Ubi’s Star Trek: Bridge Crew Manning Stations In VR

In the post-currency, proto-post-scarcity Federation of Star Trek, you and all your chums can hang out in virtual reality together on holodecks. Ubisoft have gotten a little ahead of themselves, forgetting that the current state of Earth is perhaps best described as ‘pre-collapse sigh’ or ‘whyyyyyy’, and announced a Star Trek virtual reality game made for multiple players with their own cybergoggles. Star Trek: Bridge Crew will let up to four players slip on their cybergoggles to man a station on the bridge of a starship, as four former Star Trek crew members demonstrate in this trailer:

A bit like a simpler Artemis Spaceship Bridge Simulator with extra shininess, Star Trek: Bridge Crew puts players in charge of different stations on a Federation starship bridge – Captain, Helm, Tactical, and Engineer. You fiddle with buttons on your console, follow orders, and try not to stop naughty folks like the Klingons from blowing your ship up.

Now some words from Ubisoft:

“Primarily focused on multiplayer, Star Trek: Bridge Crew isn’t just about short skirmishes or self-contained missions, and it follows a storyline that pushes players to master the Aegis’ abilities while discovering new territory within a region of space known as The Trench. There’s also an ‘Ongoing Missions’ mode that procedurally generates new missions, and if you prefer to discover it all at your own pace, you can play solo, issuing orders to NPC crewmates as the Aegis’ captain.”

I’m still marvelling at the idea that many people will be able to have even one set of cybergoggles, let alone know three people who have some too. I mean, I do, but I know a lot of devs. It seems a little early for this current VR wave, doesn’t it?

Star Trek: Bridge Crew is coming to Oculus Rift and HTC Vive this autumn (also PlayStation VR).

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  1. gunny1993 says:

    The amount of lens flare indicates this is going to be more “Into Darkness” than “Wrath of Khan”

    Still pretty cool though.

    • April March says:


    • WJonathan says:

      So this is the Star Trek we’ve always wanted: Captaining a Raveship. “Mr Sulu, set turntables to full power. Scotty…I need more reverb!”

    • unacom says:

      Which is exactly what puts me off.

      • Capt. Bumchum McMerryweather says:

        Heaven forbid they modernise an old franchise. What ever will the annoyingly faithful fanboys think?

        • ButteringSundays says:


          Fans become fans because they like something. Often if you change said thing it becomes different and therefore may not be liked by the same people.

          If we ‘modernised’ The Beatles would you have the same opinion?

          Modern Star Trek is a different franchise with the same uniforms. It’s just generic modern space sci fi IMO and lacks ALL of the charm of the earlier incarnations.

          I guess I’m just an annoying fanboy.

          • Capt. Bumchum McMerryweather says:

            See my post in the thread below. The end of Voyager was shit, enterprise was shit. The new Star Treks, while admittedly a little dumb, are good fun movies, and without them we would be getting no Trek games, new series, or any other Trek anything for that matter. I take no offence to someone liking something more than the new something, but what bothers me is people trating new ST like it’s a cancer on the face of scifi. It isn’t. It’s good. Different maybe, but good.

          • Capt. Bumchum McMerryweather says:

            Also, the Beatles get ‘modernised’ all the time. It’s called the evolution of Rock n Roll. Oasis were basically a Beatles cover band, and they are pretty good, and that will keep happening forever. I have written many many songs that could have come straight out of rhe Beatles Complete chord book, but that’s just how music goes.

  2. legopirate27 says:

    Damn… This looks like incredible fun! Totally agree with Alice on the concerns over widespread VR ownership, but still… wow! I would love to get hands on with this.

  3. Neurotic says:

    If they do ‘Proper Star Trek, not this Alternate Timeline horseshit’ DLC, then I will stump up for the game and a pair of goggles.

    • Scelous says:


    • TheAngriestHobo says:

      I’m with you there.

    • unacom says:

      Right there.

    • Capt. Bumchum McMerryweather says:

      What’s wrong with the new Star Trek? The fanboy hate is so strong for the Abrams and I just don’t get it. I loved, LOVED, the old ST series, especially TNG and DS9, but in the same breath I love the new movies as well. They might not be quite like the old shows, but guess what? They were starting to get really shit. The end of Voyager was wank with a capital wank, and I won’t even go there with enterprise.

