Bonk! Bang-eth! Telltale’s Batman Starts This Summer

Telltale will be BAM!ing, CRAAACK!ing, FLRBBBBB!ing, and ZGRUPPP!ing all up in your business this summer. That’s when the episodic adventure Batman: The Telltale Series will kick off, the developers of Wolfamongus and The Walking Dead announced today.

They’re being a bit cagey about what your man Batman will be up to but, intriguingly, it sounds like Batman’s friend Bruce Wayne – the billionaire playboy – will be almost as important to the story as The Dark Knight himself. Catwoman, Harvey Dent, Jim Gordon back in his Lieutenant days, and Vicki Vale are involved too.

“We’ve been hard at work at Telltale creating an all-new iteration of the iconic Batman story that puts players in the suit of billionaire Bruce Wayne, just as much as it will put them behind the mask, deciding how to carefully navigate a complex drama, rich with action, crime, corruption, and villainy lurking around every corner of Gotham City,” said Telltale co-founder Kevin Bruner said in today’s announcement.

But what will Batman and Bruce get up to together? Batmobile road trip, anyone?

Batman is voiced by that there Troy Baker, who’s played gravelly characters from Booker DeWitt in BioShock Infinite to Joel in The Last of Us – not to mention Batman in some Batgames, Robin and Harvey Dent in Batman: Arkham, and the Joker in other Batgames. Harvey Dent will be played by Travis Willingham, who played Superman in the LEGO Batman games not to mention Scrotus in Mad Max. Vicki Vale is played by Erin Yvette, whose many appearances in Telltale games have included Snow White in Wolfamongus and Sasha in Tales From the Borderlands. Reeling off other names: Enn Reitel will play Alfred Pennyworth; Murphy Guyer is Lieutenant Gordon; Richard McGonagle is Carmine Falcone; and Laura Bailey is Selina Kyle. Renee Montoya is in too.

All of which which paints an interesting picture of the scale and period of Batman they’re shooting for. Sounds like a fairly detective-y, street-level Batman, doesn’t it? Hopefully they won’t introduce much daft stuff introduced later in the series.

No word yet on who’ll voice Bruce Wayne. Telltale must have landed someone extra special and want to keep it a surprise. We’ll find out soonish, as the first of its five episodes are due some time this summer.

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  1. Premium User Badge

    Ninja Dodo says:

    I like how RPS too cannot resist making various portmanteaus out of Wolf-a-mongoose.

  2. Turkey says:

    This whole Batman thing seems like a pretty boring safe bet tbh.

  3. zsd says:

    Would the person who voiced Bruce Wayne not be the same person who voices Batman? Am I just…naive that way?

    • Alice O'Connor says:

      Lesser roles often share voice actors in Telltale’s games but I think they’d go for two actors for the two protagonists.

      • YogSo says:

        Yep, and if they shared the same voice it would be terribly confusing whenever they are in the same room, possibly having a conversation.

      • zsd says:


        *looks overhead, at last seeing the wispy vapor trail of the joke that has long since screamed off into the distance*


        *takes bath, staring up at the ceiling expressionless for hours*

    • GWOP says:

      Why would they hire the same voice actor for two different major characters, silly?

      • Jackablade says:

        Maybe it’s an existential angst thing like that Charlie Kaufman movie with the puppets.

    • DelrueOfDetroit says:

      Are Telltale in some kind of financial trouble? I thought their games sold pretty well.

    • Kow says:

      I reckon they’ll definitely get a woman to do Bruce’s voice…

  4. carewolf says:

    The result of playing any Telltale game should always be:

    That was shit..
    “I will remember this”

    But like in Telltale games, you never do..

  5. Talahar says:

    Shouldn’t that be “Baker Dewitt” if he’s played by “Troy Booker?” :p

  6. TĪ›PETRVE says:

    So we get Nolan-“I don’t wear hockey pads”-Batman, and Arkham City-Catwoman who discovered black lipstick. Looks like folks are finally running out of new design ideas for the Batverse :-P .

    • Durgendorf says:

      But after Nolan, wouldn’t Batman in hockey pads be just as lazy? They’re damned if they do, damned if they don’t.

  7. tonallyoff says:

    this joke didn’t work

  8. bill says:

    That batmobile looks suspiciously like a real car. Down with this sort of thing!

    But a batman game focusing on actually detectiving and attending galas would be excellent.

  9. Booker says:

    I could have sworn several gaming sites promised me that they would be using a new engine for this Batman game, but the screenshots I see here definitely tell me that nothing happened after all. I feel betrayed!

  10. DonsSword says:

    Click, clack, tap. Headline needs more creativity.

    I expect better from RPS. Your headline sounds like it was swiped from Time Magazine.

  11. HueyLewisFan says:

    I really like what I saw of this, but I despise the episodic format of these games. 2ish hours of a game every few months is agonizing, but not playing a Telltale game right away usually means you’re going to get SOMETHING spoiled.

    On a side note, I’d love a Mass Effect Telltale/Telltale Style/Nu-Adventure game.