Mass Effect Andromeda E3 Trailer Shows New Galaxy

Oh sure, Mass Effect’s Mako is a janky little crapmobile, but isn’t pootling around alien planets still delightful? I really dug that. So yes, absolutely I’m happy to see a wee bit of the new Mako in EA’s E3 2016 trailer for Mass Effect Andromeda [official site]. It’s a teaser-y thing with hints at grand scope, a few snippets of gameplay, and looks at 3D models pulling funny faces in editor, but ooh get a load of that zippy new Mako:

That’s quite nice, isn’t it? I like some of the giant objects in the stars, vast planets hanging over the horizon, and strange huge creatures flapping about. A sense of scale is a wonderful thing for space games and I’ll be happy to see more of it in Mass Effect. Andromeda’s built on the Frostbite engine, as now seen in everything from Battlefield to Mirror’s Edge Catalyst, which certainly can do fanciness.

Mass Effect Andromeda, to remind you, is leaving behind known space and blasting off into the Andromeda galaxy for new adventures with new characters, races, and villains. It’s broadly slated to come out in “early 2017”.

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  1. Coming Second says:

    This touches all the right spots on my brain. On the other hand, Bioware. So conflicted.

    • Blastaz says:

      What’s wrong with bioware really? They’ve made some of the best games. And still can ME3 was fantastic throughout. DA2 was largely good, DA1 great and their earlier work spectacular.

      Hating on them always seems a bit of group think over fact to me…

      • bee says:

        Strongly disagree about ME3. ME2 was great.

        • SanguineAngel says:

          hahah funnily enough, strongly disagree about ME2. ME1 was great.

        • Don Reba says:

          ME2 was fun to play, but it butchered the story. I did not bother with 3, then.

      • kharnevil says:

        ME3 and DA2 are two of the most negatively slated releases this last decade. They were found to be laughable. Were you around then?

        • SanguineAngel says:

          I think that’s pretty harsh interpretation.

          ME3 was well received – the ending was a serious issue though.

          DA2 was poorly received but has fared really well over time as I think players come round to it.

        • LexW1 says:

          Neither was poorly reviewed, so that’s not true.

          DA2 had a serious problem in that it was pushed out in 18 months, which lead to a lot of map re-use. Otherwise, it was a more innovative and far smarter CRPG than DA:O, and generally a good game. It’s found it’s audience in the year since and is generally regarded as more like a flawed classic than bad (like Alpha Protocol, which was absolute shite at release).

          ME3 was a great game with a very bad ending, which so bad they apologised for it and altered it, something I think is almost unheard-of. It also had an incredibly good multiplayer mode, when people had expected it to be shit.

          So anyone mindlessly “slating” either is a fool, frankly.

          • Don Reba says:

            It was not just the ending. ME3 was a good game with terrible writing throughout.

      • Coming Second says:

        Bioware disappointed me so badly with the Mass Effect trilogy that I promised myself that I would never get involved with one of their IPs ever again.

        The original was great – a note-perfect tribute paid to the utopian sci-fis of the 70s made by people who cared about how to tell an involving story in a well-crafted world. The gameplay wasn’t great but that almost didn’t matter, because ME had a universe you wanted to get lost in.

        By the time the sequel rolled around however, Bioware had become a different company – one that threw games out of the traps asap in search of swift a buck as possible, one that eschewed telling an interesting story in favour of banging action figures together and making BANG noises. It’s easy enough to blame their buy-out by EA for this, but I think the problems reach deeper than that – a culture of not really giving a shit about writers or writing in general seems to have taken hold there, evinced by an incredibly high turn-over of creative staff. Certainly it’s impossible to blame ME3’s ending on it being something forced by stuffed shirts, because it’s one of the least commercially productive endings you’ll ever see.

        But I don’t want to come across as one of the people who say “ME3 was great except for the ending”, because it really wasn’t and the ending was in many ways a car-crash resulting from a complete failure to plan ahead, to build a decent plot or in any way engage with that magic galaxy Bioware had worked so hard to set up in the first place. ME2 worked because it introduced us to a bunch of likable characters we wanted to be around – but behind that it went nowhere, shot itself in the foot by making all of those likable characters killable and crowbarred in the awful gubbins that was Cerberus, so all the problems that ME3 had were set in motion there.

        There is also the question of Origin, their utterly cynical approach to DLC and Diane sodding Allers, but honestly these are side issues. I don’t care too much if a company is a bunch of money-grubbing so-and-sos if they produce quality games. It becomes a problem if they don’t, and actively trash what made me like their games in the first place.

        So yeah. Sorry if this is a bit of a rant, but I have reasons to not get on board with Andromeda that reach beyond “group think”.

        • LexW1 says:

          The whole “different company” line is really utter rubbish. ME2 was an excellent game, better, in most ways, than ME1. Gameplay-wise it was particularly sharpened-up, and the writing was a lot better, aside, arguably, from the overall plot.

