Bethesda Announce VR Treatment For Fallout 4 & Doom

During their E3 conference yesterday, Bethesda revealed a slew of Fallout tidbits, such as the fact that mobile game Fallout Shelter is heading to PC in July and that a new Vault Tec expansion is on its way to Fallout 4 [official site]. The publisher also said that since showing Doom 3’s BFG Edition on VR back at E3 2012, they’ve “quietly continued” their “pioneering work” with the medium and will add virtual reality support to Fallout 4 next year. They’ve also been fiddling with “virtual tour of hell” from the new Doom.

In a presentation delivered by Bethesda’s Pete Hines, Doom’s VR treatment sounds more experimental in nature in that it involves sending players to hell for a “totally unique look at the very latest in graphics”. Attendees had the chance to test that out,¬†though it’s not clear if they’ll release this publicly.

However, Fallout 4 VR sounds is a sure bit, and will head to the HTC Vive at some point in 2017. Here’s what Hines said on stage:

“In addition [to Doom], we think the greatest promise of VR is its ability to immerse players completely in virtual worlds and the best games for that experience will be first-person open world RPGs. So we have Fallout 4 for you to play as well. Wander the wasteland, check out the iconic Red Rocket, try combat, I’m telling you – with a Pip Boy on your arm, a dog by your side, a gun in your hand, it’s pretty incredible.

“Tonight we’re pleased to announce that Fallout 4 will be released¬†in 2017 on the HTC Vive platform. If you thought Survival Mode was an intense way to experience Fallout then you ain’t seen nothing yet.”

Hines then spoke of how Bethesda plan to “remain a leader” in the VR spectrum, which probably means more games getting similar support down the line. While my admittedly limited experience with VR so far has mostly led me to believe that virtual reality implementation works best when devs have it in mind from the outset – not as an after thought – exploring the Commonwealth Wasteland in VR does sound pretty cool. Although Bethesda haven’t mentioned how/if the Vive’s motion controllers will tie in, it’ll be interesting to see how this one in particular turns out.

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  1. khalilravanna says:

    Not to be super negative but is anyone else super let down by the Bethesda’s announcements? I was really hoping for an announce on the next Elder Scrolls. Instead we got a remaster of a game that doesn’t need one (re: mods), an expansion (DLC?) for an MMO no one plays, an Elder Scrolls digital card game (just lol), and adding VR to support to some games (actually cool but meh).

    • try2bcool69 says:

      There was a woman in the audience that seemed pretty stoked for all the ESO news, tho.

      • gunny1993 says:

        I swear they spike the food for audience members, they seems to get disproportionately excited for the incredibly minor things happening on stage.

    • milligna says:

      yeah let’s pretend a major player like Bethesda going full on VR with one of their flagship series warrants a “meh.”

      • khalilravanna says:

        In a vacuum it’s awesome news. In the context of someone hoping for an Elder Scroll announce, it’s a pretty heavy “meh”. Full game vs tech feature is not a very fair comparison admittedly.

        • lilJoshu says:

          You’re joking, right?
          Fallout 4 getting on the Vive is WAY bigger news than another Elder Scrolls or Fallout game. If you’re thinking that’s smaller news, you haven’t used a Vive yet. As far as intensity of news, it basically rates up there with Square-Enix’s “We’re remaking Final Fantasy VII”. It’s one of those dreamed-of additions. The Bethsheda big-world series (Elders Scrolls & Fallout) were the most immersive games pre-VR, above everything else by a factor of ten. VR blew *everything* out of the water with its immersion by a factor of ten again past what even Bethsheda’s games could handle.

          When Fallout 4 gets vive support? Ohhhhhh *gamegasm*
          Instead of just seeing a motion picture that we control, but actually being able to bend down and pet dogmeat, to sift through the remains of the wastelands, to actually see a supermutant towering over you…

          Let me put it this way. On the Vive, a shooter that would make me yawn on normal-screen results in some of the most intense gaming experiences ever in VR. And that’s just a 1-on-1 situation with a bot that’s spotted me in the Budget Cuts demo gave me way more heartpounding than Doom ever did.

          Now just thining about facing off against a super-mutant in VR?

          By the time I pull off that headset after a few hours in the wasteland, I’ll feel like me personally, I could probably take on Rambo. Not my character. Me. And it will be glorious.

    • NetharSpinos says:

      Go everywhere with low expectations and you’ll never be disappointed.

      I was just pondering today actually how Bethesda have become quite prolific with TES, Doom, Fallout, Wolfenstein, etc.

      It has me wondering how long it’ll be until they turn into the next EA.

      • khalilravanna says:

        Very true. I was just hoping they’d throw some new IP out there or announce another ES (an IP I love in it’s pure non-mmo/non-card-game form) instead of keep iterating on existing IPs. It all just seems very predictable.

