival clones out there with weird choppy animations, and no flow to the gameplay at all. Seeing the way the guy drank (by tipping a waterskin upside down briefly that appears emtpy) and chopped wood just didn’t look good to me at all, the combat wasn’t really shown but the movement looks weird and sluggish.

    All these survival games just feel soulless to me. They don’t really have much heart, its all very boring and generic after you survive and craft stuff to survive, and 90 percent of the time the end game is nonexistent. I wish they’d make a survival game with a REALLY deep crafting and building system, along with great combat mechanics. I could care less about the graphics at this point, ARK and Rust and even DayZ all look fairly decent, especially ARK, but still feel empty to me. Oh well, ill stick with CDDA for now.