State Of Decay 2 Announced, Adding Co-op

State of Decay developers Undead Labs today announced a sequel to their community-building zombie apocalypse survival game, coming to Windows 10 in 2017. The big feature for State of Decay 2 [official site] is online co-op, letting up to four players join up to romp around the end of human civilisation. Between this and Dead Rising 4’s announcement, it has been a good day for co-op zombiefun. Have a look at SoD2:

As before, State of Decay 2 is a sandbox survival game about building, expanding, fortifying and defending communities with NPC survivors. You’ll want to keep them safe, as if you die you can respawn into any NPC. Zombies aren’t the only threat, either – people can be real jebends after the apocalypse, I understand.

Undead Labs founder Jeff Strain says in their announcement:

“As with the original State of Decay, the world will remember the choices you make and form a unique experience every time you play. Alone or with friends, dynamic game systems for character progression, base building, leadership promotion, and consequence-driven storytelling will result in a dramatic experience that tests your will to survive.”

State of Decay 2 is due some time in 2017. It will be another ‘Xbox Play Anywhere’ game, which means that buying the game digitally on either Windows 10 or Xbone gets you the game on both. Yes, surely this will tie into Microsoft’s platform and store and whatnot.

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  1. Jane Doe says:

    All this game ever needed were car physics deserving of the name … and coop. I’m excited!

  2. jonahcutter says:

    Be aware there were bugs never fixed in the first game. It’s a cool game, but they never really got it all pulled together before releasing a GOTY version and then walking away.

    Also seems like it’s a Windows Store exclusive.

    • Nevik says:

      And you had to buy the “new” GOTY version for the full price, even though you had the game and all dlcs. Pretty much a rip off.

      Nevertheless I’d still be interested in a new State of Decay game with coop. But unfortunately it’ll come only for Xbone and Windows 10 so no money from me. Way to go Microsoft!

  3. Pazguato says:

    My ESET antivirus constantly reminds me now in your website that Chrome is trying to connect without a trusted certificate.

  4. satan says:

    I’d actually put up with a fair bit of inconvenience to get co-op State of Decay.

    For me it felt kinda like GTA:Zombie Survival-Mass Effect-Thief-Base Building simulator.

    And that house for a base that had the sort of treehouse watchpost out the front, stayed in that base waaaaay longer than I should have just for that treehouse.

    If there is/was another game the same as or similar to it then forgive my exaggerations, but I really, really enjoyed State of Decay.

  5. Hobbes says:

    So not content with being dickweeds to existing customers with the whole YOSE mess, now they’re going to be dickweeds to prospective new customers by tying the PC version to Windows 10 and the Windows app store.

    If there was a statue made by assholes, for assholes, I think we’ve found a contender for the class of ’16 right here. State of Decay was good, but Undead Labs have proven to be one of the most anti-consumer, and anti-PC companies in existence.

    They can kindly fuck off from whence they came.

    • theliel says:

      Don’t forget the whole “the gameworld advances while you’re offline, oh don’t whine that you can’t play long sessions get gud or go home casual” attitude from the devs regarding their ‘unique’ choice in having the game keep going. I’ve had to abandon multiple games because I’ve had to stop not quite in bad shape to come back the next day with people dead/run off, supplies low and the ‘fun’ of attempting to handle the midgame with starting survivors or even better having to quit while in that state to the unrecoverable fun that is a single survivor and nothing in the larder.

      But of course according to undead labs “Working As Designed”

    • mutanteggs says:

      Regardless of if they wanted to or not, I doubt they really had a choice in the matter with regards to Windows 10. Considering how aggressively Microsoft is trying to push for a Windows 10 convergence, I’d blame Microsoft rather than the devs. That’s not to say the devs haven’t made poor decisions though, because they absolutely have.

      • Baines says:

        It isn’t just Microsoft pushing the Windows Store, it is developers and/or publishers believing that UAP removes all the costs and hassles from creating PC ports. Now you just make your game for Xbox One and the same code magically works on Windows 10. (Except of course that it doesn’t just magically work. Even if it weren’t for the various performance and porting issues, UAP’s standards appear designed for console and tablets, tending to fall short of PC standards in various areas.)

  6. caff says:

    They’ll try selling it on the Windows store, hardly anyone will buy it, then they’ll chuck in on Steam.

  7. cosmitz says:

    I loved State of Decay. By far one of the most balanced and fully rich zombie survival games i have played. Sure, i cheated and didn’t play with ‘time advanced offline’, and sure, they way they marketed the game and its DLCs was horrid…

    But with the sequel, i think i’ll just buy their original game again, and play the cracked version of the sequel on Win7, without the time mechanics, as i like it.

  8. SmokinJoeWhite says:

    I never thought I would say this, but I would prefer GFWL over the windows store, I refuse to buy any game on this broken restrictive mess.

    • SmokinJoeWhite says:

      infact, i cant even buy rise of the tomb raider on the Windows store if I wanted to, apparently my version of windows is out of date (it isn’t) because I have an educational version, I would have to DOWNGRADE to pro to get it on windows store, luckily it works on steam just fine… artificial restrictions FTW!!!

  9. Shard Haphazard says:

    Undead labs should have fixed their first rip off attempt before moving onto this hustle, the question is with most of the old player base being absolutely pissed off how many more people will actually bother buying this?.
    Tries to Resell their game for a few features that as has been stated “Should have been a patch”.
    I don’t see this game being popular any time soon.
    The only amusing thing left is the car physics.

    For the love of god please go bankrupt Undead labs.