    • k47 says:

      I mean, I wasn’t reaaaally amazed by the showcase, but some of those things you point out do have some logic to it:

      -The next Elder Scrolls? They’ve barely just released Fallout 4 last year, it’s going to take them a few more years to have a new game ready. You better get used to the 3-4 year waiting between their releases.

      -The remaster is not really needed in PC, that’s why it’s free for owners of the full PC version. For consoles though, it does matter, plus they are adding mod support for consoles which the original release does not have (and for better or for worse, they are doing a big push for that.)

      -An MMO that no one plays? They said they currently have 7 million users, or that’s what I’ve heard. Assuming it’s true it’s a big number of people. It doesn’t have much notoriety or advertisement these days, I’ll give you that.

      -Digital card game does seem weird. Once it comes out it’s going to face some very strong competition from some already established games, and they are barely pushing on advertisement or visibility. I wouldn’t put too many chips on it and they don’t seem to do either.

      -Actual VR support for full AAA games is pretty important nowadays, since many people are on the fence on getting on the VR train or not.

      • k47 says:

        A correction on my part: it seems the ESO player amount was “over 7 million copies sold” and not “7 million active players” which was weird for me as well.

      • khalilravanna says:

        Yeah I think you’re right on almost all those points. I’m just personally being negative cause I’m a ES fanboy and ignoring a lot of the big picture things (VR is important for lots of people, lots of people play Skyrim on console-only and want mods, lots of people play ESO, etc.).

        As for the wait between releases I have to disagree however. My guess is they probably started on ES6 soon after Skyrim. I think Bethesda has a big enough budget to allocate resources to teams working on many large games at a time. Especially for a cash cow like the Elder Scrolls. Even if at a diminished capacity, it’s been almost 5 years since Skyrim came out.

        • Premium User Badge

          particlese says:

          To me, the additional wait for a new proper ES game is good news, as it means they have more time to make TES6 shiny/big/VR-friendly* and take some of FO4’s (and their past games’) criticisms to heart, if they still have a good chunk of it to go and they’re feeling kinda un-Bethesda-y, respectively.

          However, my inner fanboy is totally still hoping they’ll pull an Apple out of their butt at the end of E3 which says, “But wait, there’s more!” and shows off the TES6 logo, subtitle, and some trees and rocks, all to Morrowind exploration-style Jeremy Soule. Understatement is the only way to stick out at E3 these days, no? Eh-hem! Totally not gonna happen, though.

          *even without a videohelmet, this should mean at least an OPTION for first-person-always mode (which was one of the things I hated most about modless Skyrim), and maybe an option for having fewer than 5 rabid pterodactyls/rats/dogs per square meter (again, yay mods). I just hope they don’t water down non-VR mode as a result of making it a “unified experience” or some BS like that. That could end up even worse than their console induced concessions, but I doubt they’d go all in on VR so soon.

          • Premium User Badge

            particlese says:

            That is to say: Skyrim’s lack of first-person-always mode was what cheesed me off about it. When they patched in a whole slew of new kill cams and even arrow cams, I stopped playing until I found the mods to destroy all their hard work in that department. And that junk is worse for VR than sprinting.

          • Press X to Gary Busey says:



          • urbanraccoon says:

            I’m hoping the delay means they are taking there time, in the form of a completely new game engine. I think everyone agrees Fallout/ES games (gamebryo engine) have certain “jankyness” that just can’t be smoothed over after a decade of makeup, plastic surgery and steroids.

      • hamburger_cheesedoodle says:

        As the user before me points out, it’s 7 million sold, not 7 million playing, which is a huge difference for an MMO. Specifically, going to SteamCharts, there are actually about 2500 people playing right now, and the average online number of players in the last 30 days is 2000, which is dismal. For reference, that’s smaller than a lot of niche indie games, and more than a tenfold decrease from the number of people playing Skyrim according to the same website.

        I think it’s fair to say that not a lot of people want or are playing ESO.

        • k47 says:

          That user before you was me as well :D I made the correction against my own comment (since I can’t edit it), since it felt weird typing down it had 7 million users and went back to confirm after posting.

        • Aitrus says:

          Note that Steam users aren’t the only users.

  2. Press X to Gary Busey says:

    “Here lies Press X to Gary Busey, 19XX-2017 RIP in peas.
    Tried Fallout 4’s VR survival mode and promptly forgot about Real Life corporeal flesh-sack survival mode.”

    • k47 says:

      “I injected so many chems in-game that I started taking drugs outside of it by reflex”

  3. fish99 says:

    Does this mean they’re going to optimize Fallout 4 finally?