          ME3 did have flaws deeper than the ending, and the failure to plan ahead was an issue, but to condemn as terrible or “trash” or the like is merely ridiculous posturing. Plus it had the Citadel and multiplayer, and if you didn’t think those made up for a huge amount of ME3’s issues, well, I don’t think you’re much of an ME fan, honestly.

          • Coming Second says:

            The likelier explanation is that we’re two fans looking for something entirely different from this game. I unconditionally disagree with the statement “ME2’s writing was a lot better than ME1’s”, and I doubt there’s much either of us could say to convince the other otherwise. For me, ME3’s multiplayer in no way made up for the failures of the main game. It never entered my head as a reason to buy it, so it was always an extra to be judged secondarily. And, I mean – it’s alright, but that alright? Would you buy it as a stand-alone at the same price?

            This is what I’m getting at by saying it became a different game made by a different company. During the series Bioware’s priorities shifted to the point where somebody can declare me not a real fan because I loved what they did in the first game, but found most of what they did in the sequels awful. I’m not saying you’re wrong – but you’re in favour of what Bioware prioritize now, slick gameplay and multiplayer options. Those things aren’t why I fell in love with Mass Effect.

          • theblazeuk says:

            Coming Second, its a bit rum to acknowledge the subjective nature of this but then make your points by labelling others and stating their positions for them. They disagree with you, but that doesn’t mean they necessarily value slick gameplay and multiplayer over writing or narrative. I enjoyed all 3 mass effects for different reasons but gameplay detracted from enjoyment in the first and I would happily have skipped 90% of the non-talky bits.

            However conversely who says ‘you’re not a real fan’, honestly what a lame little phrase amongst fellow geeks and nerds.


      • hemmer says:

        I agree, the games had their problems but said problems were blown way out of proportion by gaming communities (and let’s be honest, we tend to do that a lot).

        ME3 is a fantastic game, let down by a mediocre ending, doesn’t make the rest of the game any less fantastic. And despite everyone claming otherwise, the game did acknowledge most of the big decisions from earlier games, just not in the last few minutes, which was unrealistic from the get-go.

        DA2 had it almost as bad, I don’t know why it was so badly received at the time, I’m guessing because it plays differently than DAO? Personally I loved my time with it, the characters were way more fleshed out and the story, while not winning any awards, at least more original than the first game. Also found the gameplay to be much more satisfying, as I don’t like real-time with pause combat in ‘younger’ games, it’s so rarely implemented well.

        But then again, I was also hugely disappointed by DAI, so I’m probably the odd one out in this discussion anyway.

        • Premium User Badge

          ooshp says:

          I also though DA2 was great… apart from the recycled assets. The writing and story were refreshingly down-to-earth instead of the cliched garbage that was DA:O. The over-the-shoulder camera and auto-attack seemed to fool anyone who hadn’t actually played the game that it was arcade combat, even though the cross-class synergies were more in depth than the first game.

          The recycled assets were an unforgivable black mark on the game though, that was truly a scumbag decision and probably upset the level designers as much as the players.

      • mavrik says:

        For me it’s Dragon Age: Inquisition. The fundamental design of that game (making it a bland empty MMO-like borefest) was so wrong that when I heard that they moved the team to the new Mass Effect my expectations dropped by a large margin :/

  2. Premium User Badge

    phuzz says:

    I guess SpaceX were happy to get some of their promo in at the start.
    Ooo Mako!
    The bit at 58-59 seconds looks very like the first promo pictures of No Man’s Sky.
    Doing motion capture for big jumpy ground pound moves looks like fun.
    The big spaceship at 1:32 has a hint of the citadel about it.

  3. int says:

    Assuming direct control!

  4. newguy2012 says:

    Meh. That asari is kinda ugly?

    Bioware, never again.

    • Arkayjiya says:

      The Asari looked awesome. I’ve never seen one so expressive before, I already want to be her friend and explore a new Galaxy with her.

    • ElkiLG says:

      An asari who does not look like a sex doll? Why not?

    • LexW1 says:

      Are you trying to parody the classic internet Bioware hater by combining “THIS WOMAN IS NOT FUCKABLE ENOUGH!!!” with “I HATE BIOWARE”? Because if not, holy shit…

  5. MultiVaC says:

    Ok, I’m actually sort of excited for this now even though I swore I wouldn’t be. I liked Mass Effect the most when I was wandering around new places and talking to weird aliens about their bizarre history/culture/reason why they talk funny. It was the most fun when it felt like there was a whole galaxy out there and the main goal was to explore it to unravel the mystery of what you were up against instead of a big old war. It made me kind of sad when every settlement on every planet I looked at in Mass Effect 3 had the description “destroyed by Reaper forces” and every battle was certain to be against either Cerberus goons or Marauder Shields and his many lookalikes. So they are kind of speaking my language with this video.