      The new movies are a fresh, fun (though slightly dumb) reimagining of a tired old franchise that would be dead without them, so be grateful and get over yourselves, because out of this we get a new series, new video games, and more fun.

      • Grim Rainbow says:

        Capt. Bumchum McMerryweather, I just think a slower feel like the older Trek would just work better for this type of game. I’m Imagining an evening of one mission play with friends, rather than what I think it will probably be instead. That said you are right, this wouldn’t of been made (with any real budget) if it weren’t linked to the newer Trek.

      • Arathorn says:

        The new Trek is fine, but they should have thrown out the alternative reality nonsense and should just have made it a reboot. The alternative reality doesn’t add to the story (instead, it makes everything just a bit more confusing) and is only there to give the die-hard nerds a reason to think that the original remains untouched. Which is kinda dumb, because a. those nerds will complain anyway and b. New movies don’t change old movies or remove them from existence.

  4. Premium User Badge

    particlese says:

    Hey, whe— Darn you, Alice! Now you’re just trolling the people expecting to be trolled by your Star * articles. >:(

    • Premium User Badge

      particlese says:

      More seriously, this looks like it could be pretty neat for die-hard fans, and I’m kinda tempted myself, but the input looks bizarrely stunted in that video, even though they’re using Touch controllers. If the final version (or for mysteriously only the Vive version) is something like Job Simulator with fewer options for being a jerk, that’d be awesome.

      If not, I’m glad they’re holding back Riker Simulator until they get input (and proper force feedback) sorted. That’ll make them obscene amounts of cash once they’ve finally nailed it.

  5. milligna says:

    This plus multicrew coming for Elite at the end of the year = yes please.

  6. klownk says:

    Why let speak actors about things they don’t fucking know?
    Go back to cinema and let video games…

  7. klownk says:

    And this game looks ridiculous.

  8. Epicedion says:

    Awesome, I’m sure the 8 people with VR goggles will love it.

  9. Harlander says:

    Are we gonna get VR arcades (or, if you will, “vircades”) where people can go and use the loaner headsets rather than buying them individually? Seems like the tech’s good enough now that it wouldn’t fall over in a heap like Virtuality did back in the day.

    I hope so, mainly because I long for the chance to use the word “vircade” in conversation.

    • aepervius says:

      Mmmh. You are giving me a business idea here….

      • Harlander says:

        It looks like, if you’re canny with your parts, you could get a multi-system VR setup at a cost that’d compare with a single new modern arcade machine. Those things are ‘spensive!

    • Capt. Bumchum McMerryweather says:

      I suggested this idea a couple weeks ago and got shat on for suggesting that they might still be a tad expensive. I think that arcades are a fantastic place for VR. I would pay £10 for an hour of dicking about on a headset, where I can go home at the end without having dropped a grand on it. Also when I get home my coffee table and sofa wont be jammed up against the wall to accommodate the bastard thing either.

    • Premium User Badge

      particlese says:

      That’d be pretty cool, but I’d guess supervision-related costs (people breaking things on purpose, people innocently running into walls, …) will probably make it more expensive than one might expect.

      However! At least for shorter sessions of pre-set demos, there’ll soon be demos in brick-and-morter electronics/entertainment stores, presumably for free. Actually, if the headset manufacturers are willing to subsidize costs to get the helmets on people’s heads, maybe my first point is moot…

      On the other end of the VR arcade spectrum is “The Void” and probably other similar companies I’m not aware of. That one is basically an untethered, walk-around VR thing that looks a bit like laser tag from the outside but appears to be more interested in having you running around interacting with the environmental stand-ins and getting sprayed, blown, and set on fire, just like on those “4D” rides at theme parks, but with friends and some shooty options, too. In the spirit of E3, here‘s an impossibly shiny trailer.

  10. cutechao999 says:

    The bridge and effects look a little too much of what I didn’t like from JJTrek, but aside from that, seems like a more simple, linear artimis with better graphics, but I have no problems.

  11. syllopsium says:

    Fantastic idea, and I’m not that much of a Trek fan!

    Might be nice if it were possible to scan in your face so that you can ‘see’ your friends, though.

    It’s probably possible to achieve 90% of the experience with a monitor and webcam/Kinect tracking your head, but VR would add a little extra.

    The danger I can see is that this would start to become boring; being able to man ships on alien landscapes and more ship types might be interesting.

    Can’t be long before Star Wars does the same thing.