    • Premium User Badge

      laiwm says:

      I’m pumped to explore a new galaxy too. How are they going to reconcile all the things that have carried over though, like N7, the ship design, Asari & human species? Thought this was supposed to be a completely separate thing.

      • MultiVaC says:

        I’m pretty sure we’re supposed to be explorers from the regular Mass Effect galaxy so the only human and asari stuff would be parts of our own expedition. At least I hope so. How they managed to get all the way to Andromeda and why are anyone’s guess, but realistically I think the main reason is that the ending(s) of the original series left our galaxy such a irreconcilable mess that no writer in their right mind would try to use it as a setting.

        • Asurmen says:

          Would it? I mean, writer gets to explore a galaxy that’s just had a massive conflict and changes and its inhabitants. Sounds like something you could do a lot with.

        • Premium User Badge

          laiwm says:

          Ah, that makes sense – then they can carry some design elements over (and have a human PC) without having to address the ending at all. Wonder where it’ll sit in the timeline with regards to the existing trilogy?

        • Koozer says:

          I think the final scene of the trailer of the woman waking up and saying ‘we finally made it’ (or somesuch) is a pretty big hint that they’re in some sort of colony ship, put into magic future cryostasis and have woken up on arrival.

    • Arkayjiya says:

      This, Mass Effect 1 is the best one to me because it striked the best balance between cool characters, but still being about the universe and exploration itself. The other two are far more focused on characters.

      • bee says:

        All I remember from ME1 is elevators.

      • hjarg says:

        The main thing i remember about Mass Effect 1 is the first time i went to battle as Commander Shepard, Spectre Candidate and the Best the Earth Has to Offer. And then, selecting the sniper rifle trying to aim and wondering why the Amazing Shepard has aim more wobble them mine after three days of pub crawling…

        • Coming Second says:

          Presumably you had the same problem in ME3, when Shepard lost all of his runnin’ and shootin’ attributes from the last game for no reason.

  6. GWOP says:

    An SR2 with canards? I can dig it.

  7. Strangely Brown says:

    Hey, I love the Mako! It’s tough, fun to drive, and then there’s the gun… “Janky little crapmobile”, my codlings…

  8. fco says:

    i saw brown desert and i was like oh..
    then saw giant flying dinosaur thing and i was like hey!
    then saw the asari and i was like oh..
    then saw the mako and i was like hey!
    then saw cover shooting and i was like oh..
    then saw sleeping girl and… nah, i don’t know..

  9. DORKSMAN says:

    looks nice! they’ll probably fuck it up though

  10. JiminyJickers says:

    Looks very promising. I know I will pick it up when it is out.

    Hopefully they won’t repeat the choices debacle of last time.

  11. Premium User Badge

    ooshp says:

    I spent 200+ hours in the ME trilogy and it was awesome except the last 5 minutes of it, which was fairly ordinary until they fixed it up a little.

    Therefore this new game will be awful and Bioware is the stupid.

  12. Comco says:

    So we’ve definitely got Asari in there and pretty sure I spotted a Krogan. That was my biggest concern – they they’d left the rich universe of the trilogy behind to hit the ‘reset’ button for reasons unexplained. That trailer makes me feel a little better about the whole ‘new galaxy’ thing. I still maintain – why be a Mass Effect game at all if you’re not drawing on all that fantastic lore, intergalactic politics, species etc. If you’re doing both – then that’s ok with me.

  13. Auldman says:

    I’m excited. I loved the previous three games. All three. Can’t wait for this one, too!

  14. mercyRPG says:

    Dear Bioware Team! – any dev who read this –

    Please give at least as big Single-Player campaign as I enjoyed in Mass Effect I-II-III otherwise I’m not buying!

    This new Normandy has a highly politically incorrect shape resembling certain very inappropriate tools… Who was the idiot that designed it and who was the another poor unfortunate who approved the new design? Fire them!

    Also fire the female character face designers, because so far in this trailer the women look UGLY!

  15. Distec says:

    The ME series could objectively be 90% quality (lol no) and it still dropped the ball so hard that I feel no pull towards future games. A ball they kept dropping from the ME2 intro onwards, actually.

  16. Koozer says:

    I hope the only familiar aliens are one that are brought along on the newly arrived colony ship, and the galaxy is filled with strange new worlds and lifeforms to discover. IF they just make it Milky Way MKII with planets already populated with Asari and Krogan then my interest levels will plummet.

  17. Premium User Badge

    Ninja Dodo says:

    Looks great! I like the glimpses of environments and creatures, the emphasis on even more expressive characters, the ostensibly much improved Mako and the promise of exploration… and I like the premise: enough room to go somewhere new while still keeping what made the series. Suitably hyped.

  18. KastaRules says:

    I hope it will come out on Steam, I am not super fond of Origin.